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41 Keys to a successful marriage



keys to a successful marriage

To be successful in life there are keys to need for you to unlock them, likewise, in marriage. for you to have a long-last marriage you need some keys that you’d need to carry you along.

1. Trusting each other:

A popular saying says that trust is the bedrock of any relationship. What is the essence of exchanging vows and accepting to spend the rest of your life with someone you don’t really trust or trusts at all? The answer is NOTHING. In some marriages, there might have been trust at the initial but it was lost because the husband or that wife always gave reason for the other to entertain doubts which in turn gets the other to question bestowing his or her confidence on the other. This lack of trust has always led to a whole lot of marital issues if not fixed on time. The first step in building trust is being transparent and truthful.

2. Same sense of humor: Ladies love a man who can crack a joke, tickle them in the right places, make them laugh, and equally understands when something is a joke and when it’s not. Having a good sense of humor will go a long way in helping you build a happy and dream home that is not all about seriousness, strictness, and business-mindedness. It is said that where there is laughter there is peace and love.

3. Always being honest with each other: Does your wife or husband always have to launch a full-scale investigation into everything you say or do because your word, actions, and inactions always reek of dishonesty? If for any reason a partner considers the other not trustworthy, perhaps because he/she as displayed some level of dishonesty in the past

4. Remember birthdays and anniversaries:

It is always important that we remember our spouse’s birthdays, anniversaries, valentines, and all other things couples celebrate. Most times they might get too busy with work that they don’t remember. Always remind them about it, a gift card, a cake, love letters, playing them their favorite songs, and even taking them on a date can go a long way in spicing things up and keeping the love alive

5. Accepting each other’s faults:

Loving and accepting each other’s faults and understanding different people come with different personalities. All these faults and flaws are the attributes that make us unique. Do not antagonize your husband or wife because they have a little flaw in their physicality or they have misplaced tongue when it comes to pronunciation. Loving your partner means loving of bit of them that has made them stand out whether good or bad

6. Compromising:

We sometimes have to let go some of our values and believes because we want to blend into the lives of our partners. If as a bachelor you used to drink alcohol, smoke, and get in with some other unhealthy activities, we have to learn how to stop. Let’s say your wife dislikes alcohol, and but likes soda and malt. You have to compromise and accommodate with a she-likes. The same is applicable to the ladies, not compromising is making selfish decisions

7. Saying ‘I love you’ regularly:

Nothing rocks a man or woman’s world more than hearing the eight lettered word ‘I love you’, when they least expect to hear it. Always tell them how much you love them because they will never get tired of hearing it. Those words will always remind them of home

8. Knowing when to say sorry:

Saying sorry when it is necessary does not take anything away from you as a man or a woman. Say sorry when you are wrong, when they trip and fall, when they are hurt, in their darkest moments, when never really understand much sorry can do for us until we learn to say sorry. Sorry is a small but powerful word

9. Being able to laugh at each other:

Laughter is a medicine to the soul. Laugh at your partner when they make silly but amusing mistakes, say something funny, or do something funny. Always be able to brandish your 32 for them, because when you are happy they too are equally happy

10. Having a similar outlook on life:

Be able to view life the way your spouse views it. View and always try to understand life from their own perspective. Let’s say your wife believes in fairytales, you have to listen to them understand why they believe in fairytales, and try to make sense of it. If they believe that there are consequences for every action that is taken in life you also have to be of the same idea

11. Regular hugs/cuddles:

Do not be afraid to hug them, hugging does not bite or hurt. The best way to relax and catch feelings is in the arms of your lover. The moments of hugging and cuddling is a moment of boding and never let it lack in our marriage

12. Always kiss each other goodnight:

Kissing your partner goodnight guarantees them a goodnight’s sleep, eases tension and stress levels, helps trigger the hormones that make them look younger, and it makes them dream about you, they wake up happy. A simple thing as a good night kiss can make your spouse serve you breakfast in bed

13. The occasional romantic gesture:

Never you run out of romantic gestures to put on display for your man or woman. Tickle them, hold the car door open for them, always open the door for them, buy them flowers roses, and dazes, fix them a warm bath in a tub or Jacuzzi with the rose petals and some really good fragrances, help them wash their hair, there is a lot of romantic gestures you can possibly think that would appeal to your partner.

14. Considering your partner to be your best friend:

Don’t you ever forget that your partner is your best friend for life, your number one confidence, the only person that loves you in many different ways, your soul mate, the one person that wears their heart out on their sleeves just for you. So always see your partner as your friend a friend you do not intend to lose.

15. Sharing the parenting duties:

When it comes to parenting duties, all hands should be on deck. It takes two persons to make a child but it takes a community to raise a child. Do not be the absent father or mother, take part in parenting. As the husband, you can always drop your kids off at school and also pick them up, help them with their homework, put them to bed, entertain them with really informative stories while they wait for dinner to be ready, and so on. The responsibility shouldn’t be left on the shoulders of one parent

16. Always kiss each other goodbye in the mornings:

Always leave your signature on their lips every morning before leaving for work. That way you ensure that they have a blessed and happy day, set their head straight every morning with a kiss, let the thoughts of your lips on theirs always dominate their thinking throughout the day. Just a kiss

17. Having some shared hobbies and interests:

having similar hobbies and interests will go a long way in making your marriage more adventurous and interesting. Both of you should have a flair for activity, it might be poker, board games, swimming, xbox, and other stuff like that. Whenever you get into activities like this you tend to discover that those moments are moments of bonding.

18. Always talk about a problem rather than bottling it up:

Do not bottle up anger or pretend that what they did or say do not hurt you. Try your best to straighten issues out before retiring to bed, they say a problem shared is half solved. So instead of bottling your feelings talk about your feelings, that way you can be on the same page with your spouse.

19. Ask each other about their day:

Relax and listen to your partner as they rant and foams about how much of a jerk their boss is. Allow them to tell you how the lazy cleaner spilled soup water on their desk and how they yelled their lungs out. Listen to the fun adventures that took place throughout the day and also tell them how good yours was. Being a good listener is better than being a sweet talker

20. Regular sex:

Regular sex is a key to a happy marriage. Have sex on a regular, when we say regularly when don’t mean boring and one-sided sex where only one partner is satisfied in the end. Spice up your sex life. And men always try to make your wife orgasm. Women love a man who knows how to manipulate their body in the right ways. Kiss and touch the right spots to see how they would squirm in ecstasy. Ask your wife and husband how the like, rough or slow, their favorite position, if they like oral sex always give them it, you have to make them always want more when it’s over

21. Having some different hobbies and interests:

Although you both should have similar dreams and aims. It isn’t compulsory that both of you must have similar hobbies and interests. But having similar hobbies doesn’t make your marriage a boring one. Both partners just have to find a way to make it work.

22. Knowing when to give each other some space:

understand your partner’s body language and facial expressions. Always give them space whenever they need quietness and solitude and do not push too hard when they say they want to be alone.

23. Having similar aims and ambitions:

couples should have similar dreams and ambitions, that way they would feel and understand that they are going through life alone. People are normally connected to each other by aims and ambitions. So individuals that have nothing in common can’t possibly stand the test of time in marriage.

24. Continuing to make an effort to look nice for your partner:

most cheating partners will most times say that their partner stops looking good, they don’t dress fine like they used to do before, they put on weight, and so on. Keep a loving look for your husband or wife. Ignite their innermost desires with your looks and charms, like we said before don’t ever lose those charms and wits that keep them attracted to you.

25. Getting on with each other’s family:

To a lot of people, family comes first and they do not appreciate anybody who doesn’t get a lot with their family members. So it is important that you do not rub off on your partner’s close family member the wrong way. Try to at least make a get along with the family members that are important to them.

26. Holding hands when you are out and about:

hold hands with them when you are out, women tend to squirm for men who publicly show affection to them. Hold hands with her and gently squeeze their hands, let them feel warm and secure in your hands. Regularly kiss their hands at intervals

27. Regularly complimenting each other:

regularly compliment your spouse, compliment her about how good she looks, how a wonderful cook she is, tell him how handsome he is, shower them with the most amazing words you can ever find in your vocabulary reserve. If you don’t tell them that they complete your world, someone else is definitely be complimenting them, and the outcome might not be too pleasant for you.

28. Two TVs in the house:

a lot of marriage has been taken to courts for dissolution because of a simple tv show. Men can’t afford to miss their EPL games and women can’t let go of their favorite zee world, Telemundo and telenovela. So to avoid unnecessary fight and arguments it is advisable to have two TVs at home

29. Still shaving/grooming:

always shave regularly, look clean and fresh for your husband or wife. Those attributes that made them get attracted to you should be left behind because you finally succeeded in wooing them with those well-trimmed beards or the carved eyelashes. Keep your pubic region clean, your armpits shouldn’t be too bushy, throw on some perfumes smell well as much as you can. Do not lose your charms and wits

30. Having regular nights out with friends, without your partner:

do not be too clingy with your partner, always give them the needed space to hang out the family and friends. Remember that their world doesn’t stop because you come around, they probably had a lifestyle before they met you, though they will have to forgo some habits. But you still have to let them into some old habits that are not harmful, like going out with friends.

31. Surprise gifts/presents:

thrill your partners with spontaneous gifts. It doesn’t necessarily have to be an expensive gift package. They say that it’s the little thing we do is that matters, so always understand that the best gifts are given from the heart and also received from the heart. Learn to always accept the little gift that your partner gives to you.

32. Not being friends with ANY ex-partners on Facebook:

Keep all your EX’s far away from yourself and your partner. The simplest text message or voice notes such as “I miss you” can set the marriage you have built for a long time crumbling to the ground. Leave your past at the past, you have to believe that your exes can never have your best interest at heart. So to avoid putting yourself on the spot, stay away from your ex’s.

33. A rota to divide up the household chores:

household chores, housekeeping, and management should be a shared responsibility. The woman shouldn’t be the work course of the house, men should always help out the best way they can. Do you know how romantic it is for your woman to walk in on you in the kitchen seeing you doing the dishes? A lot of women would kill to have a man like that. So with that said, household activities shouldn’t be the woman’s responsibility alone.

34. Regular date nights:

Make out time to take your wife/husband on a date. Take out to see the fountains, cinemas, zoos, a restaurant, even ride on the merry go round wheels with them. Buy the chocolates and flowers while on the date. Make them feel special

35. Two bathrooms/toilets:

Having separate bathrooms and toilets does not help in strengthening the bond, closeness and intimacy between partners. Bath them and bath together, because it is good for your marriage

36. Not having one person hogging the remote control:

Always try to have similar working hours. Do not be at home when your wife/husband is at work. Or close off at work a lot earlier than your spouse. If you do as the man always head to her workplace and pick her up and walk or drive home together while chit chatting or enjoying the silence. It means a lot to women

37. Similar working hours:

having similar working hours doesn’t necessarily mean that both of you should start work at the same time and close at the same time. It means one shouldn’t be working at odd hours such as midnight or even working during public holidays and during family weekends. It is important that we understand that family comes first.

38. Knowing each other’s passcode for their phone:

If your cellphone is not a ticking time bomb that will blow up your marriage when it is not a passcode with heavy encryption codes then don’t lock your phone and not allow them to know your code. Always grant them free access into your gadgets If you have nothing to hide, this would make them last suspicious of you

39. A secret stash of cash they know nothing about:

Do not have secret cash somewhere in the name of contingency. Having a secret stash of cash somewhere can only suggest that you are not honest or that you are cheating. Do not stash money away, all cash and valuables should always be brought to the notice of your partners

40. Keeping some things private (not going to the toilet in front of each other etc):

Always try to not overexpose your disgusting sides to your partner. Do not use the toilet in their presence because it might disgust them seeing someone they adore as an angel messing up.

41. A night or two a week where neither of you uses computers/laptops/phones etc:

modern marriages have now being overrun by gadgets, phones, laptops, and social media. Nowadays everything and everybody is all about chasing the clout. Surprisingly 21st-century marriages now compete on who’s lifestyle is going to trend the most on the social media space. Do not present a united front to the media, meanwhile in reality you don’t even remember your husband or wife’s birthday all because we now rely on Facebook to remind us. Put those fancy gadgets away, the iPhones and MacBooks won’t miss you. Your spouse needs you, your partner misses you.

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Marriage & Divorce

How To Stop Dating A Married Man



how to stop dating a married man

This generation of ours has made every negative thing a norm and tends to forget the absurdness of it. For example, The negativity around depression has failed to be seen as people find solace in it, speeding toxicity, another example can be seen in prostitution, where this is seen as a “Career” or a source of income. The world has failed to see the absurdness of this making women more objectified and this should not be. Another example is Dating married men, Women see this as a norm and a source of income for themselves, not thinking of the absurdness of this….They just do it without thinking!

When things like prostitution are made a norm there is a tendency that woman would date married men. Some of them do this for reasons best known to them, while some of them do it because of preference, they just prefer married men.

Some of them don’t even know why they do it, they just feel like it’s the right thing to do and they just go for it. Some of them do it to spite the wife in the marriage for one misunderstanding or the other, Some of it because it was spiritually inclined into them.

But, This doesn’t mean that some of them are not tired of it, especially those ones who don’t know why they do it and feel ashamed about it, they want to stop but they don’t know how to, they have tried what they thought was right but still had the same results, and I know that you reading this right now might be one of them.

Ways to Stop Dating A Married Man

1: Acknowledge that it’s a problem

Until you see the absurdness of this you would not be able to make the decision of stopping it. Until you see why it is wrong and should not be done at all, there is every tendency that you might not make the choice of stopping. So firstly think about the absurdness, acknowledge that is wrong, and work towards your stopping it.

2: Put God first

When you acknowledge that it’s a problem, run back to the place of prayer and let God take over, sometimes spirituality is involved. Daily reading and meditating on the bible tends to change your perspective about life making you see more of the absurdness of Dating A Married Man.

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3: Set your priorities right:

It is said that some of them that do it and want to stop but can’t stop is because of the income they make from it, the comfort it brings and the solace added, making it their top priority. This is the excuse they have. But after acknowledging that it’s a problem and putting God first, set your priorities right.

Be independent, withdraw from that relationship, and start a life of your own, where you don’t have to rely on a man or a married man for your well-being, Establish yourself. This is one of the ways a strong woman is built, she starts by setting her priorities right.

Ways you can set your priorities right include

A: Believe in yourself:

Many women think or feel that they cannot do anything without the help of a man or a man who already knows how to take care of a woman because of his experience in marriage. But facing the fact that it is wrong and telling yourself you can do better than that, you can become who you want to become without giving yourself to a married man.

B: Do a reality check:

Look things logically, a married man would only see you as mistress and nothing more, he wouldn’t have time for you, he’d always come only when he feels like, you’re not being loved but being used. You’re not in a relationship that would lead to a happy married life, you’re just eating What you  did not cook, and what you fail to understand is the bitterness of the after taste, you’re in a relationship where you’re at the mercy of whatever he brings, whether it works for you or not.

He’s not going to meet your parents because you don’t expect him to leave his wife because of you, and if he was going to marry you, think about how his kids would feel, they would hate you for stealing their mom’s lover, can you deal with that?  Would your loved ones approve of it, ask yourself these questions.

Doing a reality check makes you come to a realization of these things.

C: Tell the wife:

This basically frees you from the guilt. Your freedom is what matters, telling the wife doesn’t make you a coward, or show your sense of irresponsibility, it only shows your level of good reasoning and good you have come to the realization of the absurdness of it. When you te the wife you are free.

D: Break up with him:

This is the point where you make that decision to cut ties and don’t go back. This is the point where your realization comes into reality. Then you can become independent.

4: Do a daily Mind exercise:

Dating Married men can be traced psychologically, as it becomes a mindset that has been embedded into you by experience, doing mind exercises can completely eradicate the thoughts of your mind. Close your eyes for ten to fifteen seconds, imagine yourself coming out of that situation or that mindset and keep working towards it by the first three things listed above.

5: Change your hobbies:

This might seem funny, but every little thing matters. Most women date married men because of their love for luxury and material things, they want everything on a platter of gold, their love for money would always cloud their mindset, and the fact that they always get it would set their hobbies to doing things that are luxury worthy. For example, Shopping every single day, reckless spending of money on things that don’t matter, etc. Therefore making these things their favorite thing to do.

So changing your hobbies to little things and finding your talent improves your probability of not dating Married men.  When you work for some things yourself and do some things by yourself without the help of anyone, you’d actually know what you actually like and what you don’t.

6: Seek Counsel:

After doing everything listed above, seeking advice from a good adult would do a great deal of detaching yourself from Dating a Married Man. A counselor would always tell the truth and give you the next line of action.


How to stop Dating A Married Man is a choice you have to make, a choice that has to come from the realization of the absurdness, setting your priorities right, changing your hobbies, doing a little mind exercise and seek good counsel. With a these well done, dating a married man would not even be a thought in your mind not to talk of an act!


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Marriage & Divorce

10 Signs You’re Ready to Get Married



signs you're ready to get married

Description: One of the things many people fear is getting into marriage for the wrong reasons. Before you consider the idea, ensure you’re prepared to handle the responsibilities that come with marriage. Here are ten signs you’re ready for marriage.

How do you know if you are ready to get married? (10 Signs)

Because of the excitement of meeting a person you love, you might feel ready for marriage after the first date. Knowing you found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with is an incredible feeling. But no matter how you feel, marriage is not something you should take lightly. Marriage requires a lot of work, compromise, and sacrifice to maintain the relationship. Anyone craving companionship must have a few things figured out before saying “I do.” While you can borrow from installment loan lenders for your wedding, it’s something you must think about critically.

Before committing, do some soul soul-searching to know who you are and what you want. Understand the things you can give your prospective spouse and what you expect from them. Being ready for marriage means you have figured out what you want in life and are prepared to be in a relationship where you contribute and compromise. Here are signs that will help you know you’re ready for married life.

1. You’re Psychologically Mature

Some people will realize they’re not ready for marriage after 5 years of dating, and this is okay. Just because you have been out there for a long time does not qualify you to get married. Maturity is an essential component that will keep your marriage going strong amid all the turbulence. There is no best age for marriage, and you should never fall for the pressure to get married because you’re approaching a certain age. However, there’s an optimum level of maturity that shows you’re emotionally ready for marriage.

Experts say that the brain does not reach peak development until the age of 27, especially the part of the brain linked with one’s ability to review long-term consequences and also compare options. Until you have a fully working brain able to assess situations correctly, you should not get married. This is a ready-for-marriage checklist you must complete as it influences your choice of mate and ultimately determines if you’ll have a successful relationship.

2.You Love Yourself


Knowing you’re ready for marriage after divorce can be confusing, as some people want to fill the void created by prior events. However, this is the time you should trackback and exercise self-love for healing. When you truly love yourself, you will easily give selfless love to others. The way you love yourself is how you teach other people to love you. Focusing on self-love before you get married is crucial as it helps you set standards that no person can undermine. Having respect for yourself means you cannot tolerate disrespect from anyone or abuse in a relationship.

Marriage comes with different stressors that test your resilience and patience. Failure to love yourself enough means it’s easy to feel lost during times of struggle. You get comfort knowing you adore yourself enough to be brave and conquer challenges in your marriage.

3. You’re Financially Stable

There are cases where you find a lady is ready for marriage, but the boyfriend is not. Some of these cases involve finances, as the boyfriend might not have attained the financial stability they believe is sufficient to take care of a family. Looking at your finances, are you ever ready for marriage? There are many perks you get from marriage if both of you are bringing income to the family. Before getting started, both of you need to evaluate your financial situation to know if it can sustain a marriage.

Money is a critical component of marriage that could make or break the relationship. Also, you don’t want to use marriage as a way to get rich as this could attract consequences later. Besides your wedding, the beginning of your marriage costs a lot – from kitchen equipment and furniture to a place to stay. Discuss finances with your partner to find common ground and understand how you can sustain the marriage if you decide to go ahead.

4. You Truly Love Your Partner

you truely love your partner

Love is among things you must confirm is present before you start thinking about how to get ready for a marriage proposal. You must love your partner for everything they are. Their personality is unique and different, so don’t attempt to change it when you get married. It’s something you need to accept and respect before you proceed with a marriage. It’s easy to tell about one’s character by looking at how they treat others. Know if they’re kind, and don’t ignore red flags that could blow up later in the marriage.

Looking at all things, you should ensure your partner is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. Avoid falling for illusions of false expectations and face reality, which means asking yourself if you truly love that person.

5. Your Values Align

If you’re ready for marriage but your partner’s not, it could mean your values don’t align, which is a sign you should not go ahead with the plan. Having values that align makes your lives easier in the future. You need to be comfortable discussing taboo topics like sex, finance, and religion. Ladies ready for marriage should check that they’re comfortable discussing sensitive topics with their partners, as this will make it easier to know what to expect in the future. If there are clashes whenever some issues are brought up, it could mean you’ll endure stress in the marriage. People who share the same values protect their relationship from disappointment, clashes, and resentment. Values define people. It’s not something you can change overnight. They show the things you place much significance to.

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 6.If you Trust Yourself Around Your Partner

Getting ready for marriage in a dream is easy as everything feels smooth, but before accepting to get married, ask yourself if you feel safe around your partner. This is like a situation where a friend brings life to the party, but everyone feels the void when they leave, and the event gets dull. If you’re considering getting married, you must address topics like whether you trust the person to give you what you need to feel loved and at peace.

You must have already touched on topics that could shake the stability of the relationship. If it feels necessary to hide your true self because you fear your partner would never accept or love you for that, then it could be you’re not dating the right person. Marriage is a long-term investment, and nobody deserves to suffer in silence or suppress some aspects about themselves.

7. You Overcome Conflict Together

Is anyone ever ready for marriage until they go through conflict with their partner? This comes as a learning moment where you get to understand how it feels to deal with conflict and moments of high pressure. Marriage is not always lovey-dovey as you will encounter moments where you will split apart for some time.

Forgiveness is one of the main dimensions of a stable marriage, so when you experience this while still dating, it could signify you can live together for many years to come. Couples must learn conflict resolution before entering into a marriage. Handling conflict successfully brings marital satisfaction.

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8.You Have Realistic Expectations

You’ll not find a perfect human if that’s what you want for marriage. If you have lived with your partner for some time, you might be aware of this. So, before getting married, understand that besides many happy times, you will encounter sad moments. It’s common to see people expect the perfect type of love they read in all the fairies, but this is unrealistic as you’re dealing with a real human being. Check the lingering doubts of marrying the person to understand the trade-offs. 

9.You’re Inspired to Succeed

Sometimes, it’s easy to feel you’ve found the perfect person, so all you need is to relax and enjoy life. However, feeling settled and not aiming to improve is something you should be aware of. Having the inspiration to reach greater heights comes from an inner calling. It means just because you finally found your true love; it should not mean you should neglect other things, like your job, purpose, or mental and physical health. These are things that should stay with you even after marriage. You should not let the relationship make you forget about your ability to stay hungry for success.

10.You Support Each Other’s Hobbies

If you never fancied fly fishing, but this is something your partner enjoys, you should support their passion and try learning a bit about it. You will discover many interesting things and probably also find happiness doing those things.


Marriage marks an important transition in one’s life, so it must be approached carefully as you expect to spend your life with your partner.  Finding the right person for marriage is not enough as you also need to evaluate yourself to know if you’re ready for marriage. Consider these things before you get married to improve your chances of success.

How do you handle conflicts in your relationship? Leave a comment below. 

Jade is a finance analyst and has been involved in many successful business projects with a range of companies throughout the country. She started writing 3 years ago and enjoys researching, discussing, and writing on the topics of finances, budgeting, money advice, lifestyle, and wellness. Jade loves to spend time with her family and has many hobbies, including hiking, riding a bike, cooking, and traveling.


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Marriage & Divorce

Why You Must Hire A Divorce Attorney



Why You Must Hire A Divorce Attorney


Going through a divorce without legal help is like committing financial suicide. You might be thinking of going through your divorce on your own
and just using information that you can research online but that can do more harm than good. Though a DIY divorce may apply to certain situations,
it is still smarter to hire a divorce attorney to ensure that your best interests are taken into consideration. Keep reading for reasons why hiring a divorce
attorney could be one of your best divorce decisions.

You Want to Eliminate Mistakes

“The legal system is complicated enough to navigate for those who have a legal degree, so navigating it from a layman’s perspective is like trying to pilot a plane without even knowing how to ride a bike”, says Michael Porter of Haywood Hunt & Associates Inc.

Legal jargon can be very challenging. It can take just one word for you to completely misunderstand something (like a debt or medical issue) or overestimate/underestimate the value of an asset. This is the last thing you want. Why? Because mistakes like this can cause your financial ruin or may need to be corrected with more legal proceedings in the future. An attorney can ensure that your case is being handled properly and that you will not be making decisions that you will regret for years to come.

You Will Benefit from Legal Advice

A divorce attorney can ensure that you get what you deserve during a divorce. This is important because state laws do not always support an even split of a couple’s assets. There are cases where a spouse is entitled to a spouse’s future income and/or retirement. By hiring an attorney, you ensure that complicated issues such as debts, child custody, current assets, future assets, and child support are legally addressed.

You Want to Minimize Stress

Divorce is a highly stressful time. Not only will it be addressing the end of your marriage, but might also bring up painful experiences from the past. A divorce attorney will provide objective help in gathering information, presenting information, and representing your interests. This will give you more time to process your feelings and take care of yourself and your family.

Keep in mind that a divorce will be a very painful time and the last thing youneed is to have to take on legal work. That is what an attorney is for.

You Don’t Want Delays

Completing all the paperwork needed for a divorce plus gathering information and documenting everything isn’t an easy task. Yes, there are court provided documents but that is just a small percentage of what you actually need. Aside from paperwork, there are other legal issues that can prolong a divorce or halt the progress into a crawl. An experienced divorce attorney knows how to avoid problems like the above and get things done as fast as possible.

You Want A Clear Divorce

A divorce is a legal agreement and is legally binding. You want everything in your divorce to be as clear as possible and that each point that needs to be
addressed are taken care of. A divorce attorney will ensure that your wishes are accurately presented and that you understand everything that goes into
the divorce. This way, the divorce would be free from unclear language or errors.


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