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Poem Title: Pandora




Last Updated on April 16, 2024 by Joshua Isibor

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She was born on a hot night

To a woman who nobody loved

Her pa took one look at her

‘she’s beautiful’ he muttered

Her ma stared at the child in her arms

‘i wish it was a boy’

Her pa named her

“Pandora” he called her.


When she was six,

she made her mother’s heart tear

They thought they were going to lose her

She was their only hope

Ma cried holding Pandora in her arms

She said, ‘if you ever stay I will be the best mother on Earth’

And Pandora stayed.


At ten,

she was best friends with the little girl who had hate in her heart.

At eleven Pandora was leaving again.

The girl said,

Sitting beside Pandora on her sickbed, “if you stay I’d let love in”

“Promise?” Pandora asked

“Promise” the girl replied

Pandora stayed,

For a long time.


At twenty,

she fell in love with a boy

He wasn’t broken,

he was a sweet boy.

He held her like an egg

He made promises and kept them

He made plans and never forgot

Pandora was leaving again, he had tears in his eyes

“Please stay,” he said.

“I love you,” she said

“I’m coming with you”

“You can’t”

“Please stay…if you do I would make you the happiest”

Pandora smiled,

he had no idea how happy she had always been with him.

But this time Pandora couldn’t stay she had tears in her eyes when she left.


They said she was a rare child


All given

She had given Love,


Kindness her all.

She had managed to make her ma into a better mother.

She had made her pa a happy man

She had taught the girl to give Love always

She had broken and made a boy’s heart.

Pandora _all given.




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