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How to Forgive and Live a Happy Life




Last Updated on April 25, 2024 by Joshua Isibor

Forgiveness they say is peace of mind. Forgiveness gives us freedom. When we hang on to bad and painful experience, we keep our self from soaring and enjoying our precious life. Rather we are weighed down by the pain and hurt of being betrayed by someone.

Sometimes people who are deeply hurt think that when they forgive those that hurt them, they are simply doing them a favor, but they are wrong. Some go as far as believing that it is a betrayal to themself. When hurt lingers on in our hearts, there is a high risk of depression, heart disease, diabetes, and so on. But when there is forgiveness there is a low risk of depression, heart disease, diabetes, low stress, and anxiety level, and high chances to live a happy life. Until you forgive, you are the one paying the highest price.

Unforgiveness is a trap that deprives us of enjoying the best of our relationship with other people, with the fear or mindset that they would also hurt which most times isn’t true, but when we forgive we become free of this cage.

Forgiveness helps us keep our energy clear. When you refuse to forgive a person or forget what a person did to us, we tend to rob ourselves of peace of mind and happiness at the same. This happens because there is no space for happiness in your heart rather it is filled with bitterness.
We would be looking at some ways on how to Forgive and Live a happy life:

1 Connect your emotions:

This is not a time to blame anyone. Get a piece of paper, write down how you feel, this will help you work on your self, the aspect that needs to be worked on. Ask yourself if there is anything you need to do to work on those emotions you already listed. Find what works for you. it may be dancing, singing, being in the company of others, reading, spending time in nature, listening to music, painting, talking to a counselor, or writing a forgiveness letter. Find yours and only you can do that.

2 Forget the past:

when you dwell on your past there is no way for you to move forward. You get stuck in that bad or awful experience. For you to Forgive you must forget, that is the only way out, Close any open door that May bring back that event. Practice appreciating the things and nature around you.

3 Commit to forgiveness:

Forgiveness is not a one-time thing. Forgiveness is something you have to do over and over again. Sometimes that hurt will try resurfacing. remind yourself you already choose forgiveness and you will keep choosing it. This will help you scale through.

4 Accept the lessons:

There is always a lesson behind every experience. This is the time I accept those lessons, build on them, and come out better and stronger. One thing we should put at the back of our minds is that those experiences are for the betterment of us.

2 Send love and light:

rather than sending bad vibes to those that hurt you send love and light. Don’t act bad or negative towards them because they have hurt you before rather send them Good and positive vibes. For example, if you find out they need help and you are in the capacity to do so do it. Don’t use the past as an excuse not to help them remember to send love and light.

Why don’t you try forgiveness today and live a happier life?

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