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understanding the five love language

Last Updated on March 30, 2024 by Joshua Isibor

What Is Love Language?

Understanding the five Love languages is a very important topic that cannot be ignored in a relationship. When we talk about a language, we talk about a combination of words used for communication. A language could also be in the form of eye contact, which is usually done in public places to convey information. This is typically a piece of information you don’t want people around to know. Hence, love language is an emotional language that allows you to express your love emotionally.

We have about 7117 spoken languages globally. You can’t go to China to learn how to speak English. If you can’t speak Chinese, you must attend their language school to learn how to speak Chinese. Every single person has a love language that works for them. Whenever you start dating, it is necessary to be observant. Being observant means knowing the love language your partner possesses because love language works like magic. They are powerful and sometimes might be deceptive because you can always use them as self-defense and as a tool to get whatever you want from your partner.

What Are The 5 Love Languages

1. Words of Affirmation:

This is using words to compliment, congratulate, Josh, praise, and appreciate your boo/bae. It could involve using pick-up lines. Years back, John, my friend, a doctor dating Kate at the university, was experiencing low-quality love from his girlfriend.   He would run to my house saying “I don’t understand Kate anymore, it looks like she doesn’t love me anymore”. Our love is growing colder day by day.

After many days of observation, I noticed he doesn’t compliment, tease, or even appreciate her. Days later, I approached him and talked to him about what to do before he lost his gold (girlfriend). Two weeks later, he called me and told me to come over to a restaurant. I acknowledged the call and came over. He was full of Ecstasy and thanked me. He bought food for me and gave me lots of drinks, and I gave him more tips.

In the African Tradition, particularly Yoruba society, if you want to get something from the king. This is what you would do: Firstly, you’ll sing songs of praise and dance before the king. Secondly, you would have to bow down or lie before the king and begin to call him sweet names. After doing that, he might be moved to answer your request if you need something from God. You would worship him and call him sweet names; then, he would be happy.

As a businessman or woman, you will soon extinguish if you don’t have words of affirmation. Everyone loves praise, but there is a set of people for whom this works. I once had a female friend, one beautiful thing about her is that, if you want to win her by buying her gifts, it doesn’t work. Her love language is words of affirmation.

2. Quality time:

 Quality time means spending much more time than usual with that person. You can spend quality time by. ~Going to the cinemas: You guys can watch the latest or trending movies in cinemas. ~taking a walk in the evening. You could both walk for several meters or km. Laughing and gisting. ~spending time watching TV together at home. ~Going .to a club ~Romantic getaway

quality time


3. Gifts:

Gifts can be in the form of cash or other forms of presents. Cash: This involves giving your partner money. It could be for financial assistance or as an expression of love. Giving her money in time of need will show that you love and care about her welfare. It simply means you are taking responsibility. Here’s a tip: I learned something from my friend, Godwin. There is this thing he does whenever his girl comes for a visit. When she is distracted, he secretly puts some money in her bag.

When she gets home, he’ll call her and tell her, “Baby, can you check your purse? I kept some cash there for the little things it can afford”.Presents: This involves getting a physical gift for your love partner—gifts such as watches, underwear, dresses, or even a car. Although I prefer getting a gift for a girl to giving her cash, I will tell you why. As a man or woman, you must know what gift your partner prefers. Some prefer seeing the gift every time in their home, and it serves as a way of bringing memories ALIVE.

I once had a friend in college, on her birthday I gave her some cash as a surprise birthday gift. Years later, I reminded her that my birthday was close and that am also expecting a gift from her. Her response was, Have you ever given me a gift for my birthday? I replied, Yes, I remembered sending you some money back then in school… She replied annoyingly, oh! I remember, if it had been more considerable money I wouldn’t have forgotten so soon. Since that day, I stopped giving girls money on their birthdays because many would turn out to be ungrateful. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give her money.

4. Act of Service:

When we talk about an act of service, this involves helping your spouse with activities like cooking, taking out the trash, doing the dishes, giving a massage, or even having sex. I hope you remember the old saying, “Action Speaks louder than Voice”. Many people take that word personally regarding true love; they believe that’s what true love should be about (an act of service).


Act of Service

One fact about love is that when you love someone, you will do whatever it takes not to stress that person. Your lover’s discomfort is equally a discomfort to you. FOR MEN: If you’re a man, you don’t have to leave all the work to your woman. You can assist her in cleaning the house, doing dishes, or even preparing meals on weekends. Your woman doesn’t have to slave away when you can help out all day. FOR WOMEN: An act of service could be cooking his favorite meal or giving him a foot rub. I bet you’ll win his heart with enough unusual pampering.

5. Physical Touch:

It involves holding hands together, hugging her, kissing, cuddling, and touching each other’s legs romantically. Physical touch could involve you touching your boo in those places that can arouse her.

physical touch





















A Word From Relationship Seeds

love languages are for males and females; I am not segregating it. Giving cash is not solely for men; women can do much more. Love language can also be a tool for an apology. I’ll advise you to discover the language of love your partner possesses, it could take you months or weeks to discover but do so. After discovering it and having issues using the love language, you can visit our Contact Us page for coaching. Drop your comments and questions in the comment session.

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