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10 Benefits Of Friend zone



10 benefits of friend zone

Introduction to Friendzone

This article contains the benefits of friend zone. You know The modern-day friendship comes in various forms, What used to be a genuinely friendly relationship has transitioned into different facets; friend zone, friends with benefits, and more. The friend zone is considered to be one of the biggest perils of friendship, a concept most are yet to clearly understand.

What Is A Friend Zone?

A friend zone is a situation in which an individual in a friendship develops feelings for the ‘other person’ and wants the friendship to grow into something more intense – a relationship. However, most often than not, the ‘other person’ wants nothing more and still appreciates the normal friendship both had.

The friend zone is also known as a place where romantic intentions are drowned. While men and women may both relegate the other to a friend zone, it is often said that girls are the major enforcers of friend zones while men are usually caught in the web.

It is assumed to be a zone where men who could not meet the criteria for a boyfriend are politely relegated, to rot in the friendship terrain. They are believed to be lesser and beta males.

This zone is an awkward space to be in, thus, people make great effort to avoid it at all costs because once in, it’s difficult to crawl out.


Benefits of Friend Zone.

Notwithstanding the various misconceptions about how bad it is, it’s pertinent to understand that friendzone comes with numerous benefits, some of which may not be accessible in a relationship. They include:

  1. Helps You Practice For a Relationship:

Being in a friend zone gives you a huge insight into what you want or not in a relationship. Platonically being close to someone helps you determine the characteristics or features you want in a partner. It gives you the opportunity to discover why you were attracted to him or her, the striking and beneficial attributes that have made it difficult for you to let go of him, hence leave them friend-zoned. Knowledge of these features helps you know what to look for in a prospective partner.

  1. Helps You Deal With Rejection:

What could be worse than confessing your feelings to someone and being turned down? If you’ve never been in this position or experienced this, you may not completely understand what it feels like. No one receives rejection with open arms. However, with friendzone, we could learn to face and deal with it.helps you dead with rejection

Rejection leaves a whole lot of questions running through your mind. You question your self-worth, your level of genuineness down to your existence as a human. In most cases, it may lead to low self-esteem, depression, and sometimes suicidal thoughts. While for some people, it can be this bad, for others, they get over it before you blink an eye.


  1. You Have a Shoulder to Lean on:

Friendzone gives you the chance of expressing yourself freely, without any reservations whatsoever. You’ll be honest and transparent with far less pressure or disturbance. You also get to confide in your friend, tell him your problems and seek solutions when necessary. They will listen to your musings, troubles, and have a shoulder you lead on

In some cases, one can comfortably ask for a favor without feeling like a burden to the other. They can fix your light, help you with research work, organize your apartment, or even help you move to a new apartment. You can be vulnerable without being judged. A perfect shoulder to lean on.

  1. The Pressure is Minimal:

Most times, the pressure of emotional transparency that comes with being in a relationship can be intense and draining. Being in a non-romantic friendship with someone reduces the pressure of always trying to make him or her feel loved.

No one holds you accountable for things you ought to do or not. You have the freedom to wear what you want, meet them without having your wig on, or make up flawless. You are simply you and live your life with little or no stress.

  1. You Know They Value and Respect You:

Friendzone has witnessed a lot of misconceptions in recent times. Friendship is valuable and unarguably priceless. If you asked someone out and they made it clear to you that they just want to be friends with you and nothing more, it shows they value you and respect your feelings enough to not lead you on.

Friendzone should not be viewed in the negative light which births a feeling of rejection and questioning of self-worth. When they clearly make your position in their lives known without mincing words, it depicts an act of respect for you and your feelings.

In addition to saving you from being unnecessarily hopeful, it saves you turmoil of being in a relationship with someone who doesn’t love you as much as you love them. An act which begets indescribable hurt and self-loathing.

  1. Ensures You Don’t End Up in a Relationship For The Wrong Reasons:

Friendzone helps you stay out of trouble and prevents heartbreak. Come to think of it, being in a relationship with someone you’d move heaven and earth for, and travel seven seas and rivers just to be with – only for you to realize they are just in a relationship with you out of pity, for fun and perhaps because of what people may say.

  1. Opportunities For New Adventures:

Having a platonic male or female friend gives you the opportunity to go for exciting adventures. You have a travel buddy with whom you can camp on the beach, travel to see beautiful places, or go for music festivals. Both of you can discover new places, try out new things together, take pictures, ride 200 miles, and create lasting memories.

  1. There’s Someone to Stand in as a Partner:

One of the benefits of the friend zone is that you always have someone to stand in as your partner. If you need to go for a wedding, a party or a social event that requires a plus one, you can drag your friend along. You both can go for events with no strings attached. Although others may see you as couples, it saves you the unsolicited and unexpected questions about your boyfriend or girlfriend.


  1. Helps You Lose Your Sense of Entitlement:

There has recently been this misconception that every close friendship must transit into a relationship. And that the opposite sex, usually women owes you a romantic affection or sexual relationship. It is not carved on stones nor written in any law that friendship should grow into a romantic relationship nor that a romantic affection should be reciprocated.

Books, podcasts, songs, and movies have successfully carved this unwritten doctrine in the minds of many. This has resulted in a feeling of betrayal, disrespect, and unappreciation when men or women make it known they only want to be friends and not boyfriends or girlfriends.

  1. You Get a Perspective of The Male or Female Mind:

It is often difficult to know what men or women want in a relationship. Their dos and don’ts are usually difficult to know and comprehend. Having a platonic male or female friend lets you know what they want. They may also give dating advice. You get to know how to win your crush’s heart and transit into a relationship.

You must have seen that the friend zone is not as bad as it seemed. It has its unique benefits and teaches you precious life-changing lessons on love and resilience. So when next a friend makes it known to you that they only want to remain friends with you, don’t look at it as demeaning. Instead, receive it as a poorly designed book cover, with many pleasant and adventurous pages beneath.


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When is Friendship Day; Significance of celebration




Friendship Day is observed every year on the first Sunday in August. Human beings are sociable creatures that place a high importance on their friendships. To honor this wonderful spirit, it is agreed that one day will be dedicated to friends and friendship.

Friendship Day, also known as Friends Day, will be discussed in today’s article. Friendship Day is now observed every year in several countries around the world, including the United States and India. Women and men of all ages enjoy this day to the fullest with their friends, or rather, friendships.

But what is Friendship Day, exactly? What is its background? What is the significance of this holiday? What does Friendship Day mean to you? Many people still lack sufficient knowledge on this subject. So, today’s article is going to be special for everyone who celebrates Friendship Day and understands the value of friendship, so let’s get started and learn what Friendship Day is and why it is honored.

What is the history of Friendship Day?

Friendship Day was first observed in Paraguay in 1958 when a day was designated as International Friendship Day. However, the way people celebrated Friendship Day back then was a little different.

Friendship Day wishes were delivered via greeting cards to pals, but as the internet developed, it became known as Friendship Day in other nations.

In truth, it was “Dr. Raman Artidio Braco” who presented the concept of honoring Friendship Day for the first time. In reality, the “World Friendship Crusade” was born out of this friendship gathering. Let you know that the World Friendship Crusade is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting friendship around the world, regardless of religion, caste, or color.

When is Friendship Day observed? 

In 1935, the United States Congress proclaimed the first Sunday in August as a national holiday in celebration of friends. Since then, World Friendship Day has been celebrated annually in August.

It should be mentioned that certain groups observe Friendship Day in a unique way and at different times.

The first Sunday in August is National Friendship Day.

The third Sunday in August is Women’s Friend’s Day.

February is International Friendship Month.

The third week of May is for old and new friends.

Friendship is said to be unaffected by age, gender, status, ethnicity, religion, or faith, yet economic disparity and other forms of prejudice can stifle friendships. As a result, true and genuine friendship can exist between two types of minds who share a common position and a sense of affection for one another.

Whenever we require financial assistance or other forms of collaboration. Borrowing money from friends, on the other hand, might put friendships in jeopardy. Friendship can be influenced by others or ourselves at any time, thus we must maintain a healthy balance in our friendships.

Friendships can be shattered by ego and self-esteem. True friendship necessitates correct comprehension, satisfaction, and trust. True friends never take advantage of one another, but rather encourage one another to do the right thing and aid one another in life.

It’s tough to criticize friendship, yet it’s true that a thoughtless individual might be duped into friendship. Nowadays, finding true friends amid a multitude of bad and excellent people is extremely tough, but if someone has true friends, the world is not fortunate or talented. Humans and animals can form genuine friendships.

Best friends, without a doubt, assist us in overcoming obstacles and adversity. Friends always try to keep us safe from harm and offer advice from time to time. True friends are the most valuable asset in our life since they share our sorrows, our pains, and their efforts to keep us happy.

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Friendship Day is observed in a variety of ways.

Friendship bands are tied to another friend, T-shirts are given as gifts, and friends who are unable to meet send out Friendship Day wishes via social media to all their new and old friends, asking them to continue their friendly relationship.

Friendship Day is the day to choose perfect gifts for them and tell them how much they mean to you with a sweet surprise. For your friends who have stood by you through thick and thin, the ones who have never failed you in times of need, Friendship Day is the day to choose perfect gifts for friends and tell them how much they mean to you with a sweet surprise.

Although friendship is precious every day, people who are unable to connect due to a lack of time in their busy lives find time to meet on this day, and friendship begins on this day by erasing old hatred with a friend and re-tying a band of friendships.

Nowadays, friends commemorate Friendship Day by getting together in the canteen, reminiscing, playing games, and generally having a good time.

Why is Friendship Day so significant to everyone?

Friendship Day is significant for a variety of reasons. Let’s have a look at those factors.

These are the friends who make us laugh even under the most trying of circumstances.

These are the friends with whom we are most at ease and with whom we can discuss any topic.

These are friends that are continuously praying for us to God.

These are friends who believe in us even when we don’t believe in ourselves.

These are the friends who truly educate us how to live and make us happy.

These are the friends who support us in difficult times. It doesn’t matter if it’s a financial or emotional issue.

Even when there is no one else to turn to or when we are in the wrong, they stand with us. Despite the fact that they and we are not related by blood, I believe we should be grateful to God for having created such a wonderful relationship. They are the ones who are the happiest since they have plenty of pals.

What was the origin of Friendship Day?

In reality, there is a fascinating narrative behind it, in which a guy was assassinated by the United States government in 1935 because of his conviction. After that, the deceased’s friend was severely affected by the situation and committed suicide as well.

As a result of this sacrifice made in memory of a friend, the government established Friendship Day on the first Sunday in August. Since then, the Day of Friendship has been observed, and it is now observed not just in Western countries but also in Asian countries.

In the aftermath of his friend’s death, the man’s pal committed suicide. Because of the intensity of their friendship, the day was renamed Friendship Day in the United States in 1935, marking the beginning of Friendship Day celebrations.

Friendship Day is currently commemorated with zeal all across the world, because almost no one has no friends and does not understand the spirit of friendship. We all have friends in our life, but no one enjoys spending time with them. Childhood friendships are especially strong, with memories that last a lifetime.

Friendship is a voluntary relationship that a person enters into. Many unaware friends as a child, some of whom continue to be in your life and make friends in good and terrible times, while others continue to be in your life and make friends in good and bad times.

Few friends, on the other hand, can establish meaningful friendships at a young age. As a result, you should exercise caution when meeting new friends.

Friends are people whose presence has an impact on your future. Friendships with negative habits can damage you and your future, yet friendships with good thinking and habits can help you shape your personality and life.

Friendships have been separated into numerous groups these days, such as friends with the same passion, business friends, office friends, mean friends, and so on, but true friends have the same khubi, as they constantly support you in every scenario in life and desire your best interests at heart.

So, if you have a true buddy in your life, don’t forget to make them feel special on Friendship Day. This day, on the other hand, is commemorated with friends. Many people make arrangements to enjoy this day with their friends in various ways. The entire day is wrong, but on this particular day, try to carve out as many moments as possible from your hectic schedule for your buddies.

What did you take away from today’s lesson?

I hope you like my explanation of why this essay is dedicated to Friendship Day. I’ve always attempted to provide complete information to readers on when Friendship Day is observed so that they don’t have to look for that information on other websites.

It will also save them time and provide them with all of the information they require in one convenient location. If you have any questions about this article or want it to be improved, you may leave a comment below.

If you enjoyed this article or learned anything from it, please share it with others on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites.

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6 reasons why family and friends don’t support you





Have you’ve done something creative and told a friend or a family member about it, then got a heartbreaking response? It’s really painful after spending so many hours creating good content or a blog post for people to read, or you advertised your business and at the end of the day, you end up getting a few likes or comments.

Also, when you’re celebrating your birthday or getting married you get lots of likes comments but when you need their support you end up getting ignored.

There are so many persons in the world today, that when you tell you the numbers of rich persons who have promised and failed them, you’d be amazed. So many persons would have been at the top if they’ve had support either from their friends or from a family member. We live in a world where people don’t give a f**k about anyone else except themselves, so we just have learn how to deal with life in that manner.

in this article, you’d get some of the reasons why you are not getting any help for family and friends. Getting help these days is not really easy.

6 reasons why family and friends don’t support you

1.Ideology: firstly, there are friends or family members that just like you as a person but don’t like your ideas. When it comes to helping out, they won’t want to waste your time. That’s their ideology they have this ideology of not supporting people. They always have limitations in making friendships with people. When it comes to support, they won’t be there.

  1. Payback: There is a popular quote that says “whatever you sow you reap”.

The reason why so many persons are not getting help today is that they are reaping what they sowed in the past, meaning that they failed to support the hustle of others. The support may be in form of cash, kind, sharing posts on social media,  or your time. When we live our life unconsciously without knowing that what we do today can affect how people will help us in the future, then we will get such paybacks.  So when you don’t support their hustle, why should they support your hustle??


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3.Inability: When they don’t help or support you, never conclude that’s this is actually the reasons why they don’t want to help you. a friend or a family member might be so interested in your future but don’t have the means to help you.

It’s really painful when you give your uncle a business proposal and at the end of the day, he’d tell you that, “Hey son, I’m so broke! I don’t think I can help you”.  In your mind, you might start calling him a wicked man, but deep down he wants to help. He might have lots of properties and fleets of cars that may make you not want to believe. Not having the means might be a reason why family and friends don’t support you.

4.Fear: People are afraid to help these days because they’ve had so many negative outcomes of helping people. Fear may vary.

Firstly, they may be afraid to support to because they don’t know whether you’ll fail so that they will not regret ever telling or be ashamed so you so that you won’t blame them later in the future.. for example, you helped someone and the thing turned out to be disastrous, you might not want to help anyone in that aspect again. Getting blame from people can bring shame to you.

Secondly, they may be afraid to help you because they feel that you will forget them. People forget the good that people do easily. So they don’t want to risk their time and effort supporting you. also, people may have unknown fear that may arise in the future.

5.Jealousy: jealousy is actually one of the major reason why people don’t help you, some will say—‘ how will I help him when I know that he’d become lords over us??”. Some may not want to help you because you’ll become higher than them in the future.. Even if you get a chance to work with them at their office they may do every means to bring you down in order to remain higher than you. I Interview a friend several years ago and we were talking about why People get help easily from an outsider and family don’t help despite having all the means and he said.. “Outsider sees Potentials but family sees competition”.  This means that when your family or friends starts helping you, they will see you as their running mate or seeing you rather as a competitor. Some families may rather die than see themselves helping you.

6. They don’t believe in you or what you’re doing

In this life, it’s not everything you want to do that your family will gladly accept. There are some, no matter what you do, they’ll keep having doubts about you. it’s not that they hate you but they don’t just believe you in any way.

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Signs of a Disrespectful Friend



Signs of a Disrespectful Friend

 Disrespectful Friend

    In this article, we’ll be talking about the signs of a disrespectful friend. We understand that friendship is one of the various forms of relationships. It involves two persons sharing an affection of fondness and nothing more. It is not gender-based as anyone can be a friend to anyone. This is the primary idea of what friendship is about. It could mean different things to different persons who hold separate views.

For a person to be tagged ‘A friend’, there are certain levels of closeness they would have attained. Most people often confuse “acquaintance” for “friendship” because you know who someone is, does not mean you both are friends and that is why when such communication dies out people get hurt.

Some steps make an acquaintance move to that stage where he or she can then be called a friend. This writing would focus on friendship strictly.

Now, not every person in your life needs to become your friend for your good. Not all persons you get acquainted with would stay for a long time to be known as your friend that is why the term ‘mate’ is needed. You can have your school mate, workmate, hostel mate, coursemate, partners too, and so on. Those are under other relationships. To some people, time plays a big role in friendships but this is not so true, understanding plays a better role as one of the factors that breed friendship.

Several attributes of a friend include; similarities in likes and dislikes. Then, we will go down to the characteristics of a good friend, it includes: honesty, dependability, and loyalty, these are the vital focus in a friendly relationship.

Not all friendships can stand the test of time, whilst some would be stronger, others may turn out to be sour on rainy days. We would focus on the latter here. There are quite a number of factors that ruin friendships situations and circumstances aside, possessing a bad trait is a big hole in friendship. That is why it is easy for a nine-year friendship to crumble in a day or minutes. It does not happen as a result of what transpired at that time but as a result of compiled actions. Bad traits are very easy to cultivate and difficult to drop. It eats deep into someone and ends up hurting the other person. Items that pay huge contributions in ruining friendships include:

  1. Jealousy
  2. Lack of time and communication
  3. Selfishness
  4. Betrayal of trust and,
  5. Disrespect

The above items have been highlighted to be key factors that ruin friendships. But one out of them kills it speedily and cannot be tackled in a long time, ‘disrespect’. When someone constantly disrespects you, there is every tendency that they do not value their friendships.

8 Signs on how to identify a disrespectful friend:

1. They discredit you:  A friend that steadily picks out the negative is not being judgemental but disrespectful. That friend constantly harms your good deeds and reputation. A good friend will not paint you black.

2. They do not value your opinion: These persons tend to never pay attention to your comments whether good or bad. They do not acknowledge your opinion. It simply means they do not care about your thoughts which is absolutely what a Disrespectful person would do.

3. They lack empathy:  They do not know what it is like to be in your emotional state. They are usually hostile when it comes to consoling you.

  1. They are gossips: Gossips never have anything nice to say. Spreading false news about someone they call a friend is one wrong thing to do and it is disrespectful.

5. They criticize more often:  A friend that has never been found in times of celebration but is quick to pick holes and faults when things go wrong, they never believe in you and would see nothing good in your actions and any step you take. They constantly talk you down.

6.Humiliation: Friends that make jokes out of your weakness or fears and find nothing wrong in it is being disrespectful. Cutting ties with a person like this is totally advisable.

7. Prying in your personal affair: When you hate nosy people and your friend pry into your personal affair continuously, they are being disrespectful.

8.Lack of appreciation: A good friend would always put your relationship first. When you have a friend that does not appreciate you enough like you do to them and makes demeaning comments about it May not be that friend you are looking out for.

These are signs that that person you consider as a friend may not be the rightful friend for you. Disrespectful friends are equal to bad friends and it breeds bad companionship. They may show you these signs directly or unintentionally. Do well to Correct them over time if you really appreciate the friendship. If you get tired of correcting them or telling them about it does not change anything but their actions, there are two options, walk out of the friendship or embrace them for who they are. It is advisable to let go of such persons in most cases especially if the friendship is at its early stage.

Disrespectful friends are no different from toxic or bad persons. Their behaviors are not attractive but are contagious. Little by little, having been identified with them, unknowingly you might be that same way to another person who sees you as a friend. Friendship is mutual, there is an exchange of one thing for another thing.

Do not allow a disrespectful friend to make you feel like they are right when what they do is constantly downplay you. It would affect you mentally and would make it difficult for you to accept people. One who is with it friends is likely to suffer from mental illnesses, they become stiff and find it hard to express themselves. No matter how little your friends are, learn to appreciate them. Go through these points and check yourself to see if you are a disrespectful person to your friend.

# signs your friend doesn’t respect you

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