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on a cold rainy morning- A sweet Story



on a cold raining night

Last Updated on April 4, 2024 by Joshua Isibor

It was on a cold rainy morning, I rushed out to Benny’s house to return the novel she gave me, I got there and knocked on their door for few minutes, yet no response, I decided to return home and come back later but unfortunately for me, the rain became so heavy that I had a change of plan and that change of plan ruined my life and am yet to recover from the pain…

Just about a few minutes later, her dad Mr. Benson drove in. I was happy that I would drop the book with him and return home even if it means walking under the rain or collecting an umbrella from him. He came closer, so I greeted him with a bent knee but he smiled at me and told me to come inside and wait for my friend that she went to the market.

I objected but he kept insisting that I wait for Benny that the house was mine too, that I should feel at home.

I felt relaxed after a while and I followed him into the house. I stayed at the parlor and waited, while he went into his bedroom to change. About thirty minutes later, he came out to the parlor and sat close to me, he started asking me weird questions which I didn’t give a straight answer to. He asked me if I had a boyfriend that I was a pretty girl and no man wouldn’t want to have me as his girlfriend… I felt flattered but at the same time, the atmosphere was becoming uneasy for me, but I didn’t let him see that so I just gave a smile and stood up, greeting him once again and telling him I would come back later so I handed the book to him and about leaving he stopped me, held my hands and Drew me closer, I was so terrified, I almost peed on my panties as so many things were running through my head.

He kept smiling as he whispered something to my ears, God this man was so romantic, I was dripping wet, for God’s sake I was 20, my hormones where active and I just couldn’t resist those touches cause it felt so real and different, then I could see those cute smiles and handsome face he had and for a moment I forgot he was married.

He was wearing tight shorts which exposed the shape and size of his dick… A glance at it swept me off my feet, but due to the morals I had, I still resisted and ran to the door, but I realized that the door was locked and he brought out the key and dangled to my hearing then he said sweetly “Come calm me down, my body wants you, am so hard can’t you see”  my body wanted him too, but for God’s sake he was my besties, Father, though his wife was dead, I still couldn’t see myself doing this with him. But he didn’t look like giving up was going to be an option.

He kept coming close to me, while I moved back, till my back was against the wall, he came closer and grabbed me close to himself and kissed me. The kiss was magical, though I resisted, he was soft with me and to be sincere I wanted more but I told myself it wasn’t right, I kept begging him to let me go that what if nanny comes in and see me alone with him. All I was saying was falling on deaf ears. He grabbed me with a strong pull and I landed on the couch where he dug me. It was easy for him because I was wearing a short gown with no tight… I tried fighting him, but he was stronger than me. Though he was so good at digging cause at a point I stopped fighting and I started enjoying the whole thing, I kept wanting more and screaming, he was giving him so many styles I never knew. When finally pulled out, I was already calling him baby cause I enjoyed every bit of it. He told me to go clean up, while he went to do the same. Now I didn’t know how to face him again or Benny my friend. So I collected the key from him and went to open the door, he stopped me and handed hundred thousand to me, I refused but he begged me to take it, which I did and went back home uncertain of what I just did but still keep thinking of what happened… I don’t know what to do, should I tell my friend or not… I need help.

Belinda was heading back home when she tripped and hit her head on the rock, it was so hard on her, she was frustrated, she needed a Messiah to take her out of this dilemma. She was unconscious at the moment, she fell to the ground, bleeding out so much blood, the expressway was so lonely and deserted, she took this route because she wanted to hallucinate and morn a bit before putting on a face that hasn’t felt pain.

Suddenly, the clouds became heavy, it wasn’t supposed to rain during this period, it’s summertime and no one was expecting even a drop of rain from the cloud. But for some unknown mystery, the clouds let out so many raindrops, like it has been waiting to let it out for long. The lands started breaking, Belinda was still lying helpless in the middle of nowhere,

waiting to let it out for long. The lands started breaking, Belinda was still lying helpless in the middle of Oblivion. Everywhere was becoming flooded, but something abnormal was happening, Belinda was floating not drowning… something wasn’t right.

Suddenly, just within a twinkle of an eye, everything vanished like it never happened, the broken lands became normal, the erosion dried up… you could swear with your life that nothing of such happened here in less than an hour. Belinda suddenly gained her consciousness, she stood up, feeling no pain nor a trace of wound or wet clothes. Her clothes were neat as thou it was just washed. She walked home feeling happy and relaxed like she won a lottery or something.

“Hi Mum” Belinda greeted with a glowing smile

“Hey, baby….. where have you been, I called the office and they said you left few hours ago” Mrs. Ronny questioned

Belinda didn’t answer, she just smiled and walked pass Mrs. Ronny who was still trying to digest the gesture out up by her daughter.

“Something isn’t right” she signed and followed Belinda into the small apartment they had been managing since the birth of Belinda who would be 21 tomorrow. She tried understanding what her daughter must be going thru lately, having to work her ass out to help out with the running of the home since her father was no more.

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