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32 Signs That Indicate Your Partner Will Cheat or May Be Cheating



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Last Updated on August 5, 2022 by Joshua Isibor

Infidelity occurs regularly. The majority of individuals in relationships around the world have both been cheated on or cheated on by their respective spouses. Maybe you’re new to the dating/relationship business and due to that, you’re not aware of what people do to their companions.

These 32 signs are compiled to help you note if your partner wants to cheat on you or might be cheating. So buckle up and allow us to dive into this challenge and hopefully, the recommendations that are written right here will assist you and the people around you. If your partner has any of the habits enumerated below then be well aware that your beloved spouse is certainly guilty in the court of infidelity.

32 signs that indicate your partner will cheat or may be cheating

1. You’re Spending Less And Less Time Together:

This one is attached to the primary signs. If there’s an emotional distance between you and your partner, then there’s a sturdy chance that you and your partner may be spending less and much less time together. Your spouse may need to spend more time alone by themselves or with their pals and relatives and you would probably understand that they no more have an interest in you which is for one, not a good sign.

Try to work matters out. Try asking your partner why they no longer want to spend sufficient time with you. If matters persist,(Your partner spending less time with you, or prefers making excuses) for a prolonged period then your relationship is headed towards the rabbit hole. There are steps you can take which could salvage the situation, however, the possibility of saving the relationship grows much less each day.

2. Emotional Distance or emotional withdrawal:

Imagine an issue coming up while you are dating – perhaps you had trouble or controversy you couldn’t overcome. After that issue which includes verbal exchange, your man or woman went lukewarm and also you don’t sense them as near as you used to. Try speaking on the sensed rift perhaps you can discover why your spouse acts in the manner he or she does.

If they do not want to do so (or they simply feel remote and uninterested) then start to suspect the worst. This is probably one of these signs that suggest that your partner is intending to or is already cheating on you. A lot of couples have stated that before their partner cheating on them, there was an emotional distance between them. If that is going on don’t immediately conclude that your relationship is over. Just hang on a little bit to see what happens. If both of you are willing to work it out then talk about it and possibly resolve it

3. They’re taking Better Care Of Their Appearance:

Imagine that during the duration of your relationship your spouse didn’t shave regularly, perhaps he did so once per week or maybe once a week. They had a few extra weights on them and didn’t take baths regularly. Suddenly they started taking good care of themselves, shaving every day, and even shopping for nice fragrances and perfumes. Their general appearance starts to improve tremendously and frequently and perhaps they even reduce the number of their extra weight by going to the gym or starting a weight loss plan.

Who are they attempting to seduce? Who are they attempting to impress by their appearance? You can probably ask yourself. That man or woman may not be you, simply because they have been with you all these years, therefore they are trying to impress the next cute birdie. This is an indication that your partner is attempting to electrify someone else apart from yourself. It’s well worth maintaining your eyes open if that is going on, so you’re properly ready for what’s next. Brace yourself whether or not to live with or take a walk if you’re eventually cheated on with that person.

4. They’re Keeping Secrets from You

Suddenly you realize that your partner is withholding secrets and pretending to be lying by omission to you, the usual partner with whom you shared your most intimate moments or even secrets that you never shared with any other person. When you ask them something they may be reluctant to provide an honest answer to your question.

They do a lot of things secretively for instance they disappear and don’t let you know where they are and when you ask them where they have been, they answer furtively. This isn’t an excellent signal at all. It indicates that your partner now no longer trusts you, no longer feels accountable to you and doesn’t feel the need longer to confide in you. It might mean that they may be possibly having an affair with another man or woman who has caught their eyes and now considers you a thing of the past. It shouldn’t surprise you when you discover that they have another person in their life.

5. They Encourage You To Spend More Time With Your Friends

This is one of the sneakiest of all “honey why don’t you watch the game at the bar while having a bottle of beer? I need the solitude to meditate” says a cheating girlfriend who wants to desperately commit adultery, “Baby when last did you go the spa? I think I should drop you off while heading to the Wesley’s for golfing” says a boyfriend or husband who will make a 360 at the next corner after dropping you off to speed home and have a quickie with the nanny.

Unlike the former factors (they prefer to spend time outdoors without you and are very secretive about things they do while they are no longer with you), they inspire you to spend greater time together along with your pals and relatives. Under that pretense, they go out and have all of the time to spend with whomever they want. This signal in particular is disingenuous because they seem like they are the good guys in the relationship.

This trick may be quite difficult to spot in the beginning because you would think that your partner has honest intentions. Yet, as time on, you begin to notice the pattern. In the real sense, they are just stylishly trying to keep you out of the way of their untoward behavior and business with another. The simplest manner to forestall that is to be open and confront them about this behavior.

6. They Won’t Tell You Much About Their Day:

Imagine this situation where your partner is coming back from work a lot late than usual; they are no longer telling you where they were perhaps, where they have been(or with whom).

It is now none of your business. Most times they would want to stay out with their friends later than usual and you’d be asking yourself what on God’s green earth is going on. The fact is that something is happening that you’re now no longer aware of. Be prepared for the day it will all unravel. This signal is an indication that an end might be insight for your relationship.

The man or woman whom you have been dating for years is in the blue surprisingly performing unusually and enjoying doing things that don’t include you. It suggests that your partner no longer has an interest in you and that they need to spend time with different people which makes them end up being secretive about their dealings. There is a total possibility that they may be cheating on you, so don’t be amazed in case you hear it from other people.

7. They Don’t Share As Much with You As They Used To

Remember the time you used to talk about your likes and dislikes or make plans for watching TV shows together? Events and activities which are supposed to Foster your bond with each other. Now, that doesn’t happen anymore as they no longer want to share their time or space with you. Now there’s little or no communication happening. They keep issues to themselves and don’t want to talk to you about what is going on in their lives with you.

Furthermore, they appear as though they couldn’t care any less what’s going on with you. They simply don’t care about what’s happening in your life, career, education, and business and they don’t care if you understand what’s happening in theirs equally. It is as simple as that. If your relationship gets to this point where there is no atom of bond or connection anymore, It hitherto suggests that there’s now no longer any chemistry between the 2 of you.

8. They Care Less About You

Let’s say you come under the weather and you are down with sickness no matter how minor or major it is, You ask your spouse to assist you with some little tasks you couldn’t perform due to the state of your health however they outrightly refuse or even complain and make no efforts to provide this assistance or get someone to do it for you, then I might be a signal that they are no longer interested in that relationship with you.

It is also the same if the partner is the one who fell sick. If you tend to them and show them every care necessary when they are sick or under the weather and they don’t even appreciate what you’re doing for them and it even appears as though they are looking for ways to quarrel or argue with you even as you tend to them.

This attitude on their part is indicative that they may now no longer be fascinated by the idea of being in a relationship with you, they don’t even care about what happens to you.

They may be acting like they are dating you out of pity. If your partner acts in this manner, you then definitely need to end the relationship as nothing good will pop out of it. You can in no way expect faithfulness from such a person.

9. They’re a lot Meaner than They Used to Be

This part is very significant from the preceding signs listed above if out of the blue, your spouse starts being meaner and angrier at you for not just reason. Even the smallest mistake or statement annoys them. Nothing you ever do is appealing to them.

The dinner you made in no way tastes good, “it’s too salty, it’s too spicy, there is no seasoning, blah blah blah”, and anything you say is disregarded as being stupid. In a few instances, minor arguments may escalate, your partner may begin yelling at you at the slightest provocation or worse raise a hand on you and inflict bodily harm.

According to psychologists, this sort of conduct is because of abusive relationships someone has suffered in their formative years. If a person behaves like this, there is a high possibility that the mother and father they grew up with have been violent towards them during their formative years. It is a vicious cycle.

In later years of their lives, they may not be able to control it, and they might end up being aggressive and abusive towards their partners. Sometimes those in this type of abusive relationship find it difficult to leave the relationship because they believe in the power of “love.”

10. They’re Nicer Than They Used to Be

trying to br nice

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When your partner appears nicer than usual; they open the door for you, ask how you have been doing lately, and begin to routinely check up on you, it might be an indication that they are trying to use this to cover up their infidelity. If this has been their habit from the get-go of your relationship with them, then there is no need to be suspicious of their actions.

However if all of a sudden, they all at once begin to be nicer to you then your suspicion meter should be way high. You want to inquire to discover what inspired this transformation of theirs. That’s why you ought to be very observant and vigilant to take note of what happens in your relationship.

It is no longer news to you how partners had been cheated on even though they didn’t anticipate it from them. Being overly courteous is a fantastic tactic to divert the eye far away from them to reduce the slightest of you discovering their wayward and wandering activities behind you.

11. They Seem To Have a New Circle Of Friends

If your partner starts hanging out with folks you aren’t acquainted with you need to be worried. And in the case where they cut you out of their clique of friends just get ready for a major heartbreak.

When you try to ask them about who their new friends are they tend to come up with a lie or are reluctant to tell you who they are. We are not saying that it is wrong to make new friends and socialize with new people but when they start being secretive about it please be very suspicious, to mention the least. If your curiosity gets at them, an argument might ensue and nasty words may be hurled at you in a bid to get you off the issue.

At this point, there is nothing you could do so just lay back and wait for more concrete proof about their nefarious cheating activities to come to the limelight or become more obvious. If they still refuse to introduce you to their friends, then there is a high possibility that they are cheating on you. There have been several stories of how some partners started hanging out with new friends and in a little space of time, their relationships crashed.

12. They’re unnecessarily Jealous

Most times we tend to say that jealousy is not a good attribute of a good partner. But folks who say this sometimes, find themselves being jealous about one thing or the other.

Jealousy is a human emotion and everybody feels it to an extent. Sometimes it could even produce fantastic results. Unless you’re emotionless, you ought to have felt the edge of jealousy at some unspecified time in your life. There is proof that jealousy exists even in animals.

There is a golden rule on this subject, it goes “if a partner is always jealous at the slightest, then there are chances he might be suspecting you of cheating and he/she too will cheat out of jealousy”. So, in case your spouse out of the blue starts being jealous it would suggest that he/she is making plans to cheat on you. It may appear abstract but it is the reality.

13. Opting Out Of Plans with Your Friends or Family

Your loving partner who once upon a time loved hanging out with your family members, especially your parents, grandparents, and friends suddenly starts finding excuses to evade them at weekends. You might be wondering why they might be acting that way and you might find it difficult to place your finger on it.

This might unsuspectingly go on for a while all because you want them to connect and familiarize themselves with your family and friends. This might not make sense to you but it does to them.

Sometimes it is because they are no longer interested in the relationship but they are yet to muster up the courage to break up with you, so they might be acting up that way to provoke you to get tired of the relationship and break up with them which would be a lot easier and favorable to them.

They might start viewing spending time with your relative as a waste of time and a misplaced priority. Spending time with you does not appeal to them anymore. Instead, they would alternatively spend time with the man or woman they may be cheating on you with.

14. They never tell you where they’re going to be

When your partner or spouse starts skipping details of where they went to or where they are going to, just be aware that your relationship is on the red alert blinking to its crash. It isn’t important to understand your partner’s whereabouts always.

However if they don’t let you know and when you ask them, you get a vibe that they may be hiding something from you. On the surface, it may not appear like a big deal however, they may be hiding something from you that they don’t want you to be aware of. These matters move hand in hand.

They are no longer telling you where they were for you do not suspect them or get a clue to where they were and with whom they were with. In this case, it is very natural if you start assuming that they are cheating on you. Remember they wouldn’t be secretive about their whereabouts if they were gambling at a friend’s basement, smoking weed, or doing any other bad thing which is not cheating, but would surely get you upset.

15. Always Wanting To Know Where You’re Going to Be

This one is closely associated with jealousy and the preceding paragraph (where they may now no longer be telling you their whereabouts). This may not suggest that they may be cheating on you if they act like this. Sometimes it would suggest that they may be very insecure as a person, which will make them assume that you might be cheating on them when you are not with them.

If you’re in this type of relationship it only gets worse with time. The simplest ideal alternative is to stop the connection. On the other hand, when most partners start pestering you about their whereabouts, it might be for their benefit, to avoid running into you in the course of their cheating adventures.

So if they keep on being persistent about knowing your whereabouts it will also be information for them to be able to track your timeline, and know when you will be gone and when you will be back.

16. You Catch Them, Point Blank, In A Lie

The building block of any relationship is honesty. If your partner begins lying about small issues and questions, please be well prepared because the whole relationship will be built on a series of lies, they say small lies beget bigger lies.

First, they lie about where they were during the weekends, and who they were hanging out with. Before you realize it each word they say is a lie. You no longer understand them anymore because all they do is tell tons of lies to you. It might surprise you to know that several relationships started with a lie.

Women with the help of beauty makeup lie about their true beauty while men lie about their true wealth. Sometimes those lies do keep up for a little while, however, it has never in any way ended nicely. Be cautious of lies, you catch them with one lie and gradually you discover that your lovely sweet-tongued lover has an entire host of lies you aren’t aware of.

17. They Get Real Busy With Work

Imagine that your partner now spends lengthy and absurd hours at work, handling a so-called cutting-edge project or some other things they do.

That is probably the case with a few jobs, but when all of a sudden they start claiming to be spending extra hours at work without telling you, you’ve got an excellent reason to believe that it might be more than just work that is causing them to come home late every night when you are already asleep. Trust me when I say this; they always have a partner in crime, a very loyal buddy who will always make an excellent alibi.

18. Unhappiness

When you start to reminisce on the good old days when you guys were still drunk in love, the little thing you guys used to do that always ignited the sparks and fireworks. You don’t need to confess to yourself that it isn’t epic anymore, both partners are no longer pleased to be in each other’s presence.

The silence and the unsaid words become deafening. Thus this is an indication that your relationship is not heading in the right direction. Do not be in a relationship simply because of being in a relationship.

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19. Everything Seems To Lead To A Fight

Every conversation, action, and activity tends to always lead to yelling, exchanging of words, and even physical fights. Those disagreements are increasingly getting worse and more intense that you find it difficult to find a common ground with your partner. Even when there is no reason to fight or argue the simplest things such as not doing the dishes always end up in a fight.

This isn’t a good sign in any relationship, and sometimes these issues always escalate into inflicting bodily harm on the involved partners. Domestic violence is not a joke, many people of lost their lives to it. It’s better to leave an abusive relationship than die in it. It is important to know that domestic violence is not always one-sided. It could go either way.

20. They’re Secretive With Their Phone

You are now noticing that your partner is always texting more frequently than before and above all they go to the toilet with their phones. Trust me, you will always notice them smiling and grinning ear to ear while chatting away.

Eventually, the curiosity will start eating you up and you attempt to have a peep at what they are doing on the internet. This secrecy appears suspicious to you and for an excellent purpose. If you try to ask them who they are chatting with that is making them smile sheepishly, they would always come up with a lie. They always play the “respect my privacy card” to sway you from further querying them, but please be careful of partners that are always secretive about their dealings.

21. Too Many Friends Of The Opposite Sex

It is normal for people to have friends of the opposite sex, I mean everybody does. But sometimes it is very concerning when a male has a lot of female friends than male friends and he keeps on making more female friends adding them to the harem.

The same goes for the ladies who have got a lot more male friends than the female ones. The purpose for that is statistical, it makes it easy for them to sometimes score a one-off, like a one-night stand because they are very certain the secret will never leak out of the harem.

It is normal to have friends of the opposite sex but it isn’t normal if they keep introducing you to plenty of new friends of the opposite sex. It may be a colleague at work or their gym instructor or some random person. Even though they may not have intentions to cheat, it is safe that one thing or the order might lead to a compromising situation.

23. They Never Initiate Love Making

When it comes to making love, they are never the first to initiate it and when it is initiated they are reluctant to participate, their general performance is very poor. So if your partner behaves like this in bed, then there must be a reason.

When a partner is seeking a break up from their current relationship for reason best known to them, they tend to start by depriving their partner of sex. On some occasions when your partner is sleeping with some other man or woman, you might observe that they are no longer attracted to you like they used to be.

24. They Avoid Eye Contact

They say eye contact says a lot more than the lips, we see a lot of emotions through the eye, and only the eye can betray our emotions. When you communicate with your boyfriend or girlfriend (or partner) and you observe that they are absent-minded, don’t make gestures and speak to the same tune.

In addition, they avoid eye contact, not because they are shy but because they are afraid of what you might see in their eyes. It is universally regarded that the eyes are the gates to the soul. If they don’t have any eye contact with you it suggests that they may be hiding something from you. Liars frequently try this due to the fact they understand that what they do is devious and it is wrong however they nonetheless do it.

25. They Always Find A Reason To Vilify You

As a popular saying, “everybody is always the good guy in their own story”. They seek to justify and sanctify what they do in a bid to make you feel like crap like you are not good at anything. They fuel their egos and acclaimed self-righteousness by always making you the bad guy in the story, but deep down they know very well that they are way worse than anybody else.

Partners like this always act like they are the gods of perfection. They are always right, they never acknowledge their mistakes, and they are always on high alert to spot and point out your mistake in the most embarrassing way. People like this always play the victim and they are first-class sadists. So it is best to stay clear of folks like this because they are bad for business.

26. They’ve cheated Before

A one-time cheating spouse can never be trusted because there is always a possibility that they would cheat again. Sometimes we need to know that sometimes people cheat out of mistake, or maybe they were drunk and not sober enough to understand what they were doing, the other majority cheat because they love the thrill, the twisted sense of fulfillment, and the selfish gratification they derive from it.

Some due to human imperfection can’t overcome the urge to cheat, so it is safe to say that they are innocently addicted to cheating. If a person hasn’t cheated it doesn’t suggest that they may not be able to cheat. The reason might just be that the opportunity to cheat has not yet presented itself.

27. Your instinct Says It’s Happening

Most times our instinct always warn us of impending dangers and tragedies, and it is never an exception in relationships. On some occasions we might wave aside that gut feeling as being over jealous, so devoid of all other feelings is your heart telling you that something is not adding up the way it should, you better start being suspicious because you might be right.

Try to find out what your instinct is telling you about your spouse, and just maybe you might discover that your beloved spouse might be displaying some of the signs that were listed above.

There are some cases where your gut feeling might be wrong, so be careful not to ruin your relationship because you think your spouse is cheating. But in no way disregard what your instinct is trying to tell you.

28. Your Relationship Began As An Affair

Imagine your relationship started as an affair, you knew he/she had a spouse but you still went ahead until they had to dump their former spouses for you. What makes you think it will not also happen to you in that same way? Once a cheat is always a cheat, it is that simple. People in this category love cheating so much, that they always have multiple sex partners.

Therefore their main source of joy and self-satisfaction is cheating. Beware the possibilities that the spouse you got from cheating will definitely cheat or is already cheating. So if your relationship started as an affair be advised that it might also end because of an affair.

29. They constantly accuse You Of Cheating

Just out of the blue your partner starts laying wild accusations on you that you are cheating. Guess what? It is probably them who are cheating on you. It frequently occurs that after a person cheats they purposely accuse their partner of cheating to turn the attention from themselves to you thereby diverting your attention.

It is simply how human psychology works. They always believe the game recognizes the game, so in a bid for the game not to recognize the game they always fire the first shot at the game so that when the game is busy trying to defend the first shot they are already cheating away. Always understand that sometimes the accuser is guilty.

30. They Are Constantly Talking About How Everyone Else Cheats

You are worried about your friend whose partner is cheating on you, but your partner is busy spewing nonsense about how this is the 21st century and that cheating is now generally accepted. And they are talking about how being in an open relationship is not a bad thing. This concept is even supported by a few writers and psychologists.

Their thesis is that infidelity is an essential part of any relationship and that having an affair may yield a positive outcome. They say that cheating will often lead to a long-lasting and happier relationship. Maybe it works for some folks but cheating doesn’t guarantee a happy and fulfilling relationship. This reason may also be used to justify why they cheat once in a while. Always be wary of partners who accept the idea of an open relationship

31. Cheating Is Their Family Tradition

Psychologists say that majority of our behaviors are defined by our genes and the occurrences that took place in the early years of our lives. If your partner grew up around relatives where infidelity was not a big deal, where there are numerous stepfathers, stepmothers, step sons and daughters even step cousins included.

People from this type of family cycle always find it difficult to stick around with one partner devoid of stepfathers and all other steps. When someone is raised around people who view infidelity as nothing, that person grows up losing all sense of morality about the relationships because cheating is already a norm in their lifestyle. So if you get to understand that your spouse views infidelity as a normal thing, please be prepared because they will cheat. In this case, only therapy with a change of mobile mindset can change them.

32. They’ve Suddenly Got New Love Making Moves

Overnight your partner that is never good in bed is now a masterpiece in bed with a series of new tricks and energy that you have never seen him bring to your sex life. And by now you are getting to understand that there is whole new energy that they are bringing to bed.

They are now all about the adventure, trying out new things in bed and spicing up things in a rather weird way. It is good to try out new things to improve your bedroom life, but you should be alarmed when they are doing new things to you that they have never done before, especially when your spouse has cheated on you before. It is wise to assume that the new things they are bringing to bed were learned from the person they are cheating on you with.

Also, They might attempt to make you think that they are committed to the relationship and that is why they are introducing new things and ideas into your bedroom life. If you get too suspicious and ask them who they learned it from they will simply say “the internet”.

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  1. Faith

    December 3, 2020 at 1:13 pm

    This is great! Thanks.

  2. Anozie Evelyn

    December 3, 2020 at 2:08 pm

    Cool but how will I know about this family cheating tradition. How can one dictate?

  3. Wesley Snart

    December 3, 2020 at 3:02 pm

    Thanks Evelyn for your question.

    A man or a woman that was raised in a polygamous family may sometimes grow up to subscribe to the idea that having multiple partners is actually not a bad thing.

    A thing can be when a kid a to witness his or her parents cheat. Permit me to present you with an hypothetical. Let’s say you as a kid used to witness your mum of dad bring home different men or women back at home when either your mum or dad was not around. Your young mind might not understand what was happening behind those closed doors but as you grow older you will get to understand and gradually begin accepting and view it as a normal thing.

    Also people that grew up under step parents and single parents also get to cheat when they are in relationships. The bottom line is loyalty. If ones parent were loyal to each other. Their kids will also be loyal to their partners.

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