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Story Title: REUNION



Story Title: REUNION

Last Updated on May 10, 2024 by Joshua Isibor


    The black-coloured Porsche Macan pulled over, just a meter away from the local clinic’s porch, the engine turning off. It was unwonted, for a clinic like that, has never for once had any record of one from high class.

    The security man hadn’t even hesitated in unlocking the rusted cream color and practically worn-out gate, after the car’s horn.

   With so much agitation and without second thoughts, he dialed the chief’s number on entering his snug of an office, more like a rat’s hole.

    While on the call, and as expected from him, and from other few people resting under the shade of the willow oak tree at the center of the not so wide field just some meters beside the clinic, a posho was taking a grand moment alighting from the passenger’s angle of the car.

    Eventually landing on the not so pleasant sight of an interlock stone, was the strappy nude stilettos sandals protruding out, complimenting the espresso leg it was worn on.

    Stepping out in full, for the keen viewers, was a lady in her late twenties or peradventure early thirties. On a navy blue turtled-neck long sleeve, tucked into a pleated A-line nude color skirt, good inches below her knee, sealed with a lean yet fluffy belt that dangled down to her knee area.

    An angel in broadway light you could say, but angels only dwell in heaven and hardly come by. Her kinky-coily hair was styled into a perfect high puff, her bow-shaped lips were peachy keen, and her nose very pointy. Although her eyes couldn’t be seen, being masked by huge round dark sunglasses, sparkling its silvery tints from the sun’s reflection. One could still see through that delicate smooth espresso skin, how much of a beauty there is, leaning against the car’s door that was ajar.

    Obviously, she could see through the dark glasses, the extent of inquisitive stares made at her. Hold on a second, did she just appear from the moon or something? She wagged her head, partly in disbelief, or maybe amazement.

    Flinging the chain strap of her sliver box bag over her left shoulder, she could feel the piercing stare knife through her skin, but a dexter smile rather played out on her cheeks, then she waved a hello across. Few or maybe none reciprocated, because the stunning faces rather stole all of her attention.

    Well, maybe friendly gestures hardly come from people like her. To her, she had come to learn courteousness and it had soon become her special garment. It isn’t so harmful, or is it? She wondered, as their puzzled stares kept slicing her skin through.

    Not trying to think too much of what surprises awaits her inside the building, she banged the door close. Her three inches stilettos got her straight svelte leg catwalking into the clinic’s lobby, while her driver just waited in the car.

     “I don’t think she means harm, chief. Maybe she’s just here to see a patient.” The security was saying over the phone, just as the lady strode in.

    “Let me know just in time, if any case of insurgence arises, okay?”

     “Sure chief.” Hanging up the worn-out black telephone atop a counter close to the window, the security let out a heave, he only realized he’d been holding the entire time of the call.

    Obviously, he’d assumed the clinic was in danger at the arrival of an unexpected high-class visitor, but after seeing the lady’s warm disposition, he’d just realized his overact. Anyways, it still wasn’t a bad idea, alerting the owner of the clinic, just in case anything happens, right?

     Tugging the telephone back, he waltzed out of his snug, taking a seat on his favorite plastic chair close to the entrance, his eyes carefully sizing and admiring every inch of the black car that was parked  close to the clinic’s porch.

    Walking inside the clinic, and towards the front desk, she was welcomed by another round of fixated stares, exactly what cannot be avoided. A brief talk with the receptionist after the introduction of what consisted only her first name and who she was there to visit, the description on how to locate the ward of the person she’d come to see was given to  her. Just after her signature of approval, she mouthed her thanks and lunged further in, following up the description given to her.


    Just after two raps on the wooden door, she cracked it open by the handle, without waiting for a reply from within.

     “Good day ma.” A young lad with bulgy eyes greeted, as she lunged in. The obvious smell of medicine oozing from every corner of the clinic became very intense, wafting hard into her nose, on entering the room, causing her tummy to roil in disgust.

     “Who’s in charge of her care?” She asked in bated breath, without replying to the lad’s greeting. Taking the sunglasses off her eyes, she rather perched it on her head. Her head snapping off the lad, it landed on that pale figure lying on the clinic’s bed.

     “I’m right here, ma’am.” A silvery voice came from behind, her head tilting towards her back to the svelte figure who entered into the ward and banged the door close.

     “You’re so lucky this afternoon. I thought you left the door ajar again, after warning you not to.” Chewing out on the lad whose face turned anxious. The young girl’s angry look dissipated into a warm smile.

     Turning to the glamorous one before her, “you’re welcome ma’am.” Eyes wrinkling from her grin. “How may I help you please?”

    With dreaded face, “help?” She shrugged. “Of course not, I’m only here to see the patient.” She mirrored a fake version of the girl’s grin.

     “Oh, okay. Then you should sit.” The girl scampered to a corner where a wooden stool was, carrying it to where their guest was.

     “Not to worry, I don’t think I’ll be staying too long.” She was saying when the sick woman grumbled awake.

     “Mum!” She closed her eyes tightly, her teeth gritting. The words she needed to be careful of uttering while in the clinic, had forced it way out of her mouth sooner than she had imagined, just at the sight of the woman awoken. It must have been the result from missing her mother so much, and now it was already too late, to take it back.

     Turning to meet the furrowed brows beside her, she bit her under lip, her face immediately mirroring their frowns.

    “I’m sorry anyway, but it’s still a good thing you both know now.” She blatted, “Erm mum, I don’t think this place is good enough.” Her eyes scanning the cozy room with a scowl. Virtually, everything in the clinic, from the wooden ceiling, to the window and door frames, the sky-blue painted walls, even to the bed which her mum was lying on, had all worn out.

   The poor woman just stared blankly, no one could tell how shock, excited, and at the same time how sad she was. Her daughter had a lot of explanations to do, and she was willing to wait patiently for that moment. After all, the thoughts of seeing her daughter again someday, kept her fighting against every urge to give up. Now that she’s here, all she needed to do was fight even more to become strong again.

    The lady in front of her now, looked really different from back then, when she was only in her mid-teen. How was it even possible? The worst was, trying to say a thing in her much weak state seemed futile because no one could even hear her.

     “Relax mum, I’m back now. Everything is going to be fine.” She held her mum’s left hand, holding back her triggering tears from falling, as her mum struggled, sobbing in pain. “First thing first, I’m moving you out of here as soon as possible, so you’d get better treatment, before any other thing.”

    Turning to the ones beside her, “my bad actually, for not introducing myself.” Placing a hand on her chest. “I’m Cindy, and…”

    “Sister Cindy!” The girl’s ringing voice interrupted, with hurried steps towards Cindy, she wrapped her up in a tight embrace. “Mum never fails to tell me about you, since I was only four when you got missing,” Cindy’s face wrinkling suddenly, showed how uncomfortable she was initially, but she tightened the hug, just hearing it was her kid sister.

    “I’m sorry I left that way,” Cindy said on refraining, giving her sister a peck on the forehead.

    With a lopsided grin, “I don’t mind, it’s just that… Hold on, is it really you sister, or perhaps it’s your ghost?” Dramatizing her fear, a fake fear that never aroused from within upon her trial, taking two steps backward, she gasped her best act of nervousness. “Mum was told by an onlooker that you wouldn’t make it alive after that fatal accident, but your body had not been found upon the search.”

    “Relax Kathryn, would you?” Cindy encouraged, getting close, she patted her sister lightly. Who wouldn’t believe she was dead anyway? Besides, being away for almost two decades was enough possibility of the belief, isn’t it?

    Bursting into a fit of loud laughter. “I got you there, my acting skill gets better.” She laughed again, as Cindy threw her head in amazement. “Mum and I had never for once loosed hope of your chances of survival since we didn’t find a prove of your dead corps,” Kathryn added, tightening the hug her sister gave and smiling widely.

     It wasn’t easy on the woman who laid on the bed helpless. She was writhing in pains, pains that no one could tell, even though heard from her sobs, yet she tried to maintain calmness from the hopes that her daughter had returned for good.

   “It’s really me, Cindy.” A faint smile showed on the sick woman’s lips, as she heard those words from her daughter.

   “Anyways, who’s he?” Cindy questioned, pointing to the lad sitting on the bed’s edge. The young girl belled out a good laugh again, from seeing the awkward contortion on her sister’s face, but it was abrupt. Must be Kathryn really loves laughing, Cindy tried to imagine. “Okay, this is Danny, our stepbrother.” she tussled the lad’s hair.

    “Oh.” Cindy nodded, “So, how about Mr. Jack, why isn’t he here with you all?” Her left brow arching.

    Kathryn’s face turning sullen at once, “he had never tried to spend the slightest of minutes here with us,” she scoffed, “he’s still our stepfather you know, but I hate him with everything in me.” Cindy knew just exactly what her sister meant because she’d been there before. The maltreatment from Mr. Jack was enough to hate the demon-like being. Kathryn balling her palms into a fist, continued after the eerie seconds of silence. “He’s prolly out there buying more of his drunkenness with all his dime, who knows? After all, that’s all he always does.” She sighed.

     “Okay, we’re leaving this place right now.” Cindy spat. “Mum, you’re going to be all fine again, okay? I’ll be back in a jiffy.” She said, unclutching her box bag, as she took out her smartphone. Scrolling through her phone, She sauntered out of the room, after opening the door.

    Kathryn couldn’t contain the joy flooding within her, the very reason she’s been laughing uncontrollably. Their life was no longer going to be the same. Their patience and faith had paid off eventually. Her mum was going to be up on her feet again, and her family was going to be complete.

     Little Danny of only seven years didn’t seem to understand a thing, he just kept staring at how excited his stepsister was while sitting on the stool. “That pretty aunty didn’t reply to my greetings, you know. Is she really big sister?” He pouted, folding his arms around his chest.

    “Yes, big boy. We’re finally going to be free from all of dad’s scheming wickedness and maltreatment. So you should be happy, okay?” Tussling the lad’s hair again.

     “Hmmmm,” he nodded, smiling unsatisfied.


   “You almost raped me that night remember, stepdad or need I say, Mr. Jack?” Cindy scoffed, with a face, plain as darkness. She sat upright with crossed legs on the couch she shared with her foster parents, very close to the armrest where she rested her left arm.

   The bisque painted room had opposite fluorescent bulbs illuminating light in the room, clearly showing everyone’s faces in it.

   It had been five months already, since Mr. Jack’s search for his wife proved futile, not until he eventually succumbed to Cindy’s terms and conditions left for him in the local clinic.

    “Interestingly, the woman here says she’s pregnant with your child. Is it, Mr. Jack?” She derided, showing off a photo on her phone’s screen.

    “A cat tied your tongue?” Cindy questioned with a fierce glare. “Say something.”

    This woman in front of him had become a terrific beauty, compared to the teenager who left a decade ago. One thing different was, she looked rather calm, that he couldn’t pick up her anger, though her voice sounded it. Everyone present in the room stared serious and speechless, his wife and Kathryn shooting daggers at him. Cindy’s fierceness was really heating him up like wildfire, even though her face was captivating to look on.

    Clearing his throat, he tried to regain his almost lost voice. “First of all, I’m truly sorry for…”

   “Oh spare me the sorry.” Cindy interrupted with a smirk, raising her left hand in a wriggle. “Fortunate enough to fall into the loving arms of a prestigious home I was, don’t you think?” She left his mouth hanging open, each moment he wanted to speak. Her icy gaze meeting his, “or rather, would you have earned a delight in ruining me?” She smirked, muttering in bated breath. “You know, it’s all good it happened and I’d forever remain grateful to God for that.” Heaving deeply to calm her brawling nerves down.

    “What if,” She wagged her head. “I died in that accident, escaping from you that night?” She swallowed the lump in her throat. “Or, what if the door was actually locked that night, and I couldn’t escape from your grasp?” She hissed, her head still wagging. “Six months, for six months Mr. Jack, I was in a coma. Thanks to the loving arms who didn’t abandon me in the hospital and never left me, even when I’d lost my memory after regaining consciousness.” She heaved, her hands clamped tightly on the armrest as an aid, to control herself from letting out the bottled up fiery fox that was craving a release. Her foster mum who was the closest to her on the seat rubbed her back lightly.

     After what felt like minutes of creepy silence, she was eventually calm and relaxed.

    “Just so you’ll know, I hold nothing against you Mr. Jack, I’d forgiven you a long time ago. It was only necessary you knew about the havoc you wreaked.” Biting her lower lips. “It’s now your score and that of mum to settle, but the woman whose pregnant with your kid?” She sighed, rising to her feet.

     “I’m not responsible for that pregnancy, the paternity test proves me innocent. I’ve never for once cheated on your mum, not even in my wildest imaginations.” Mr. Jack retorted, his eyes darting into his wife’s, but she blinked hers away.

     “I hope so.” Cindy heaved. “Mum, Dad. I’m okay now, I beg to excuse myself.” She said giving her foster parents a joint hug, as they sat together. “Mum, it’s your score to settle now, I’m done.” She said with raised hands. “Kathryn, Danny. Adults’ moment,” she added, pointing towards the door.

     “I’m very very sorry Cindy, I’d live in pangs of regret since that night. I couldn’t bring myself to tell your mum about it, the very reason I’d turned out a drunk.” Mr. Jack explained almost on his knees when Cindy held him up.

     “Please, you don’t have to do this. I’ve truly forgiven you Mr. Jack,” her siblings already behind her. “It’s mum you owe an apology now, and also to,” she snapped her head towards the direction of her siblings, who nodded. “At least for all the maltreatment.”Cindy opening the door before them.

     “I’m so very sorry for all I’ve caused you, my family. I admit I’ve been so irresponsible.” He said with a cracked voice, tears welling up in his eyes. “I don’t know how, but I’m very sorry from the depths of my heart.” With heavy feet, he strode towards his wife’s position and knelt before her in remorse.

     Cindy’s mum hesitated with eyes closed, her raised palms clenching in a fist, but his moistened face buried on her laps, made her hands drop weakly on his shoulders, as she patted him gently.

    Everyone’s cheek in the room wore a rueful smile. Love always conquers, Cindy walked out of the room, with her siblings trailing behind, and the door banged closed.

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1 Comment

  1. Anozie Evelyn

    May 31, 2021 at 1:26 pm

    Wow! You are such a good writer. The explanation, the description and detailed informations are Perfecto.

    I love your style, I swear. I couldn’t imagine reading this from a beautiful Africa writer.

    Keep doing more! You got all my love💞

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