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Angel Number 3 (Meaning and Symbolism)



Angel Number 3 (Meaning and Symbolism)

Last Updated on January 17, 2023 by Joshua Isibor

Angel numbers are sent to us through our personal guardian angels as a means of communicating with us. Angel number 3 is said to be the sacred symbol of the Goddess in various religions throughout history. This number is usually represented by a white dove and it serves to remind you that the universe is sending its love, guidance and support your way.

In numerology, Angel number 3 is a symbol of hope, optimism, openness and newness. It is a number of harmony and a special message from God telling you to look into your personal inner guidance, so you can accept your own mistakes; and learn from them through divine help.

What Does Angel Number 3 Symbolize?

It is a good thing to come across this number. It is simply sent your way by angels to let you know that a big celebration will happen in your life soon. There will be good news which could take on various forms, that are coming your way – sooner than you think.

Angel number 3 is also telling you that you need to be committed to your work. Put your heart and soul to what you are doing, succeed and then have some fun. You can decide to do this alone or with friends. Whatever you decide is left for you. This number is telling you to be nice to others, you will be loved when you not only think of yourself in all situations. This world that we are in works around giving and the universe will surely reward you in an unexpected way.

Number 3 in numerology is associated with self-importance – the need to be confident in yourself at all times. It is necessary for you to have faith in your capabilities and instincts. Have a positive look at life always and strive to maintain balance no matter what life throws at you.

The angels and the universe are sending this number 3 to tell you that difficulties will surely come, but that how you accept and confront it is all that matters – never lose hope, keep fighting. However, when success comes, don’t allow yourself to be carried away; divine favors are given to those who are humble at heart.

Spiritual Meanings Of Angel Number 3

The angel number 3 is considered to be the most sacred of all numbers – in Christianity, this number completes the circle of the three persons of the Trinity – God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. This angel number which means unity, spiritually, symbolizes; the mind, body and the soul.

You will need to be mindful of the connections between your spiritual and divine energy. It is a reminder that you need to reconnect with your inner spirit. Pray when you can, so as to communicate with God and have a sense of peace, which will make you understand the reason for your existence.

Seeing angel number 3 can also mean that your guardian angels are trying to tell you that a major change is going to happen in your life. This is a positive change which can be physical or emotional. There is no promise of this change being easy, but you are being enjoined to keep calm and strive on till the end.

Why Does Angel Number 3 Keep Appearing To You?

This angel number 3 keeps appearing at different places in your life for three reasons:

1.You are expected to pick your friends wisely. Take your time to understand those people who are always there and are ready to stand by you always. They are the ones that will help you in achieving your goals and aspirations.

2.You are to trust your instincts and make use of your imaginations well. Define your goals and gather friends and connections who will support you.

3.The angels want you to make good use of the good things that will come your way. Always look at the bright side and have it in mind that everything happens for a reason.

Angel Number 3 In Love And Relationship

In romance, this number is a representation of new opportunities. It is telling you that it is time for a new love to brew. For a single person, you don’t need to be worried anyhow about how difficult it is for you to find the right person – things are about to change.

There is every possibility that this new partner might be someone by your side but has not been recognized. Try to be open to new ideas and perspectives, and watch yourself experience feelings that you have never felt before.


Everything that occurs in threes is perfect. Angel number 3 showing up in your life is probably because you are going through a major challenge at the moment. Do not be afraid of taking a leap of faith. The angels have your back and have sent this number to you to encourage you to stay on the path that you have chosen – regardless of any difficulty that might come your way.

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