This is for every young lady out there who is ready to mingle, find, and date the love of her life. Have you managed to win his heart? Then congratulations are in place for you, however, sorry to burst your bubble for the war only just begun.

The question which you should concern yourself with now is “how do I keep his heart” and girl! It is tricky. And that’s the clarity I am here to give you.

Heard the saying “the way to a man is through his belly?” whoever made that statement was economic with the truth, except he simply meant good old guts, good culinary skills may get his interest, but keep it? I doubt that, less likely baby girl.

A lot can catch a man’s eyes, make his attention shift towards you for a moment, the flimsiest moment, your physical shape, beautiful faces, or your intelligence. If you have got all this or more, his attention could be diverted towards you for the moment, but to keep him, you need more than that, but if we are to face the truth, there is really no guarantee even after you are wearing that huge karat rock you have been dreaming of.

Ok! In most cases, after you have that huge rock, you still got to keep him. As a young girl out there having fun, dating and making your pick from the tons flocking, you really wonder, “how do I get there, to wear that huge rock?” culinary skills, awesome personality, character, demeanor, and intellect, plus tons of other skills will do the trick, but the biggest trick is time.

So, let us tell you how to playtime and his heart, or simply just playtime and your tons of different skills. That’s how you find out your place in his heart and if he belongs to you. However, if the case turns out different and you don’t become a permanent and crucial part of his life? Well, there are tons of other guys inline and if you play your cards right, you will find your man and eventually keep him.


Here are a few tips that could help you make a permanent home in his heart, give you a long and fulfilling relationship. First!

How to keep his heart

1.To keep his heart? Don’t chase after his love. That was quite contradictory right? Well,yeah! let me explain that, see from this perspective. But then look at it from this perspective – No guy will place much value or good interest in you if you put pressure on him to fall in love with you. You only make yourself look cheap and desperate. So rather than chase after his love, chase after his commitment. Whenever you are with him, just try as much as possible to be the real you, but you should be fun while at it; let him look forward to spending time with you. He deserves to fall in love with you at his own pace.


2.Be someone he can confide in: Earn his trust. Convince him that it’s okay to be vulnerable at times but that shouldn’t make you a judge over his affairs, why? He needs to know he can be himself, his real self when he is with you.

3. Every man likes a smart woman, so that’s a guaranteed way to keep him, it adds spice to the relationship, he can discuss with you topics the other girls find boring and won’t spend seconds on because they don’t even have the slightest idea about, however, if you try to act too smart, his interest wanes, well, nobody likes an over sabi. This hits low for you and feminism maybe because it seems like I am saying, be smart, maybe smarter than he is, but don’t let him know.

4. Be available! That’s a bonus point. Why? Everybody loves to know someone is there for them, but to keep him? We would suggest that you aren’t always available or he takes you for granted. Why? You had a life before you met him, even if your life revolves around him now, be sure to have your private selfish moments. It doesn’t hurt if he misses you right? It makes the moments shared more pleasurable and a treasure. So let him yearn for you. He deserves it and so do you.

5. Everybody loves gifts, do you? I do too! And I can bet and promise that he does too. So shower him with gifts, whoever said it’s the man’s duty alone to get gifts told you a big lie. It doesn’t have to be fancy or big, but make sure it isn’t the typical boxers and singlet, unless it’s designers, the idea is to gift him randomly and not just on special occasions, take him out for lunch and dinner dates, and please, you are paying, because you are gifting.(the book on spousery has tricks on how to make his money yours, but that’s a topic for another day) and that’s the fifth point on keeping him, he can barley escape your grasps at this point.

6. Don’t be a liability: No man, heck nobody wants a liability, not in this modern world, to eat from the table, you got to bring something. If you are a material girl, well girl! Go earn your material needs. Have dreams, ambitions, goals, aspirations, if they align with him and he still wants to kiss you silly and tear off your clothes, I can certainly say the other girls are jealous! And that relationship is on its way to fulfillment. He doesn’t want a headache, don’t be one.

The rules above aren’t much, neither are they tedious and hard to achieve, if you follow them, trust and use your initiative and discretion; you are on your way to building a home in his heart with no hope of evictions. Good luck and may love treat you well as you sojourn its path.




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