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Poem Title: Words words words!




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Words words words!

You don’t always need so many words to

Tell a person how much you care about them.

Sometimes words ain’t even the right words to say.

Actions speak louder than words they say

But most people prefer words,

They do not understand

your actions.


They want you to tell them,

You love  them

That you care.

That you know they are special

That you know they are wonderful

That you can see stars in their eyes

That when you are with them the world goes away.

That when you touch them there’s no better feeling…

That when they smile you can’t take your eyes away. 

Her Words

I am not much of a romantic…But I love the idea of Romance.

Not the get me flowers kind of girl but I adore them

I love chocolates and romantic novels

I love horror movies

I feel light-headed  at the sound of good music

Sometimes I think I can taste them.

I want to make someone  happy

I want to make people happy

I may not KNOW how or when I fall in love

But I no, I’ve fallen in love once

And I no that I’m still scared to fall too deeply in love

Because i do not want to get heartbroken

I know I’ve been broken once

And I also know

I’ve broken more hearts than I can count…


I know I don’t usually give up on something

But sometimes it’s hard

Though I claim to be strong.

I feel most times that I have nothing to offer

I feel alone

Sometimes I love my company

No! I always do

When I want no one around  me that’s when I get a lot of friends

And when I need someone I get none.


I make friends with people who I don’t give a fuck about at first

Or rather they do with me.

I find myself asking most times “why do I bother? ”

I am a girl,

a lady…with an impatient side

I fall hard and fast but I manage not to shatter when I reach the ground.

I shoot my shots when I want to,

Some wait for a man to come sweep them up

But I don’t think I’m patient enough!



Hoping again and again:

I know it’s hard

I know there wouldn’t be words to explain everything to you.

I know you wouldn’t even believe everything you hear,

Cause they keep saying the same thing.

They say it would be better,

That all will be well.

But you wake up every morning to the same news,

The same stories

The bomb blast in Abuja

The war in Syria

The killings in India

The explosion somewhere in America

You ask yourself when would all this end?

You are hoping.


You wake up one morning to hear

About the virus Covid19…

Which has found it’s way into the world

You see the news of people dieing

You hear tales of people getting the virus and dieing mysteriously.

You live in fear

But you still hoping

Cause that’s the only way anyone

Can survive.


You hear one morning that

Your friend is dead,

They found his body after two days in an abandoned building.

You break down,

You question God.

You blame the Government

But you have this hope that all

Will be well.

Cause that’s the only way to stay sane.


You wake up one morning to discover

That your sister

Who has always been indoors

Has caught the virus.

You are in shock

How? You ask

No one has an answer,

The health workers say it’s airborne,

The government come to take her away.

You stand there helplessly

With tears In your eyes.

She’s crying too

But you can’t console her

Cause they say

Nobody should touch her.

Now she’s a plague?

You wonder how she’s feeling

Your parents say it’s for the best

Those things would get better.

You are tired of hearing this

But still,, you hope

Cause that’s what keeps you sane.


Your friend’s depressed

You know he isn’t fine,

You can hear it

In his voice over the phone.

You can’t go to him

Cause of the virus.

He never cries.

But today,

he tells you he can’t do it anymore.

You hear the tears in his voice

You try to console him

But he says it’s ok,

That you shouldn’t worry anymore.

He hangs up

You can’t reach him anymore.


That night,

You get the news

He’s gone.

He slit his wrist

He did it right,

they couldn’t save him.

They couldn’t stitch it.

Do you wonder if this is how it’s going to be forever?

If this is the new way of living?

You want to blame him,

But you can’t

Cause you can’t judge anyone

Maybe if you were weak-willed

You could have done what he did.

You knew one thing though

That hope was keeping you.

They said hope made a man go mad, they were right.

But what can you do?


Your cousin comes to visit

Your parents didn’t inform you he was coming,

You’ve never liked him.

Without a reason

You’ve hated him

But you have to tolerate him in your house

Because of your parents.


You are home alone with him

You wish you had somewhere else to be

He comes to sit beside you,

You don’t like that he’s so close

But you can’t leave,

Cause your favorite show is on.


I’m bored, he says

You ignore him

Come on let’s play truth or dare

You ignore him.

Please get me a glass of milk, he says finally.

You stand to go get it.

He slaps your ass

You turn around with a severe glare.

That if lasers could shoot out of the eyes

He’d be ashes by now.

Don’t you ever do that again in your life?

You warn, but he scoffs.


You come back with a glass of milk.

Set it down in front of him

And seat far away from him.

Moments later, he comes to you

You feel his breath on your neck

You recoil.

But he grabs you

Before you could react

He has you under him.


You fight him

But he is stronger

He takes you from behind.

You can’t cry nor shout

Cause he’s stronger still.

You wish with everything in you that he dies a painful death.

You are slipping out of consciousness.

But you hope still, that he stops.


You see your reflection in the mirror

You’re empty

useless self

Cause that’s how it feels.

You can’t cry,

Cause you were taught

That crying is for the weak.


You blame yourself.

You blame the government

You curse the virus, covid19, you say,

It will never be well with you.

You utter it over and over again

Like a mad man.

You question God.

You hate your cousin

You disown him in your heart.

You see a blade.

But you are too scared to cut yourself

You scream.


Two days later,

Your cousin dies

Your parents found him in the pool of his own blood.

In the guest room.

Now you know

Ghosts would hunt the house forever

And maybe you

But you don’t care.


At the burial, that you never wanted to attend.

You see everyone crying

People are reading eulogies

Dedicated to him

They all say, he was a good boy.


A loving soul?

That’s what they call him

That instant you hate them all

Because they are all just ignorant.

People come to offer condolences.


I heard you two were so close

Sorry, they say.

“Son, I’m sorry for everything that’s happening,”

your father tells you.

Later that night,

your mother says

“I hope he finds peace.”


You don’t say anything

You can’t say anything,

you know he would never find peace.

You can’t say,

That you found his body first.

That you were the one who watched him slit his wrist.

He felt depressed

And weighed down by what he had done,

You offered him a way out

You stood there

Watching him cut himself

It felt good

You liked it.


You willed him to go deeper

He did.

When he was delirious from the pain,

You helped him slit his other wrist

Really deep

And it was so neat.

You can’t tell them all this.

Cause what’s the use?


They say your sister would be back

You hope affliction wouldn’t rise a second time.

You hope it doesn’t take long.

You hope you find your healing soon.

You hope you never become

So weak-willed to slit your own wrist.

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heart break poems



heart breaks


The first time Theo left.

it felt like a dream

I knew I would never be able to stay without him.

how could I?

how could anyone?

how can anyone stay without the person who completes them.

But I knew he would come back.

he did.

and I opened my arms to him

like a fool I was.

a happy one.

The second time he left

I still felt he’d come back

he was my world

it wouldn’t be intact if he wasn’t here.

it took a while but he came back.

Theo left me again.

this time I knew it deep down that he wouldn’t come back.

I knew.

but I wouldn’t let go.

I knew even if he came back he wouldn’t really be mine.

cause anyone who owns a favorite toy, would know when it’s been mishandled by another.

I opened my arms to him

but not my heart…

he had to leave

I was done being the

“Fall back plan.”




I am happy

really happy

the lady looks at me.

she’s my therapist.

I smile, a really big beautiful smile

that’s how it feels in my head

but she doesn’t smile back.

I am happy

my heart’s still good

I don’t need these speeches.

I don’t have nightmares

I am good. perfectly fine. to be honest.

she keeps staring at me really intently.

I think I see a slight smile.

“I’m not going to hurt myself”

I say at last.

I stare back at her

hoping she would see that I’m really honest.

But deep down of course

it’s all an irony.



Been cold

been really cold lately.

but I hear someone say the weather is really hot.

I wonder if it’s just me

who feels this coldness.

The same feeling I got

the day you decided

you wanted out.

but that wasn’t the words you whispered under your breath.

“I am tired. tired of you”

these were the words

then you walked out my dorm room without looking back.

And all I could feel was. Nothing.

nothing at all.


Love and sadness:

I’ve known love and sadness

known grief and hate.

in the years past

I’ve come to realize that I’m still learning to accept losses and pain.

Because I’m only human. I feel emotions

it’s important to feel these things

it’s perfectly normal.

after all, is felt and done

you eventually learn to leave with it all…

the love. the sadness. the pain.

cause we all know there’s no love without pain.


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Needed You Poems




Something about you:

There was something about you

I remember it all like yesterday.

something about you so carefree

the way you laughed easily

the way you’d smile

of course, you were the real deal.

“all for you,” you told me.

I smiled

I believed you.

but look at me now

searching for a place to hold

searching for a hand that fits mine.

why did you make me believe

if you were going to leave anyway?


past tense:

I have been

I was here

I used to be there.

there was a time

a time I used to wait

a time I used to think if it wasn’t her

there would be no one else.

I used to need her once. back then

what I failed to realize was I myself was someone

people needed too!


Just Because!

never have I ever.

it was the first game I played while sitting very close to you.

I could smell you

the Cologne. it smelled of everything promising.

I went to bed that night with a smile on my face

and the smell lingering in my nostrils.

I gave you my number

I didn’t hesitate.

me, who always believed there was nothing like love at first sight. i am in Love.

I knew I would need you over and over cause

no matter how many times we’ve fought

we always ended up together, tighter. needing each other More.

and even if you decide to leave now.

I wouldn’t let you

I would go through it all with you.


Never knew




didn’t know why she needed you.

doesn’t want to acknowledge it

but for a fact she knew,

couldn’t you even tell?

that light in her eyes when she saw you,

couldn’t you see

couldn’t you tell

that it was your voice she needed to hear before

her day ended

couldn’t you tell that it was you she needed?


Used to

it was the middle of the night

there was something about the weather.

something about the way you laid

down next to me.

it used to feel right.

stormy nights

windy nights

cold nights

hot nights

you were always here with me

your body. Soul. Everything.

but tonight

this night.

your hands wouldn’t curl themselves around me.

even in your sleep, you are no longer here with me.


To need

what was it about her

that he couldn’t place

he couldn’t get a hold-off.

that he couldn’t forgo

she had come tumbling down into his arms

one look at those shiny eyes

he was undone.

never had he ever thought that

a woman would strip him bare

when she left his bed mid-summer.

he knew then that to need someone

to love someone would take a lot of waiting. Hoping.


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In this World, I see millions of division
All to God in the name of religion
There shouldn’t be this much difference
As God’s love for everyone is immense

Everyone is the same, no one is different
And in each and everyone God is present.
The more we create a difference
The more we degrade our essence
Oneness is the only way to success
Only togetherness can bring happiness.

In the spirit of togetherness and humanism
Love, love can bound us as one citizen
Every difficulty we can fight
If every one of us will unite
Every problem can be solved in oneness
As there is immense strength in togetherness


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