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Where can I find happiness? (18 Ways)




Last Updated on February 21, 2022 by Joshua Isibor

Everyone wants to feel happy, and we all have different ways of making ourselves happy. Happiness is an emotion of being happy and joyful. You can’t underestimate the power of happiness having.

When you are happy you are fulfilled, even if it’s for little things, you draw strength from happiness. A happy man is a man of contentment.

Being happy doesn’t mean you have much but you are content with what you have. Happiness does not come from your possessions, a particular person, or what you receive. Alot of people struggle to be happy and stay happy, they believe they can only be happy if they acquire and achieve all they wished for. They lack the true definition of happiness and the genuine source of happiness that keeps you happy for a very long time.

Are you distressed and looking for what to make you happy or where you can find happiness, just ride with me while I take you through the different ways you can be happy and stay happy.

Proven Ways on how you can be happy

1. Choose to be happy

True happiness comes from your choice to stay happy. The only way you can have joy and fulfillment is by choosing to be happy despite the challenges and criticism. Choosing to be happy means you shun every other thing that would deprive your joy and decide to be happy. That alone is a bold step to get rid off sadness and depression that can occur when you are not happy.

2. Be with others who make you smile.

Hanging out with people who make us happy, especially family and friends. These people can also be a source of happiness, having our loved ones around us makes us happy because we know they care about us.

3. Hold on to your values.

Values are what we believe they are what defines us. When you hold on to your values it makes you feel better about yourself. These said values are your standards and principles that you work with, if you change for others it reduces your personality which can take away your happiness.

4. Appreciate what you have

Whatever comes your way accept and appreciate them even if it’s something little, don’t push them away, keep them close. Be content with what you have, take your time to appreciate everything around you including your friends and family, value what you have and you will be happy.

5. Imagine the best.

Try imagining the best for yourself, think of what you want to achieve, be a positive thinker,alot of people avoid this because they don’t want to get their hopes up. Even if you never get to achieve them it is actually a good step to accomplishing them.

6. Do things you love.

Whatever you love to do that makes you happy do it. We all have what we engage in that gives us the vibes we crave for. For example, you can go for a ride, watch a movie, hang out with friends, or get involved with anything you love to do.

7. Find purpose.

Another way to find happiness is by discovering your purpose. Know what you want to do or what you are passionate about. Some people are good at helping others and doing other humanitarian services. Find your purpose and do likewise.

8. Listen to your heart.

You alone can ascertain what makes you happy, your loved ones might think you are good at something, and that is probably what turns you on. So, to find that happiness you want follows your heart.

9. Push yourself


Stop blaming others for what you are going through. You might think you can’t do anything on your own but the moment you identify your strength and potential you will see how far you can go. Push harder and you will attain that height.

10. Be open to change.

Be open to change. Change is the only thing that’s constant. So be open to accepting something new, learning something different, and apply new ideas.

11. Offer help to others

Another good way is helping those in need. Helping someone that is handicapped or the less privileged gives a sense of happiness. Give people your support and show care or listening ear to those around you.

12. Be the smile you want to see in your world.

Instead of expecting smiles from people, be the smile people what to see and you will see them smiling at you back. You will be happy and they will feel the same thing.

13. Make someone else happy.

Just as you want to be happy others are looking for happiness too, so why not make others happy too, that way you are also fulfilled for giving someone a hand. Do something unique that will make others happy.

14. Expect Less

Research has shown that those that are happy are very content. If you expect less you tend to be happier.

If you expect so much, you become stressed and emotionally down. People who never appreciate the little things have always run into problems.

15. Enjoy Your Work.

A well-paid job doesn’t give you fulfillment and happiness. Enjoy what you do, go for the job that gives you happiness and fulfillment it must not be that lucrative, as long as you find joy when doing it.

Most people who work in big established companies begin to find jobs so demanding and stressful despite, the pay they even lose their joy in the process.

16. Live For Today

Planning for the future is necessary, but you shouldn’t live your life always planning. Just live for the moment and enjoy what you have. When you are always planning you get stressed and bored.Appreciate the moment and enjoy what you have.

17. Don’t compare yourself with others

We are unique creatures and we have potential. You can never find your kind elsewhere. If you keep comparing yourself with others you will never see anything good in what you do or how outstanding you can become. Be yourself, you are you and not someone else do what you can and value it. Enjoy your achievement and success avoid competition and show off.

18. Stop Worrying

The main cause of unhappiness is worrying. If you want to be happy stop being paranoid. Worry causes anxiety and fear. Shun the negative thoughts and be positive.

Final Thoughts

When you find happiness, never let anything take it from you. Your happiness is your strength, if you lack it, you will lose your purpose of existence. You can only persist when you are happy. Your fulfillment comes from what makes you happy.

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