Don’t judge People’s physic

Don't judge People's physic


It’s true that the way we package ourselves matters.

However, they’re People that have conditioned their minds not to see beyond People’s looks.

These are mostly the people complaining of not finding the right “ONE” because they have limited their insight to judge physical appearances.

It must be a tall girl
It must be a light-skinned girl
It must be a girl with massive boobs
It must be a tall guy
It must be a dark man
It must be a person with a pointed nose
It must be a girl with straight legs
It must be a guy with 6packs
It must be a brown skin girl
Her backside must be to die for…
The list goes on.

It’s important to note that when it comes to these qualities, not only are most of them “intrinsic” or would I say…No matter how much you package yourself, you can’t help but be you.

Most importantly all of these are so superficial and VAIN.

I once shared a story about how a guy that wanted to marry me said all he wanted in a woman was “fairness, height, education (she must be a graduate)” and that was all.

Not as though I was ever going to marry him but then I knew further to run from a timebomb waiting to explode.

This isn’t all about romantic relationships (marriage inclusive)

It goes beyond.

Some of us can’t even trust God to give us the best, we can’t trust God with our choices because in our heads we have already created IDOLS that we force down God’s throat and come back to cry and moan when it doesn’t go as we plan or when it leads to disaster.

You want a good, homely, God-fearing woman but you have restricted yourself to just the very curvy girls with straight legs.

Brother, you may find her there but what if you don’t find someone with those quality among the exact physic you want (not that they don’t exist but you don’t meet anyone available)

Some of the single ladies, the physic of the man you want, you have only been seeing amongst married men.

Calm down, it’s not your village people


Of course I know you should be with someone you are attracted to but don’t be rigid about these things.

Don’t condition yourself that if he or she is not exactly this physic then he is a no go area.

Don’t do that!

Some of us are even so vain that we even have an occupation we want to settle down with.
She must be in the Force.
He must be a Lawyer
She must be a Doctor
“He must be a Pastor, I have calling to be a Pastor’s wife”

Aunty Pastor’s wife🙄 continue.

Let’s understand that there is much more to every person than their physic.
Look to see beyond the physical stature or structure.
Look at their minds (Some are physical Giants with mental dwarfs)

Sometimes I wonder, what if Myles Munroe’s wife focused on his physic. I mean that bald hair alone😂 plus the face😂🏃
I come in peace o😂🤣

But you get what am saying?

Isaac didn’t even meet Rebecca to know if she was tall, dark, light skinned e.t.c

He was able to trust God absolutely because he didn’t have a checklist.

Bro someday those breasts will sags
Someday that 6packs may turn to bulge
That fine face will wrinkles

All these superficial things will not keep you in the next 50years
Be discerning enough to trust God with your choice
Don’t box God’s will for you
You may know what you like now but 5yesrs from now, you may lose interest.
He sees beyond now, He knows what you will need 20years to come.

I am not saying God will choose your life partner for you o.
I am just saying don’t concentrate on People’s physic.

Let he who has ears hear what the Spirit is saying.

Your favorite Sense Distributor

© Frances Shine



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