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From Hollywood Actress To Psychic Medium



From Hollywood Actress To Psychic Medium

Last Updated on January 13, 2023 by Joshua Isibor

According to Marla Frees, I can connect with those who have passed away and see the future because I am a tarot card reader. It’s not an easy profession; before I can enter institutions or campuses, I must go through extensive training and certification procedures. But I’ve also taken some people by surprise thanks to my career, such as going from Broadway performer to app creator!

Marla Frees: Hollywood Actress Gets A New Direction

You generally sought out unique demands as an actress. But once your mother died, you made the decision to embark on your new course in life.

You started out as a reiki master and haven’t turned back since! Not Marla, there are plenty of actresses who got interest in pyschic medium, even journalist Jennifer also has published 4 books on pyschic medium till now.

After Her Mother’s Passing, She Begins Having Clairvoyant Visions.

She starts having prescient visions when her daughter dies. In her dream, she sees her mother in the infirmary, and shortly after, she passes away from cancer. She had a hard time accepting this before that.

“It was an enlightening moment,” she recalls, “because I knew not either what I hoped to happen with my life, as well as how to succeed at it.”

She Realizes She Is A Psychic Medium

She came to understand her role as a tarot card reader after experiencing clairvoyant visions and developing the ability to perceive people’s former lives and auras. Although her body frequently shut down in the middle while reading somebody else’s aura or their former life tale, she had never previously been able to observe this already.

She may now help share her gift to others by doing consultations with me as a teenager and loving mother kids so they can get information for their own lives!

She Gets Certified As a Medical Intuitive To Use Her Psychic Powers in Hospitals.

  • She holds a sociology degree and even a physician empathetic accreditation.
  • This enables her to employ her psychic abilities at clinics, where she has assisted patients with various medical issues.
  • She has also utilised them to assist individuals with legal matters, such as locating fugitives or investigating long-unsolved crimes.

She Invents Launched Book,  An App To Connect People With Psychics And Healers

Marla Frees is not just a Broadway actress, but also the creator of several apps. Users of her “Psychic Connections” app can communicate with mediums and healers all over the world. There are various methods to learn as much about her work on her page, including:

  • A video on the front page explains how the website functions. It starts with a video of her discussing her abilities as a palm reader before demonstrating how people can utilise their smartphones as technological equipment that can understand their emotions.
  • There is also a hyperlink where you may discover something about what Psychological Relationships does; according to the description, it links those who are in need of assistance to those who are capable. There are many websites that are providing these services but always check site for fertility readings with authentic reputation as poor websites can astray your attention. So, always go for quality sources to know about fertility readings.

You Can Be A Psychic Medium And An App Inventor Simultaneously

The excellent thing is that you can create apps and be a tarot card reader at the same time. Why not employ some of the abilities needed to be a great app creator in your first life because you already have them?

You’ll have several chances to put your skills as a palm reader to use:

  • Aid people in finding love. Give somebody your psychic abilities if they find that person who needs assistance locating happiness!
  • Ensure that everyone is functioning as expected for them to provide them serenity and quiet, but also watch out that they don’t become too relaxed when moving on to another individual’s life path (something may sound cruel, but we’re simply being realistic here).


A fantastic example of anyone who began out as an actor but ultimately did another completely different is Hollywood actress Heather Paltrow. She stepped while behind curtain and established herself as a filmmaker, board member, and performer.

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