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10 Benefits Of Friend zone



10 benefits of friend zone

Last Updated on August 3, 2022 by Joshua Isibor

Introduction to Friendzone

This article contains the benefits of friend zone. You know The modern-day friendship comes in various forms, What used to be a genuinely friendly relationship has transitioned into different facets; friend zone, friends with benefits, and more. The friend zone is considered to be one of the biggest perils of friendship, a concept most are yet to clearly understand.

What Is A Friend Zone?

A friend zone is a situation in which an individual in a friendship develops feelings for the ‘other person’ and wants the friendship to grow into something more intense – a relationship. However, most often than not, the ‘other person’ wants nothing more and still appreciates the normal friendship both had.

The friend zone is also known as a place where romantic intentions are drowned. While men and women may both relegate the other to a friend zone, it is often said that girls are the major enforcers of friend zones while men are usually caught in the web.

It is assumed to be a zone where men who could not meet the criteria for a boyfriend are politely relegated, to rot in the friendship terrain. They are believed to be lesser and beta males.

This zone is an awkward space to be in, thus, people make great effort to avoid it at all costs because once in, it’s difficult to crawl out.

Benefits of Friend Zone.

Notwithstanding the various misconceptions about how bad it is, it’s pertinent to understand that friendzone comes with numerous benefits, some of which may not be accessible in a relationship. They include:

1.Helps You Practice For a Relationship:

Being in a friend zone gives you a huge insight into what you want or not in a relationship. Platonically being close to someone helps you determine the characteristics or features you want in a partner. It gives you the opportunity to discover why you were attracted to him or her, the striking and beneficial attributes that have made it difficult for you to let go of him, hence leave them friend-zoned. Knowledge of these features helps you know what to look for in a prospective partner.

2.Helps You Deal With Rejection:

What could be worse than confessing your feelings to someone and being turned down? If you’ve never been in this position or experienced this, you may not completely understand what it feels like. No one receives rejection with open arms. However, with friendzone, we could learn to face and deal with it


.helps you dead with rejection

Rejection leaves a whole lot of questions running through your mind. You question your self-worth, your level of genuineness down to your existence as a human. In most cases, it may lead to low self-esteem, depression, and sometimes suicidal thoughts. While for some people, it can be this bad, for others, they get over it before you blink an eye.

3.You Have a Shoulder to Lean on:

Friendzone gives you the chance of expressing yourself freely, without any reservations whatsoever. You’ll be honest and transparent with far less pressure or disturbance. You also get to confide in your friend, tell him your problems and seek solutions when necessary. They will listen to your musings, troubles, and challenges.

.you have a shoulder you lead on

In some cases, one can comfortably ask for a favor without feeling like a burden to the other. They can fix your light, help you with research work, organize your apartment, or even help you move to a new apartment. You can be vulnerable without being judged. A perfect shoulder to lean on.

4.The Pressure is Minimal:

Most times, the pressure of emotional transparency that comes with being in a relationship can be intense and draining. Being in a non-romantic friendship with someone reduces the pressure of always trying to make him or her feel loved.

No one holds you accountable for things you ought to do or not. You have the freedom to wear what you want, meet them without having your wig on, or make up flawless. You are simply you and live your life with little or no stress.

5.You Know They Value and Respect You:

Friendzone has witnessed a lot of misconceptions in recent times. Friendship is valuable and unarguably priceless. If you asked someone out and they made it clear to you that they just want to be friends with you and nothing more, it shows they value you and respect your feelings enough to not lead you on.

Friendzone should not be viewed in the negative light which births a feeling of rejection and questioning of self-worth. When they clearly make your position in their lives known without mincing words, it depicts an act of respect for you and your feelings.

In addition to saving you from being unnecessarily hopeful, it saves you turmoil of being in a relationship with someone who doesn’t love you as much as you love them. An act which begets indescribable hurt and self-loathing.

6.Ensures You Don’t End Up in a Relationship For The Wrong Reasons:

Friendzone helps you stay out of trouble and prevents heartbreak. Come to think of it, being in a relationship with someone you’d move heaven and earth for, and travel seven seas and rivers just to be with – only for you to realize they are just in a relationship with you out of pity, for fun and perhaps because of what people may say.

7.Opportunities For New Adventures:

Having a platonic male or female friend gives you the opportunity to go for exciting adventures. You have a travel buddy with whom you can camp on the beach, travel to see beautiful places, or go for music festivals. Both of you can discover new places, try out new things together, take pictures, ride 200 miles, and create lasting memories.

8.There’s Someone to Stand in as a Partner:

One of the benefits of the friend zone is that you always have someone to stand in as your partner. If you need to go for a wedding, a party or a social event that requires a plus one, you can drag your friend along. You both can go for events with no strings attached. Although others may see you as couples, it saves you the unsolicited and unexpected questions about your boyfriend or girlfriend.

9.Helps You Lose Your Sense of Entitlement:

There has recently been this misconception that every close friendship must transit into a relationship. And that the opposite sex, usually women owes you a romantic affection or sexual relationship. It is not carved on stones nor written in any law that friendship should grow into a romantic relationship nor that a romantic affection should be reciprocated.

Books, podcasts, songs, and movies have successfully carved this unwritten doctrine in the minds of many. This has resulted in a feeling of betrayal, disrespect, and unappreciation when men or women make it known they only want to be friends and not boyfriends or girlfriends.

10.You Get a Perspective of The Male or Female Mind:

It is often difficult to know what men or women want in a relationship. Their dos and don’ts are usually difficult to know and comprehend. Having a platonic male or female friend lets you know what they want. They may also give dating advice. You get to know how to win your crush’s heart and transit into a relationship.

You must have seen that the friend zone is not as bad as it seemed. It has its unique benefits and teaches you precious life-changing lessons on love and resilience. So when next a friend makes it known to you that they only want to remain friends with you, don’t look at it as demeaning. Instead, receive it as a poorly designed book cover, with many pleasant and adventurous pages beneath.

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