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The use of positive words around your child



good vibes only


If you think the words you use on your children don’t affect them, then you have to think twice. The use of positive words around your child cannot be overemphasized.

Costumes and crayons littered the yellow painted room giving it a bewildered look. The kids were all stooped on their knees fascinated by the customized stars the school had bought for them awaiting their Christmas play. Sue continued to stare at the Holy Mary’s dress with uncertainty lingering in her heart. Would she be able to perform this play?

“Hey Sue, we’ve been talking about you. We think you’ll be great for the Holy Mary’s role”. Daniella her friend called out.

“You think so? ” Sue replied doubt filling her voice.

“Yes. We can be able to do anything we want, at least that’s what my parent say”. Daniella said with a shrug.

Sue was intrigued and wanted to hear more. “Your parents really said that?”

“Yes, they did. My mum told me I was awesome and amazing, and all I needed was a good dose of hard work and commitment”

Sue was astounded. Why haven’t her parents ever told her that?

Does this conversation by these nine-year-olds seem familiar? When a child is born, his mind is a clean slate, so crisp and blank. Whatever is written on it stays forever. This emphasizes the need for statements and words that will serve to build a child’s confidence. A child is naturally curious and inquisitive throughout the early years of childhood and would believe whatever is said. For most children, childhood is a confusing stage of life, he may not be able to understand why he shouldn’t run around in the house, jump on his bed, or throw a ball at his siblings. Positive words serve to guide a child’s development mentally and emotionally, training him to believe in his own self. One added advantage of using positive and inspiring words around your child is the effects never wears off. The child will grow up believing it as long as he lives. Many people became successful by holding to the words of there parents, one great example is Dr. Ben Carson. Traumatic words bear the same effects, as a result, you should refrain from using statements like this.

* “If only you knew maths like your brother…”

* “Why did you have to have such big eyes?”

* “Your sister plays the piano better than you, why don’t you just be like her?

* “Will you just get out of my room?”

You’ll agree with me that the statements above all have something in common; they belittle one’s effort and undermines the child’s ability. Hearing such toxic statements for years can be devastating and traumatic for a child in later years to come as a result, hindering the individual from performing to his full abilities.


Here are some amazing words and statements you can use around your child.



3. I love you and will support you always



6. You can do it.


8.”Do you need help?”

9.”If you’re having problems with maths, I’m sure it’s not because you can’t do it, you may just be using the wrong approach, let me show you.”

10.Have fun

11. The world needs you

12. You’re so gifted and creative

13. You make me so happy.

14.”You can tell me, anything sweetheart, I want to be your best friend.”

15.”Have I told you how proud I am of you? You’re simply amazing.

16.”You’re one of the most beautiful girl on planet earth, your teeth are just one of kind

17.”You have freckles on your nose, so what? It simply makes You.

18. Reach for the Stars.

19. “Do you understand why you shouldn’t jump on the bed? Because it’s very fragile and you could hurt yourself. I’m sure you don’t want that”

20. You’re unstoppable, a force to be reckoned with.

21. You’re full of inner strength.

22.”It’s impolite to shout at your siblings, I’m sure you wouldn’t want to be shouted at. Now can you please apologize to them?”

23.”Ensure you clean your room, remember cleanliness is next to Godliness”

24. Life is so much easier with you in it.

25.”You can choose any profession dear, you’re smart enough to be whatever you want to be.”

26.No one else is like you. You’re the missing piece.

27.”Do you know why it’s wrong to litter your crayons around the house? Because you might just lose them.

There are no particular laid down rules in using positive words, therefore you can use them as much as you want and always around the child. Accompany it with a warm hug and smile and say it like you mean it. Another secret of using positive words is studying when to use them.


If your child is about to take a test or an exam, do not constantly berate him instead use words and sentences that will help him to focus on his abilities and deliver his best.  Words and statements like

28. Don’t think too much, take it easy. Study hard and do your best. That is all that is needed.

29.I’ll still love you and be proud of you, no matter the outcome of your test.

30. Challenges only make you stronger.

31. You’re gifted, talented, and creative.

32. You’re a winner. Don’t quit.

33. Take a break and come back to it.

34. You can always try again.

35. You don’t always need to win.

36. Make an effort not an excuse

37. Your mistakes bring an opportunity for you to learn.

38. Not giving up is one of your best traits.

39. The view from the top is spectacular.


Sometimes your child can fall into a bout of depression or have anxiety attacks, and you may not know exactly what to do. Starting a conversation will be futile because the child is in no mood for communication. Instead, why don’t you use your words to get him (the child) to open?

40. Whatever is going on with you, I believe it’s just a phase. It will pass.

41. Life isn’t really fair all the time, but what matters is coming out stronger.

42. Don’t think too much.

43. Don’t be afraid, in time you’ll feel better.

44. I’m here for you if you need anything.

45. Everyone worries sometimes.

46. You are more than your emotions.

Using positive words help children to develop healthy self-esteem and become more emotionally balanced as adults. Understanding a child’s abilities helps to ascertain what type of words to use, thereby helping you to make a positive impact as a parent. Paying exclusive attention to your child’s needs, conversation likes, and dislikes goes a long way and can make you use positive statements like this.


47. Your hands are really quick and good at catching, would you like to try out for the baseball team?

48. You always turn to the cooking channel, would you like to help me pick the groceries next week? You’re really creative.

49. I love how you make your friends laugh. You’re my sunshine.

50. You love to speak in front of your mirror. You’re confident and bold.

So as parents begin to use positive words around your child regardless of the age. Besides, if you don’t tell them how amazing they are. Who will?

More positive words

51. You’re my rainbow. You make my world colorful

52. Follow your heart

53. You’re special

54. You’re my superhero

55. You’re unique. You mean the world to me

56. Don’t doubt your abilities. You’re able.

47. Keep trying.

48. Take it one step at a time. There are lots of opportunities for you to explore

49. Love yourself.

50. Your choices matter.

51. You matter a lot to me.

52. That’s amazing. You’re so thoughtful.

53. Don’t beat yourself up. There will be another time. Winners don’t quit.

54. I’m so grateful you’re in my life.

55. You can be a great leader by starting now.

56. Be bold and confident

57. Follow your dreams

58. Relax and have fun. Go play

59. You’re my brightest star in the sky

60. Delete negativity from your life. You’re more than that

61. Trust yourself

62. Greatness lies within you

63. Remember, all the tools you need to succeed is within you

64. Don’t beat yourself up

65. Believe in you

66. I love the sound of your laughter

67. You can ask for help

68. Your uniqueness defines you

69. You are kind

70. You are special

71. It feels so amazing to have you here with me

72. You’re more than you think

73. Greater Heights awaits you

74. Never look down on yourself

75. Be positive minded

76. You’re closer to your goal than you can imagine

77. Strive harder. The sky is your starting point

78. You have a beautiful smile.

79. Feel free. I’m here whenever you need me

80. I think about you all the time

81. Don’t be afraid

82. What you feel is normal

83. Work towards solving problems

84. If you can think it, then you can achieve it

85. Work towards making yourself better

86. Have undaunting courage

87. Your mistakes are chances to learn

88. I love seeing you work together

89. You make the world a better place with your smile

90. The greatest love of all is loving yourself

91. I understand what you’re going through.

92. Follow your heart

93. Trust your instincts

94. You’re real and genuine

95. You’re my best friend

96. I appreciate your honesty

97. Live your dream.

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Marriage & Divorce

How To Stop Dating A Married Man



how to stop dating a married man

This generation of ours has made every negative thing a norm and tends to forget the absurdness of it. For example, The negativity around depression has failed to be seen as people find solace in it, speeding toxicity, another example can be seen in prostitution, where this is seen as a “Career” or a source of income. The world has failed to see the absurdness of this making women more objectified and this should not be. Another example is Dating married men, Women see this as a norm and a source of income for themselves, not thinking of the absurdness of this….They just do it without thinking!

When things like prostitution are made a norm there is a tendency that woman would date married men. Some of them do this for reasons best known to them, while some of them do it because of preference, they just prefer married men.

Some of them don’t even know why they do it, they just feel like it’s the right thing to do and they just go for it. Some of them do it to spite the wife in the marriage for one misunderstanding or the other, Some of it because it was spiritually inclined into them.

But, This doesn’t mean that some of them are not tired of it, especially those ones who don’t know why they do it and feel ashamed about it, they want to stop but they don’t know how to, they have tried what they thought was right but still had the same results, and I know that you reading this right now might be one of them.

Ways to Stop Dating A Married Man

1: Acknowledge that it’s a problem

Until you see the absurdness of this you would not be able to make the decision of stopping it. Until you see why it is wrong and should not be done at all, there is every tendency that you might not make the choice of stopping. So firstly think about the absurdness, acknowledge that is wrong, and work towards your stopping it.

2: Put God first

When you acknowledge that it’s a problem, run back to the place of prayer and let God take over, sometimes spirituality is involved. Daily reading and meditating on the bible tends to change your perspective about life making you see more of the absurdness of Dating A Married Man.

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3: Set your priorities right:

It is said that some of them that do it and want to stop but can’t stop is because of the income they make from it, the comfort it brings and the solace added, making it their top priority. This is the excuse they have. But after acknowledging that it’s a problem and putting God first, set your priorities right.

Be independent, withdraw from that relationship, and start a life of your own, where you don’t have to rely on a man or a married man for your well-being, Establish yourself. This is one of the ways a strong woman is built, she starts by setting her priorities right.

Ways you can set your priorities right include

A: Believe in yourself:

Many women think or feel that they cannot do anything without the help of a man or a man who already knows how to take care of a woman because of his experience in marriage. But facing the fact that it is wrong and telling yourself you can do better than that, you can become who you want to become without giving yourself to a married man.

B: Do a reality check:

Look things logically, a married man would only see you as mistress and nothing more, he wouldn’t have time for you, he’d always come only when he feels like, you’re not being loved but being used. You’re not in a relationship that would lead to a happy married life, you’re just eating What you  did not cook, and what you fail to understand is the bitterness of the after taste, you’re in a relationship where you’re at the mercy of whatever he brings, whether it works for you or not.

He’s not going to meet your parents because you don’t expect him to leave his wife because of you, and if he was going to marry you, think about how his kids would feel, they would hate you for stealing their mom’s lover, can you deal with that?  Would your loved ones approve of it, ask yourself these questions.

Doing a reality check makes you come to a realization of these things.

C: Tell the wife:

This basically frees you from the guilt. Your freedom is what matters, telling the wife doesn’t make you a coward, or show your sense of irresponsibility, it only shows your level of good reasoning and good you have come to the realization of the absurdness of it. When you te the wife you are free.

D: Break up with him:

This is the point where you make that decision to cut ties and don’t go back. This is the point where your realization comes into reality. Then you can become independent.

4: Do a daily Mind exercise:

Dating Married men can be traced psychologically, as it becomes a mindset that has been embedded into you by experience, doing mind exercises can completely eradicate the thoughts of your mind. Close your eyes for ten to fifteen seconds, imagine yourself coming out of that situation or that mindset and keep working towards it by the first three things listed above.

5: Change your hobbies:

This might seem funny, but every little thing matters. Most women date married men because of their love for luxury and material things, they want everything on a platter of gold, their love for money would always cloud their mindset, and the fact that they always get it would set their hobbies to doing things that are luxury worthy. For example, Shopping every single day, reckless spending of money on things that don’t matter, etc. Therefore making these things their favorite thing to do.

So changing your hobbies to little things and finding your talent improves your probability of not dating Married men.  When you work for some things yourself and do some things by yourself without the help of anyone, you’d actually know what you actually like and what you don’t.

6: Seek Counsel:

After doing everything listed above, seeking advice from a good adult would do a great deal of detaching yourself from Dating a Married Man. A counselor would always tell the truth and give you the next line of action.


How to stop Dating A Married Man is a choice you have to make, a choice that has to come from the realization of the absurdness, setting your priorities right, changing your hobbies, doing a little mind exercise and seek good counsel. With a these well done, dating a married man would not even be a thought in your mind not to talk of an act!


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Love & Dating

How To Tell Your Partner To Lose Weight



How To Tell Your Partner To Lose Weight

One of the most agonizing things to do in life is hurting your loved one. Most especially if that said loved one, is your soulmate.

Many people are now stuck, thinking how they can tell their partners how to lose weight, without offending their missing rib.

But like all good things, in life. The only easy way is the hard way. As such, you should be ready to dish out a healthy dose of tough love.

After all, you want to stay with that person for as long as possible, before “Professor Death”, comes to mark your life script.

What shall it profit you to keep quiet, then watch your partner, jeopardize their health, and ultimately, your relationship?

So for this reason, you need to take the initiative and stand firm. After all, because you love them, that is why you need to whoop their ass.

4 Ways to Tell Your Partner to Lose Weight

1. Think about the health implication

You have to note that if you don’t help your partner, nobody else would. As such, you are entirely responsible, for turning the tide of health, of your partner.

Remember the vows you took, to love and protect. This is an opportunity to prove to yourself that you love your partner.

2. Be there for them

Nobody was born fat. Due to ignorance in part by people, over time the ill effect took root, and metamorphosed itself, into that protruding belly, which is ridiculous.

Gift them an online weight loss course

There is fat-shaming in the world. As such, the best option, can actually, be learning how to lose weight at home.

I discovered an easy to use 6 months weight loss plan that you can use to lose weight, right in the comfort of your home. In the early stages of your weight loss journey.

3. Encourage them

Make sure you encourage your partner, at this lowest point in their lives. It will do well in lifting up their spirits and morale.

So that they can keep on pushing, in their journey of trying to lose weight.

4. Change the kitchen foods

You can swap out all the junk foods from inside your house. That way, your partner is not tempted to relapse into their previous bad eating habits.

5. Don’t be a menace

At the end of the day, you must realize that nobody cares. When all is said, and done, you will eventually die, and that weight loss goal will be buried with you, six feet in the ground.
So don’t fret too much. Nevertheless, if you can’t stand it, then learn how to lose weight at home, by following our 6 months weight loss program.

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15 Clear Signs Your Ex Is Pretending To Be Over You



Signs Your Ex Is Pretending To Be Over You

You ended things with them; and now, they are really acting Strange towards you. It could be signs your ex is pretending to be over you when he/she is not. Some Signs you get after a breakup is not something you want to misinterpret regardless of how bad the breakup was.

Once upon a time, things were good between both of you. Because things came to the point of breakup, doesn’t mean you have both moved on. Just because, you called it quits some time ago; doesn’t mean everything that happened between you two, is forever erased.

One of you may just be faking it. Because you are human and once knew this person, there are signs that will point you in that direction.

He may be texting you or behaving in a weird way. And because he/she is just expressing their feelings; it may be confusing to understand.

Also, depending on the reason for the breakup or situation, you may both still come back together or not.

In this article, let’s let clarify one important fact before looking at the 13 observable signs that your

Can Your Ex Pretend To Move On?

Yes! In actual fact, it may be the reason you are reading this article. You probably do not just understand the person’s actions toward you.

According to Ken Page, who is a therapist and relationship expert, “there are different ways people pretend to be over someone, its either they’re lying to themselves, their ex, or other people in their lives”. “They do that because they want to be resilient and it’s terribly hurtful to go through a breakup.”

He added, that it’s not uncommon to try moving on quickly to a place of being over someone. He also explains that on a general note, we are never truly over someone as much as we claim to be.

According to Psychologist and relationship expert Margaret Paul, Ph.D., “pretending to oneself is the most common pretending of all”. She also says “I have worked with people who kid themselves into thinking they are over an ex when they really aren’t,” adding that. “Many people don’t want to do the inner work to really be over an ex and simply pretend to have moved on”.

Based on the work of these amazing persons, we can deduce that in fact, many people do pretend to over their ex a lot of times. And it’s more common than we think; it could have even happened to us in the past unknowingly. And also, your ex may just be pretending to be over you.

We all deal with breakups differently. While some are continually in denial; others just let out all the feelings by crying, eating too much, drinking to stupor, and so on. Thus, your ex may just be pretending to be over you to escape reality.

Now let’s get the signs. Beware; they may not show all these signs. However, if they show at least two of these signs, you are right on track.

Here Are 15 Signs Your Ex Is Pretending To Move On

1. The Signals From Them Is Not Straightforward

pic of a man drunk

This is a sign your ex is pretending to be over you. Because the signals you are getting from becomes very confusing to understand. They show mixed signals, that you find very hard to interpret.

When you ask how they are, they say they are doing very fine; yet they look otherwise. For the guys, his beard may be unshaved, his clothes rumpled, he may reek of alcohol and still tell you he is doing amazingly well.

Or, He may look very sharp and well shaven but with heavy bags under his eyes. You can literarily see exhaustion written over them yet they maintain they are fine.

2. Their Emotions Towards You Are Extreme

This means that everything they feel towards you is heightened. They usually mask the love they have for you; with extreme emotions, like love, hatred, and sadness.

They may not want you to see through their façade so; they hide it, by exhibiting something entirely different. And because they have not moved on, they will eventually show you these extreme emotions.

3. They’re Drunk Dialing You

There is a very clear indication, that they are not over you yet; and only pretending. Drunk dialing can be very annoying; because they’re not even totally aware of it.

But, because they are thinking about you; the first person that comes to their mind to ring in that state is you. It’s now totally dependent on you; if you want to take the call.

4. They’re Drinking A Lot.

pic of  a man drunk

Even if normally, the person drinks, it is intensified after your breakup. And even after time has passed, they’re still drinking.

People drink for various reasons; but in their case, it’s to escape the reality, that you are not in the picture anymore. Because of the hurt and sadness, they will try to drown all these feelings in alcohol. Which is why he will drunk dial you.

5. They Keep Trying To Explain The Breakup.

If all he does, when he calls, is to keep explaining the reasons for the break; then, he is still hooked. He keeps dissecting and explaining why he left.

Even when it doesn’t make sense, he keeps talking about it. This means, he is still in denial and has not fully understood it yet. So he can’t even move on.

6. They Want To Remains Friends

This can be very tricky. It could be their way of trying to get you back; or, their way of escape losing you.

So, they are still there; whenever you call on them and are still friends with you. They may not be ready to lose you totally yet.

So, this way they can still have you around. Usually, when this occurs they still want to be more than friends but are more subtle about it.

7. They Stay In Touch With Your Friends

If they are not pretending to be over you, they have no reason to keep in touch with your friends. Except, it’s for business or something of much importance.

So, if they are still calling and having long talks with your friends then they have not truly cut ties with you. Your ex may be hanging out with your friends with hopes to bump into you.

8. People Around Them Try To Get You To Reconcile

These people are around him and they see his state. Thus, they will naturally try to help him. They try to convince you to check upon him.

They know he is not over you yet, and are probably still devastated by the breakup. So in their own way, they will want to bring you two together again.

If they see you, they’ll urge you to call him to know how he is doing. They may even tell you he misses you.

9. They Are Stalking You On Social Media.

they'll stalk you on social media

You have broken up; yet, they are the first to like and comment on your picture on social media. It means they are not over you yet and just pretending.

Even if they did it when you two were still together, now it’d be even more serious. He doesn’t just like and comment on your posts but he does that as soon as you post them.

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10. They’re Refusing To Date Someone Else

If they are refusing to date someone else; even after so much time has passed, they are have not moved on. The excuse they give is usually unrealistic and vague.

Like how they are taking time to love themselves or how they are working on themselves.

There are two reasons they may be doing this, it’s either they are still healing from the breakup or they hope to still get back together with you.

11. They’re Not Sticking To One Person

They are just hopping from one person to another; and, not staying faithful to one person. Today you see them with Tracy, tomorrow it’s Linda.

Meanwhile, when you two were together, they were committed to you. Something is definitely wrong with them. They are not over you just yet.

12. They Still Maintain Contact Even When It’s Not Necessary

Although, they do not have to be in contact with you; yet, they will still call once in a while to check up on you. The reason is simple, it is because they miss you.

This is a very obvious sign’ your ex is pretending to be over you. He won’t just stay off the radar; he will call and send messages when he feels like.

13. They Show Off Their Accomplishment

They are not over you if they are showing off their improvement in your face. You don’t need to know what they have achieved.

No one actually parades their growth, in front of people they don’t care about. His reasons may be in two ways; either he is trying to get you jealous and regret the break-up or he wants you to see his growth and see that he is improving

They Don’t alter Their Schedule and keep running into you.

If your ex has moved on, they will adjust their schedule to avoid awkward moments when they run into you. Rather they maintain the same schedules you are used to in hopes to run into you. They may come with another girl just to get you jealous or they may genuinely just want to see you.

14. They don’t let you get your things and even leave theirs behind.

Are they still holding on to a shirt of yours even after a lot of time has passed? Did they refuse to come to get some of their things left at your place?

It’s not the things that are that valuable to them; they just holding on to it for sentimental reasons. Because they probably miss you. They may even be waiting for you to come to get it so they can spend time with you. People who hope to get back together after a breakup have not really moved on.

15. They are refusing to publicly acknowledge the breakup

It’s because your ex has not moved on so they are still holding on. They will refuse to admit that you are gone because to them, you will still get together. If someone asks them they will rather say you guys are having a misunderstanding rather than you have broken up. On their social media, they will not change their relationship status. They are obviously struggling to let you go.

Wrapping UP

In the end, what matters is what you want for yourself. They may be showing any of these signs, good or bad but you still get to choose your next step. Either to take them back or break it off completely. So be sure to make the best decision for yourself since you don’t really know what their motive will be if you allow them back into your life,

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