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Betrayal- A POEM



pic of a lonely person walking

Last Updated on August 5, 2022 by Joshua Isibor

Loneliness was my name
I was like a walking corpse on the face of the earth
I was the dumbest being you’d ever imagine

The walls of my heart was colorless
I was indeed a lonely human
I was a complete masterpiece of solipsism

I went dumb when your beauty crossed my eyes
A flicker of your light penetrated deep into my heart
The very day you gazed steadily into my eyes

Just like a fiction in every addiction
Your graciousness raced down my spines
I felt a surge of happiness filtering my soul

You ignited my soul with your light
You idyllically set in my body
And filled my mind with your sweet sensation

Like a swain
I gave you an ingress to unlock and dive into my heart
To redecorate and replenish my soul
To reform me into a new being

You lightened me up like fireflies
You filled my soul with your brightness
I was happily reciting the lyrics of our love

I was so happy that I felt like I was soaring high in the sky
I felt like I was flying with the eagles
Singing and dancing with the angels
Cause I felt like I was blessed with a precious gem

You meddled with my heart
My heart was colorless, you suffused beautiful color into it
Only to beautify it with darkness
When you found what you wanted

You sold out my secrets to my enemy
You sent out a message to my predators
You placed me on their net and made me an easy catch

Wearing a cloak of camouflage
I thought the heart was full of equity, never knew it was full of iniquity
What you did was an exact definition of treachery

Down in pain, am lost in another world
A world full of depression, sadness, bitterness, and regrets
Am broken, weak, am engrossed in pain and suffering

You enchanted me with your beauty
You made me sink deep in your world
I was blinded with your fake graciousness

Your epithets is being scrawled on the walls of my heart,body and soul
I can never be entrapped into the deep well of lies again
I have subscribed into adopting and adapting to another version of life

A litany of hatred
Gag me
Pierce me
Guide me

I will juggle my brain
I will make things right
I will never fall again
Guardedly I will stand again

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