Friday, January 8, 2021


Stories include various romantic, parenting, marriage, divorce, and other relationship-related stories for you to read.

HOLLY WHOLLY; "Life Of a Pretentious Female Lover" When we walked up to that altar, right before his holy presence. At first, I thought the rudiments of that day would always be sure to reserve what I first saw in you, the...
  The Office Assistant  Chapter one   Belky Austin. A talented nurse, average height. chocolate in complexion. brown eyes, short dark hair, long lashes. From New York had lost her job 3 years ago, when her mother gave up the ghost from food...
The fire lighter


FIRELIGHTER 15th April 2019. It was midday when Kenny woke with a dreadful hangover. The previous day had been awfully long and wasted with empty bottles of whiskey littered around. Although light bulbs glowed, a dark side of emptiness engulfed the...
How I lost myself to the cold hands of love- It’s been three years since my relationship of five years ended, I have been wetting my pillows all night, not because I miss him or want him back, but...

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