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Story Title: The Office Assistant



the office assitant

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 The Office Assistant

 Chapter one  

Belky Austin. A talented nurse, average height. chocolate in complexion. brown eyes, short dark hair, long lashes.

From New York had lost her job 3 years ago, when her mother gave up the ghost from food poisoning. That day had been the worst day of her life. she had’nt been able to cope at all.

She had gone to the hospital where she worked and told them that she was no longer interested.

The guilt of her mother’s death weighed her down. Had she been there that day, her mother wouldn’t have been poisoned.

Now, she had to look for another hospital cause she was so ashamed to go back to where she had been working.

So she called her best friend Alexandra to help her find good in a nice hospital.

Alexandra had been her best friend since grade 5. they had never broken up then and will never break up as the case seemed to be.

Alexandra called her a week after to tell her that she had found a hospital for her. Mary-land by name.

Belky was more than glad, she thanked her best friend and decided to apply for the job.

The next day, she applied for the job online. Surprisingly, she was called for an interview Belky was so excited.

Arriving at the hospital, she met so many new faces. As a new person, she wandered about entering the wrong rooms and asking for help to know her way around. She was about entering a particular room when a male voice stopped her.

“Hey, what are you looking for?”

She turned and came face to face with a nice looking man, probably a doctor too, she thought.  He was wearing a white coat, maybe he was her age mate too, she couldn’t guess his age. Tall in height, fair in complexion, curly and stylish hair, he was staring at her from hair to toe.

“Actually, I came for an interview,”

She replied the man

“Oh, are you Belky Austin”

The doctor asked

“Yes,” She replied.

He asked her to follow him to his office and she did. There, he interviewed her. she learned that his name was John Kennedy,  the chief doctor, a specialist in pediatrics.

“Well I can see that you will be a great nurse and as the case maybe you will have to report back here tomorrow. Then I can find a unit to fix  you.”

Belky was couldn’t believe her ears, the dream she had almost given up on was going to be actualized. She had so much love for children. It had always been her dream to take care of them as a nurse.

She practically floated out of the hospital after thanking the doctor. she was all smiling. She quickly dialed Alexandra who picked up Immediately.

“Guess what Alex!” she screamed over the phone.

“Well, you got the job”   Alex answered.

“Yes! I am super excited, thank you so much,” she said softly.

“No need to thank me. I will always do that for you. And don’t forget,  this calls for a celebration.” Alex told her. And the call ended.

It was a Monday and the first day of work. She didn’t know what to wear. Alexandra had told her to look hot and sexy and she been a little bit confused. Why on Earth should she look hot and sexy, just for a nurse’s job, she wasn’t doing on a date so why the fuss about looking hot and sexy? She had thought.

But come to think of it, she had to impress her employer, so she would rather dress smart than hot and sexy as she was told.

She went to her wardrobe and chose a cloth. She chose a mini black gown, black wedge, with her little handbag made from animal skin. At least, that would do the job.

She wore her costume and put on some makeup and left her apartment.

On arrival, she asked a nurse she met on the way about the chief’s office for she had forgotten the way. She was led to a door and was told to knock.

She knocked and a male voice told her to come in. She bumped into a lady probably a nurse leaving in a hurry as if in a state of dilemma. Anyways, she thought, only God knew what had happened there

“Hello, Belky,”

The voice dove into her thought

“Ain’t you going to take a sit?”

Then she realized she was standing. She made for a sit.

“Well Belky, I assume that today is your first day at work and my PA would have given you the details on work here, but unfortunately she isn’t around and wouldn’t be here again. So I will do the job and you will act as my P A.”

He finalized. what?! Already? on her first day of work? she hadn’t even started work yet and he was already assigning her to be his PA.

She was confused, happy, and surprised. She had no other option than to accept the job. The doctor took her outside to show her the building and to introduce her to other nurses and doctors.

However, as she and the doctor passed a group of nurses, she heard a side comment

“Am so sorry for this lady. Very soon she would end up like Nicky.”

As she turned around to stare at them, they pretended as if they hadn’t uttered a word.

She knew she would find out later, she wasn’t the type that would hear a word about herself and not find out. Curiosity they said kills the cat, but, curiosity makes Belly become more inquisitive and more careful.

The doctor took her to a different unit and she was glad, very happy indeed. This job would help her.

Becoming a PA to John Kennedy was nice because it was still her first day at John was a very nice person though. He bought her things and cracked some jokes with her during his free period. He is really a funny person.

She thought, her job was just to help him out in filling out forms and calling in some patients for him to examine. It was really nice. After work, the doctor dropped her at home.


The next day of work. How would it be? She wondered. She had already told Alex about the PA stuff and Alex had been happy for her. She had even promised to visit during her free day because of her tight business.

Belky now as a nurse, wore a white blouse and Jean trousers, brown leather sandals, and then her white coat. She looked in the mirror and saw how amazing she looked.

Belky was looking great and it made her very happy. She didn’t need to make up today, she was naturally cute, besides she had patients to attend to.

On opening the gate of her compound, she saw a car parked outside.  Probably, waiting for her neighbor next door, she thought. But as she made to pass by the car, a voice from the car stopped her. The voice was familiar.

“Belky, would you mind?” On turning, she saw her doctor and her heart skipped a beat. God, what was he doing in her house this morning? Hadn’t he slept at all? And who told him that she was leaving by this time. This was the question she wanted to ask him but she couldn’t. She knew she couldn’t.

She put on her usual smile, the fake one that fooled people. He opened the door to the passenger seat so she could enter. Once she was seated he started the engine and they were on their way.

At the hospital, all eyes were on her as she walked in with the doctor. Belly was embarrassed. What’s up with all the stares? She wondered if this was how he treats his PA then why were they staring like this? She hurriedly left his side and entered the office.

She dropped her handbag and began arranging the files. She was still busy when he opened the door without her noticing.

Coming to his work, John was perfect,  he knew it all but in terms of relationship, he had nothing to offer.  He is handsome, caring, but foolish when kt came to relationships, he couldn’t sit for a while with a particular woman, a woman today, another tomorrow.

But on this day, he was totally different. He didn’t know why he had woken up that morning, so early just to please Belky his newly made PA. And right now, here he was staring at her arranging the files on his desk. Was this love? Or his usual sexual desire for girls? He wondered.

Belky on turning, met his eyes, with a smile she told him that she was just arranging the files. He knew he hadn’t asked her, so why was she been too honest. But the smile killed him.

He was not his usual self. Damn it. John told himself it was just lust and nothing more. If she knew her fate, she wouldn’t be standing there smiling at him like that.

He closed the door behind him went around his desk and sat.  Belky went about bringing in patients and helping him attend to some of them.

At her break time, she went out to feel the fresh air of Maryland hospital. Belly went to the cafeteria to have some snacks, there she met a nurse getting snacks too. That urge to ask about Nicky the former PA came back, she needed to know.

She couldn’t just ask John. She was glad when the nurse came to her asking how the work as a PA was going.  she smiled replying to her that it was nice. Again she saw that look of I’m sorry for her, she will end up like Nicky. It was now or never.

“Do you know about Nicky?”  Belky asked

“Yeah. Nicky was our chief PA until one day our chief asked her for sex and she refused and that was the end of her job.  But then, they had been doing that since I don’t know why Nicky decided to refuse him that very day,” she sighed.  ” Anyway, he does it with all his PA. So get ready to accept or be kicked off dear.” The nurse told her bluntly.

The snacks she had bitten into lost its taste but she managed to swallow. It was hell hearing that. Now she had to look for another job.

She had to now or wait and get stranded.

However, John not seeing her at the hospital felt distracted, where was she? Was all his mind asked? He couldn’t take it any longer when after the break she wasn’t around, he went around, secretly searching for her and when finally he found her at the cafeteria he felt a sudden jolt of relief.

But why was she sad? He didn’t know. He left her alone and went back to the hospital.

Belky glanced at her watch and realized her mistake. A minute after the break and she was still outside. She rushed back to the hospital and met John pacing around the room.

“Where have you been?” he asked her. But actually, he wanted to hug her and ask why she was sad but all he could do was just ask that.

“I’m sorry, i…” she said, but he cut her suddenly

“You are dismissed, for now, just go home, am a bit busy right now,”  he said and left her standing looking mortified in this office.

John had no idea why he was reacting this way. He had no idea why he couldn’t take her out if his head.


Gradually it was coming, very soon he would ask for sex and she would say NO and that would be the end of her.

To avoid further embarrassment, she took her bag and left the office to her apartment. She dialed Alex number but it was switched off, it could have gone straight to voicemail but Belly hung up. She was confused, she ate and slept off. By 10:00 pm, her phone rang and it was a strange number.

She picked it up, that voice again, now familiar to her ears. Her doctor. 

“Belky, sorry to disturb you, but I have an emergency and I need you to come over. Just dress up and I will come to pick you up.”  He told her and ended the call. She hurriedly dressed and was already out on the streets when she saw his car. He stopped and came down

“I Am Sorry, I made you walk a bit,”  he told her while opening the door for her to enter.

“No problem doc,” she replied climbing into the car.

He drove so fast, Belky almost vomited due to car sickness.

John changed into his surgery uniform once they got into the hospital and she did the same. They entered the theater and started operating they worked on a child that had a Brain tumor.

There was a moment when Belky thought he was crying when the child’s blood level dropped. But then it was ok again. Doctor John knew his job well.

Although there were 3 nurses, he asked her only to follow him after the operation, he took off his coat Belly did so too. The worst was over the child would be fine.

Relieve flooded her system.

Belky as a PA was meant to be there, so it wasn’t new. It made a big impact on him. He was happy just because of her presence, he wanted to apologize for calling her off, but he couldn’t. He didn’t know why.  It was pride of-course.

“I Am happy you came,”  he said

“That’s my job, so I am always ready,”  she had said it all, but why was she sad that afternoon?

“I will take you home, so don’t worry about transportation,” he said

“You don’t need to worry I will find a cab. You need rest so don’t bother.” She told him.

It dawned on him that she was not going to agree with him.

“No, I can’t leave my PA to wander the streets of New York at this hour, so I will just have to take you home, no more words.”  He took her by the hands and led her to his car,  they drove back to her apartment.

She asked if he would come at the moment they arrived at her apartment and he agreed. On getting to her door she asked herself what she had done? What if today this moment was when she might lose her job. But she had no idea how wrong she was.

She offered him tea and he was more than glad to accept. Her house was beautified with her pictures and those girlish stickers. He drank tea and ate some sandwiches. He never drank tea.

She told stories that made him laugh. Belky Austin was a beautiful woman with a good sense of humor, he didn’t fail to realize.

“So I will make up for waking you up so late,” He told her as he made his way to the door.

“On Saturday, I will come over.” He blurted out surprising himself too.

That was it, he was going to ask her for sex and get kicked out. She was prepared for it. However, he had to leave.

“I will leave now” John muttered, thanked her for the food and left.

Saturday was a hectic day for her. The thought of him coming to her house made her have goose pimples. She wasn’t used to having a man spend twenty-four hours in her house. And worst still, he hadn’t told her when he was going to come, so that made her panic a little.

What if he came when she had just finished bathing how would she act?  She was confused. She decided to go about her normal daily Saturday routine of cleaning the toilet, bathroom, and some parts of her room. Then sprayed some air freshener.

She hurriedly took her bath,  prepared some food, and waited. Still, nobody came, she thought it was just his usual pranks so she had to continue with her usual…she took out her laptop and started browsing on some jobs available, lucky enough she found one, she started applying for it immediately and on the process, she heard a knock.

She wondered if it was doctor John, she glanced at the wall clock a minute to four it read. She went to open the door. Meanwhile, she was on shorts and a singlet.

She saw her It was him, he stood there on her porch smiling at her. “Hello pretty” he greeted finally.

She smiled too, welcoming him in. she felt a little embarrassed cause of her attire.

John had taken notice of what she was putting on . His heart skipped again, he had seen how curvy she looked and longed to take her in his arms but he just couldn’t, he didn’t know how to ask her. But then, this was the game he always played, how come it was now too difficult for him with her?

They sat in the parlor discussing nothing and everything.

John was lost in thought, why Belky did most of the talking. He didn’t know what to say to her, he had promised to come and here he was, just staring at her. Probably, she was waiting for him to say something.

“Wow, what a nice laptop you have,” John blurted out while opening the laptop and turning it on.

It was late, the job she had been applying for stared back at John. John had definitely seen it. He looked at her then back at the job application on the system. He was speechless and so was she. John was angry, mad, why was she applying for another job when she was already working? Was she planning on leaving him? Who had told her to do so? He was filled with rage.

That Saturday mood and vibes had just died and the next thing she heard from him was.

“you are fired!” with this, he made out of her house.

She was beyond shocked, yes she had been preparing to get fired but hadn’t expected it to be this way. She didn’t know what to do. Meaning that she  couldn’t  go back there and those other nurses would laugh at her.

She rushed to her room with tears in her eyes. She had to tell Alex, so she dialed her number it went through, immediately Alex picked.

“Hello dear, what’s the problem?” Alex asked.

“Alex I need you to come over, please…I’m finished” she sobbed.

John was filled with anger as he drove back home, what was that he just did? He did’nt know why he was even angry at her. He wanted to call her and tell her that he was sorry, to ask her if she would come back.

Belky had always made his day, so why did he end up hurting her. He was mad at himself. So he wouldn’t see her at work again. He felt dejected, he felt as if something had left him. She would leave with his heart.


 “You mean he said that to you. God…” Alex sighed, “does he have feelings for you or something? Why did that get him upset?” Alex asked Belky who was laughing at what she just asked.

“Feelings? don’t talk about that my boss is a womanizer so…” she replied.

Alex was angry at the so-called John of a man. How could he just fire her because he saw something on Belky’s laptop? As a friend, she consoled Belky and promised to find her another job.

Alex was a friend indeed.

Chapter four

On a Monday morning, no place to go. Belky sat on the sofa crossed legged,  thinking, she would have been at work now laughing with some patients and doing some sort of work. But here she was in her parlor staring at the ceiling and fans. What a life to live.

John as usual,  had gone to work and hadn’t seen Belky. He was down, what had even made him say that trash to her. A knock on his room door dove into his thoughts. He thought it was Belky he hurriedly told the person to come in and was disappointed when he saw a nurse with someone else.

She told him that she was looking for a job as a PA. Hell had it, who on Earth told them that Belky was fired. Then it occurred to him that they might have told her something. He knew what that was. That he was bullshit and that she would be kicked out soon. But why on Earth again was he thinking about her now?

“Well, I’m not in need of a PA now, I still have one.” He said to the lady and told her not to return again.


After work that day, he drove straight to Belky’s, she opened up the door to him. She sat and harshly told him to say what he came for and leave.

She had the right to push him out. She was no longer under him and would not as the case may be. “Belky,” he called “I am sorry,” he said.

She smiled the fake one of-course and told him to get going she didn’t need his apologies. His heart was racing, he wanted nothing more than to kiss her.

Whether it was love or lust he didn’t care.

He rushed back to her and kissed her. Belky pushed him back not before giving him a resounding slap.

“Do you think I will become like those ladies you use and dump? I knew you were going to ask me for sex and then kick me out, that’s why I had to quit the job. You are a womanizer John. I hate you…you sex manic.” She finished breathing heavily.

Like seriously, no girl had ever raised a hand at him, talk more of embarrassing him. He left the house.

Belky had seen it all, she would rather remain jobless than allow herself sleep with John Kennedy.

John had an emergency call but he couldn’t go because he complained about been seriously ill. For weeks now, he hadn’t been to the hospital and when Belky heard about it, she felt guilty.

What if it was because of the slap? she made up her mind to go visit him.

John was more than glad when he saw her, In-fact his sickness disappeared. He missed her like hell. It was love and not lust but Belky would not believe.

Belky took care of him that day. She wanted to make up for what she had done to him. She prepared some food and made jokes. It was fun.

He didn’t want her to leave but, she had to and promised to come back the next day.

She continued keeping him company and gradually she realized he was a likable man.

John on the other hand, was falling in love with her but because of his reputation, he couldn’t tell her. Clearly, she wouldn’t believe it. But he knew he couldn’t keep living that way. He decided to try harder.

On that fateful day, Belky came to the house by noon time and did her usual. John pretended to be very sick in other to keep her till Dawn and his plan worked out perfectly.

Belky had to keep him company. He kept complaining of pains and when it was really late and he knew that she couldn’t leave at that time, he pleaded with her to spend a night in the guest room.

Belky had no choice she agreed she was so tired and needed to rest her head. So there was no room for arguments.

They stepped outside the room to receive some fresh air. Though she was tired she felt it was the least she could do.

“I am sorry for calling you off. truly sorry, I was a bit jealous that you were going to leave me to work elsewhere, I had no choice but staying without you has been the worst part. I can’t stay without you Belky Please let me be the reason for your joy.”

She was surprised, tiredness vanished.

He held her hands when she decided to talk. He placed a finger to her lips and then leaned in to kiss her. The kiss was long, she returned the kiss, holding him really tight, she had fallen for him. She loved him.

He picked her up to his room and kissed her some more. No need to sleep in the guest room. Their night was full of romance. He didn’t ask her for sex. He had to make her believe that sex was not the only thing he needed. He needed everything she had, everything she needed. Her joy, happiness, Love…of-course sex would come but last.


John went back to work together with Belky. They went out on many occasions to have fun. Their relationship was going to last anyway because he had made it known to everyone in the hospital that she was the woman of his dreams.

They were surprised to hear that Doctor John Kennedy of all people would be so bold to announce that he was engaged. Probably he has changed.

Some were not happy anyway. Like the nurse who told Belky about been kicked out.

The reverse was her own case because she was fired a month later, trying to seduce John.

Belky was later promoted to the chief head while john became a director. Everything was going well for them. Their friend Alexandra was not left out, she too was Happy and glad for her friend.

Some months later, John took Belky out on a date, it was a surprise to her, he  lied to her that it was a celebration in form of a date. There John proposed to her, she agreed and their was merriment of-course.

Indeed it was the best proposal.



Suddenly, Belky’s doorbell rang and she woke up from her deep and funny dream. It was time to work and her friend had come to wait for her.

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