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Success and Motivation





We have all suffered from a lack of motivation, at one point in our lives or the other.
Motivation is the fire of our lives, and to make fire you need the wood, the matches, and the heat from the fire. Without motivation, it is impossible to accomplish set goals and achieve those goals.

If you are suffering from lack of motivation or you are struggling with finding motivation lately, check your fire. You could be having problems with your wood, your matches, your kerosene or you could be even using wet wood or even worse pouring water on your fire.

Luckily for you, today we would be discussing about the things that could be possibly wrong with your fire (things that are causing you to lack motivation) and how to rekindle your fire (fix these problems that cause you to lack motivation).

Seven major reasons that cause you to lack motivation and their possible solutions are:

1. Your mindset:

Talking about mindset, your mindset is one of the biggest reasons that make you lack motivation. There are two types of mindset, the fixed mindset, and the growth mindset.
People with a growth mindset are open to new things and ready to learn. But people with a fixed mindset are where are major concern is as they lack motivation. You have a fixed mindset if you are not open to learning new things. People with a fixed mindset are set in their ways and beliefs.

They lack motivation due to the fact that they believe that things are what they are, so there is no need in striving to learn new things.
If as a person you have already concluded in your mind that doing a particular thing is impossible or a waste of time and resources, then there is no way you can actually be motivated to do it.

To overcome the problem of mindset as a tool that causes lack of motivation, you have to learn to control your mindset. Work towards developing your fixed mindset to a growth mindset. Be open to new learning positive new things. Learn to control and direct your line of thoughts. Avoid thinking negative thoughts.

2. You don’t actually know what you want and why you want it:

Another reason why many people lack motivation or are unmotivated is that they don’t know what they want out of life.
A lot of people can tell you everything and anything about their favorite actors, musicians, and football stars, but when asked what they want especially out of life, they don’t know.
You will agree with me that a man with no goal will not be motivated to do anything.

A perfect example will be a college student who comes from a rich family, that already guarantees them a job upon graduation. You will agree with me that most students from such backgrounds lack the motivation to do anything other than keeping average grades and partying. The same applies to a person without ambition, they will do nothing except to Netflix and chill.

Now, it is also not enough that you know what you want. Knowing what you want without knowing why you want those things can also make you lack the motivation to carry out those things you want.

Write down your goals (what you want) and why you want them. This will serve as a fuel (motivation) that will propel you to achieve your goals. Writing your goals down isn’t just enough, but also envision yourself (imagine how your life will look like) when you achieve those goals. This will also help you garner the motivation you need to succeed.


3. Fear:


Another reason why many of us lack motivation is fear. Especially fear of failure. We begin to lose motivation the moment we start living in fear. Fear comes when you don’t believe in yourself (self-doubt). You begin to imagine how people will look at you as a failure if eventually, you don’t achieve those goals you set. The moment you start doubting yourself, you begin to invite all the elements of fear like procrastination, anxiety, resistance, and excessive worrying. Immediately you start experiencing this, you start losing motivation and focus.

Make sure you expel every atom of fear in you. Positive daily declarations can greatly help boost your motivation. Believe in yourself, it is the first step to boosting your self-esteem and motivating yourself.

4. You feel overwhelmed:

Most times, you might have a lot of other things on your plate that is taking a lot of time and energy from you. Making you weak, tired, and stressed out. It mostly makes you to lack motivation, to carry out other activities or goals you set for yourself. A very good example of this type of issues that might zap your energy includes (relationship stress, family issues, etc)
Other times, you might have set a lot of goals for a short or little time frame. And the thought of achieving those many goals makes you start feeling fear and from there procrastination enter, you totally lose motivation to carry out even one single goal out of the numerous goals you set for yourself.

Make out time to rest and regroup. Schedule time for yourself (make out a timetable or a to-do list for each day). Planning for the day is easier and more achievable than planning for a long period of time (say weekly or monthly).

Set long term goals, but also learn to break those long term goals into daily short term goals. So as not to be overwhelmed whenever you think of the future.
A good example of how to breakdown a large goal is planning a vacation with your family,
First off, you will need to think of a good location, suitable for families; you then decide how long you are going to spend there; the estimated amount for rooms and board; clothes befitting the climates of where you are visiting, and kinds of stuff related to it.
Now when you break down the vacation planning like this and decide to accomplish 2 out of it every day, you would discover that it isn’t as overwhelming as trying to do it all in a day.

5. You are not doing enough:

when you are not aiming high enough or planning big for yourself, you tend to lose or lack motivation. Most people lack motivation because they are hiding under the disguise of under-promising and over-delivering, forgetting that your mind actually controls you. That is why you are always advised to think big always. Also, many people see envisioning extremely big things for themselves as greed, so they downsize their dreams and aspirations. They settle for less. Most times they end up doing less than they envisioned because they consider their dreams small and doable, they end up losing motivation to do it at all.

To avoid losing motivation due to not doing enough, it is advisable to use the “10X rule”, which says that you should dream 10X of what you want to achieve and work 10X more than you initially planned to work towards that goal. The bigger you dream, the more motivated you get to achieve that dream.
Learn not to settle for less, rather reach for more. Encourage yourself. The more you that the more driven and motivated you become.

6. Unhealthy Lifestyle and Psychology:

living an unhealthy lifestyle and not being in charge of your psychology, is also a great drainer of motivation. Imagine the chances that someone who is a couch potato (one who does nothing but sit on the couch all day long, and mostly eating unhealthy foods) becoming a quarterback. It’s highly impossible because he is not motivated to even leaven the couch not to talk of even joining the school football team and actually going to practice.
Now your psychology is the way you look outwardly (your posture). You will agree with me that a man determined and motivated does not stand, sit or walk the same way as a man who lacks motivation and focus.

To get back motivation in the case of the couch potato person, they must be ready to change their habits. Most times we lack motivation because of our habits and set in ways. Therefore we must make a conscious decision to change our unhealthy lifestyle ( by eating healthy foods, working out, etc) remember that a physically ill man cannot carry out any mental activity.
Now, to take control of your physiology, look around you and find a highly motivated person, study the physiology of that determined and motivated person around you. Try copying then and see if you won’t start acting like a motivated person already.

7. Impatience:


The reason why most of us are greatly unmotivated is impatience. A lot of times, we compare our success rate to that of others. We lose the zeal to continue immediately we don’t attain the height we want at the exact time we wanted to get there. We forget that good things take time to be achieved.
At times, we look at those friends who started the same time with us and are making huge progress than us, and we become depressed. Forgetting that we can only run as fast as we pace ourselves, Instead of being motivated by their success stories and becoming motivated to do more, we quit.

To overcome impatience, learn to be patient and celebrate your small successes and victories.
Learn to be motivated by the success stories of others rather than being depressed by them. Always remember that you are in competition with no one, don’t be a people pleaser.

Apart from solutions to these problems, you can also talk to a therapist about the issues plaguing you if you can’t work on them by yourself.

Remember, to always declare positivity upon yourself daily as it is the highest builder of motivations.
See you at the top.

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Success and Motivation

10 ways to keep going when the going gets tough



ways to keep going when the going gets tough


In one way or the other, we all go through tough times. Tough times can come in various aspects of our life, be it work finances, or even relationships.
When you find yourself in this phase, do not be discouraged. Nothing lasts forever, not even the tough times. when you find yourself in a tough situation, hold your head high up, stick your chest out and find your inner strength to move forward despite the hard times.

One thing you should put at the back of your mind is that tough or hard times are inevitable. we are all meant to face a tough or rough time now or in the future. So we must know how to face those hard days when they come knocking.

10 ways to keep going ahead despite the tough times.

1 Remember how far you have come: When you get discouraged or almost giving up. It is essential you reflect back to how and where we started from. Most times some of this discouragement set in because you failed to notice the positive changes going on around you. you only look ahead of you. Look at where you are standing now compared to when you first started. Look at how many obstacles and challenges that you have been able to overcome successfully. Remembering how far you have come is usually the fire you need to keep on burning brightly into the future.

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2. Remember it is only temporary: Bad times dont’ last forever. When we say it is temporary, it means it will definitely come to an end. So when you are faced with a tough time, know that it is for a while, it is temporary, it will come to an end.

3. Remember why you started: when you choose that path, there was a reason. That same reason could also be a way of getting past that bad time. Let that reason be a reason for you to continue and not giving up when life hits you hard. Whenever things are at their worst, your number reason for following that path is going to be what pulls you out of that tough experience.

4. Remember you don’t have to be afraid: Fear is the first obstacle you need to conquer if you want to overcome that tough. Fear of the unknown has become one of the biggest barriers to facing a tough situation. Funny enough these fears don’t even get to exist. Fear has no positive purpose, they only get to create negative energy and stop us from moving forward, so drop that fear.

5. Remember to surround yourself with positivity: Everything positive should be your companion. You must surround yourself with positivity, you can get this through people, environment, books, and or any form of entertainment. It is very important to remain in a positive space, especially if you want to come out of that tough time.

6. Remember to make it a habit to move forward: Habits is some of our strongest behavioral predictors as humans. Habit can be triggered by external and internal cues. They are formed through conscious repeated behaviors. When practiced enough, they eventually take their place in the subconscious and guide your life. Moving forward is all about getting back on track as fast as possible and you can make it a habit. it will always get you closer to where you want to go.

7. Remember to pay it forward: one thing is certain, you are not the only one going through a rough time. It may not be the same situation but others are also going through a tough situation. Sometimes one of the best ways to get past a rough time is to realize other people’s struggle and lend them a helping hand. Help someone and see how much smaller your problem becomes.

8.Remember to take smaller steps: it is okay for you to stumble in life. It is very much okay to go through a tough time as well. it becomes a problem when you are trying to take everything at once. Too much ambition and unrealistic expectations. Sometimes big steps can be too much to take, they are rare, disruptive, and difficult to manage without crumbling. Those life-changing goals can be broken down into smaller steps that are manageable and can take you to the same place. Try taking smaller steps and watch that obstacle becomes easier to navigate.

9.Remember to look for inspiration: Inspiration goes a long way in our various individual life, we need it for our day-to-day dwelling. When faced with  tough times, you need the inspiration to forge ahead. Inspiration can come from anywhere, it can come from people, books, music, and or other means of entertainment. Look for your own inspiration to overcome that obstacle.

10.Remember to practice gratitude: Take your time to recognize, appreciate and be grateful for the good times. Be grateful for the good times as well because they are there to make us a better and stronger person. When you do this you worry and think less of your problems and most times solution comes faster through this means.

In conclusion, remember that there is a blessing hidden in every tough situation and you should not give up rather move forward if you want that blessing.


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Success and Motivation

7 things to Remember When You can’t Do What You Need to Do



I’ve scribbled out some things you should remember when you can’t do what you need to do. Basically, because I believe giving up is not an option, and it shouldn’t even be a choice worth considering after you digest this beauty.

There are several reasons why issues like this crop up, but I managed to round them off in two crucial pain points I’ve had a battle with over the years, and understand to an extent how terrible their effects can be on our psyche as individuals – old, or young.

• Feeling of being Overwhelmed.
• Feeling of being Unable (Fear of failure)

I’ve not come with the daily doses of motivation you glean from Instagram and other links you look forward to for that. This is the blunt truth in almost appealing words.

Why Do You Feel Overwhelmed?
For you, I can only guess.
There are enough bills to pay, and your work is not giving you the time you need, not even time enough to be with your special person. You’ve got a project to finalize. And there’s the triune deity you want to create time to worship. Me time, too.

You’ve been here before right? It almost felt like you were drowning in your head, or maybe you’re going through it now and are looking for a way out. Here’s my promise, you will!

But by the actions you take after digesting this beautifully rounded text of information, it will be determined if you really want to overcome that overwhelming feeling.

There’s a medical condition known as High-dose Paralysis. It’s a breakdown that occurs as a result of taking up too much that can be handled per time. At this point, your productivity level drops drastically, making it look like you are inadequate because nothing would seem to fall in place. Not even proper thinking. It’s a scary experience.


Why Do You Feel Unable?
Simple, because it’s a feeling. But it’s one you often let take the better part of you, leaving you with a regular “I can’t do this” statement which rings true when you’re faced with difficulties (in academics, business, and other parts of life), though not because you actually aren’t capable of doing it, but because you immediately put a mental block on yourself for no reason.

This simple but grievous act can be summed up in this definition of Impostor Syndrome: It refers to an internal experience of believing that you are not as competent as others perceive you to be. While this definition is usually narrowly applied to intelligence and achievement, it has links to perfectionism and the social context.

Whether you’re struggling with High-dose paralysis or frequent inaction from the Impostor syndrome and it looks like you are about to hit rock bottom (or your head is about to get stuffed in the clouds) because you can’t do what you need to do, here are 7 things to remember.

1.Remember (Your) Why.

Why you started out on a particular project is as important and instrumental to its success. In times when you’re hit with what hurts and things hit the ground more than twice, there would usually be a tendency to want to go back on your words, to pull out, or to totally put a stop to it. Don’t! try these instead:
• Acknowledge the present challenge and don’t take it hard on yourself, rather develop a positive attitude in response to negative occurrences.
• Review it (in contrast to your goal), and determine what went wrong. This would help you close the option of giving up.

2.Take a Break.

Your body has a language you should learn, not just the attractive signals you notice in others. Just like your Personal Computer and how AI works; it knows how and when to boot, and even what it should do when it begins to overheat. That’s a machine, talk more about your personal body. When it speaks, listen. Rest. Close your eyes and stop thinking for a while, Sleep. Cry if need be –at least you know it didn’t end you.

3.Start All Over

Do a cold boot. When your personal computer freezes, most times it doesn’t unfreeze until you do a cold boot. Your brain needs this too. Shut it down, and begin the whole thinking process again. Something about this act is that it helps you see from a brand new perspective. The break you take affords you time to think, so don’t brood on what’s happened when you can always start over!

4.Map it out

Break things into steps and steps into processes and processes into actions. Your whys are relevant for you to stay positive, and having a well-defined goal makes it plausible. This is the very reason you need to Map it out.

5.Set a Deadline.
Now kill the deadline before it brings a deadline your way (the medical people will understand that sentence properly). Set a timeline for your activities to occur, then limit it to milestones. Setting a milestone could be one of the fastest ways to get long things done because you basically break your job into smaller chunks that are easier to achieve within a time frame.

6.Reclaim Your Focus.
The last time you did it, you jumbled everything up. You wanted to accomplish all at once – launch your business, run all the socials at once (by yourself), pitch for other contracts. . .stay up all night just to write a sales letter, run the blog, and have time for the family. Jack of all trades! You try. But to reclaim your focus, you should put an end to this lifestyle. And here are two simple things to do:

• Reduce your Yeses.
I should say you should stop saying yes, but that would be mean, right? But look, even the computer hangs when it’s being bombarded with tasks its RAM cannot carry. So why should you say yes to every task that leaves you a choice?
Let’s face the ones you have at hand; how do you break them down? Brian Tracy, in one of his bestsellers, Eat That Frog, gives lucid details on proper management of time with tasks in view (You should read that book!).

• Reduce the tasks you’re taking up.
Productivity is one thing requested of and by everyone. The best way to be and stay productive is to stay clutter-free. Do not take up more than one or two tasks at a time. You want your head in one place, not five places at a time. Multitasking is good, okay? But killing yourself with tasks? Now, that’s not okay.

• Delegate the tasks.
You can’t do all even if you know all. So find people who can take the burden off you (if you can afford to) or take things in a bit. Review step four above.

7.Create Time for Yourself.

Time to think away from external noise. To help you breathe, and review all that you’ve set to do and ought to be doing per time. “One of the very worst uses of time is to do something very well that needs not to be done at all.” Brian’s quote plainly explains it, so I won’t dwell much on it.
Do you have a scheduled free time? Your sanity is an important part of your success, remember that!

“You have within you right now, everything you need to deal with whatever the world can throw at you.”

As a subscript, I leave you with words from Brian Tracy about dealing with your present as I remind you again that you should try as much as possible always to remember these tips when you can’t do what you need to do.



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Success and Motivation






The zeal to be successful is Inbuilt. it takes a step or few steps to fail but many steps to succeed, the craving for success comes every time you wish and desire to accomplish a goal. Becoming successful is good and everyone admires successful people, but the question is are you ready to walk through the road of success? Are you willing to take bold steps and make a positive difference in your life and achieve your goals? If yes, then these tips will help you achieve that.

Success is not just a mere word but a word transformed into actions and getting a positive outcome. To achieve this you must embrace Determination, discipline, dedication, and focus. No focus no success, your success determines what your life turns out to be. what you make out of your actions determines your success lines. Your zeal, strength, motive, and massive action are also key tools for becoming successful.
Below are some tips to motivate and inspire you to walk down the path of success.

 What is motivation

Motivation is the willingness of action especially in behavior, Something which drives you, or an incentive or reason for doing something.

 What is success

Success is the positive outcome of massive action, the achievement of one’s aim or goal.

Top 10 motivational tips to achieve success

1.Never give up

Success is a great commitment that requires consistency and patience. These two keys keep you on and determined irrespective of the difficulties and failures encountered. Failure should never be a stopover but a stimulant to push harder and accomplish your aim.

The most successful scientist never got their results at the first attempt, but with consistent action, they finally landed at their goal. They were never overwhelmed by their weakness or failures but rather focused on their strength, potentials, and their motive for embarking on the mission.

According to Henry Ford: who invented the food motor company, he said
“Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently”
According to Albert Einstein: Known Inventions/companies: Special and General theories of relativity.

“A hundred times every day I remind myself that my inner and outer life are based on the labors of other men, living and dead and that I must exert myself in order to give in the same measure as I have received and am still receiving.”

Just to mention a few notable scientists that toiled, but never allowed their mistakes and failures to hinder their project and success.

“Failure is a pain, but persistence is the pain killer to failure which eventually leads to your success”. Your journey to success and success story will always be a guide for you and others to learn from and make better options that will give you and others a satisfactory result.

2.Be focused and have a direct vision

pic of a woman's right fiest saying be focused

Focus is the concentration of one’s attention, it’s like a direction that keeps you on track, before setting out to begin any project, be ready to concentrate and give it your full attention.

No focus no success. Just think of a driver driving with his eyes and brain focused on the road and where he is going, the movement seems smooth and easy, but immediately he diverts his attention to something else, the movement and location changes. The car changes its direction and the next thing is boom!!, serious damage occurs.

This is exactly what happens when you lose focus on whatever you plan to achieve, it eventually leads to complete disaster everything you planned for just goes the opposite direction and goes down the drain.

A focused man is a man with a vision. have a direct vision of your goal(s), what you have imagined for that project should always be in your mind.

Always avoid distractions because they are “success hackers”, it kills your vision. Have a strong vision and be passionate about your vision, and success is yours. Focus and vision align together so keep both in check and watch out for the positive outcome.

3.Dont dwell on your past experience

Experience, they say is the best teacher, whether good or bad, but it becomes an obstacle when you are being hunted by your horrible past experience or that of a close friend that has tried the same project you what to work on. It can be so frustrating and you might want to give it a second thought or even give up, but the truth is past experience could help you get a better result in that same project but in a different.

From your past you must have made a series of mistakes and encountered difficulties, those mistakes are lessons you will learn from. The difficulties sharpen your knowledge to avoid repeating that same error that leads to initial failure. It becomes a compelling force that pushes you to strive harder to achieve your goals.

Any project without trials and challenges is not always well valued, you appreciate and value what you work hard for. Many scientists who invented some equipment in use today were not the initial people that started the project, along the line some died or even gave up, but someone picked it up and continued from where they stopped. With zeal, passion, focus, and Determination they arrived at their destination, and today we all benefit from it.

Note: “Your past experience could be your hunting shadow to success and could also be your stimulant or compelling force to push you to succeed”.It all depends on how you want to be influenced by your past.
Choose a positive part and follow a lead to accomplish your mission. let your will and zeal to be successful be greater than your doubts, avoid myopic thoughts, and focus on your goal.


4.Never be satisfied with your present position
Your present position should not be your final destination or rest point, rather it should be a point of continuity. Don’t have a stagnated mindset, successful people are goal getters and they never stop pushing after their first achievement because they want to create and invent new things that will influence the world and touch lives positively.

Note: Your success is not for you alone, until you have the mindset of impacting lives with your achievement, you will never see success as worthwhile.”Success is not a destination, success is a journey”

Let your goals and wish to be successful go beyond “I, Me & Myself”. People should feel the impact of your success. When you have this idealogy, you will understand why it’s important you shouldn’t be satisfied with your present position, you need to do more, create, and always impact. Invest your time, potentials, and energy in changing lives and the world positively.

Your potentials, gift, or talents are not meant to be hidden, it is to be cultivated, harnessed, and used. There are lots of wonderful and amazing things you can do if only you can identify your Inborn potentials. So never stop, keep pushing, and strive to achieve more and greater things.

5.Dream big
A dream is an imaginary event, or what you hope for or you desire. Your dream sets you on board and ready for action. The category of your dream determines the effort you put in and the level of success you attain or achievement made.

A big dream attracts huge success through much effort and vice versa, So it all depends on what you intend to accomplish, but mind you we all have an inborn capacity to be creative and enormous, if and only if you see that in you.

Myopic thoughts kill your dreams and it prevents you from becoming the best and getting a suitable or satisfactory outcome. Only a lazy and shallow-minded man dreams small. Always classify yourself to be among the best. let your success have value, something that people will always call for or make reference to. Your dream tells who you are, and how far you will go in life. Dream big and aim big, and see how your life turns around.

6.Set positive and achievable goals
Positivity leads to creativity and productivity, set goals that are influential, that will take you to a greater height. If you set a goal, the first question you should ask yourself is “how will this affect me and others” will it result in something positive or negative? So many inventors we have heard of had positive goals and they set their minds to influence the world with their dream of been creative and productive. Example: Michael Faraday was one of the greatest scientists who made many inventions and discoveries in electric science and chemistry, Blaise Pascal invented “Calculator” in the year 1642, Charles Babbage invented “Computer” in the mid-1830s, and Alexa Graham Bell invented “Telephone” in June 1875. These scientists influenced the world with their inventions.

Goals that are not achievable could lead to failure, your goals should fall into a certain standard that you can handle. A lot of people try to do what is above their strength, imitation, and indolence is a major attitude which causes failure, do what you have a good knowledge of, concentrate on your capacity and ability.

Achievable goals are goals that you can define by yourself because you are the person who set that goal. It should have meaning, direction, and value. let it be based on the Standard you can take and manage so that the outcome will be extraordinary and outstanding.

7.Don’t rely on or wait for people’s validation
The worst thing that can lead to downfall is waiting for someone to give you go ahead or approval. People will always give you a thousand and one reasons you should not embark on your journey to success, It’s not as if they hate you or they don’t want you to succeed, the honest truth is, they are myopic, they see things in a different perspective, they imagine below your expectations. Nobody,I mean nobody is responsible for you, you are one man standing, so take responsibility of yourself and plans, don’t expect them to view things like you. Your temperament, personality and character makes you different from others.
If you want to succeed be ready to validate yourself, put in your best, and see to it that you accomplish your aim and prove them wrong.People’s validation can never help you grow, learn to listen and follow your heart and instincts, believe in yourself,create a better and bigger picture of what you are set to do,and you will see yourself scaling through.

8.Be Ambitious
Ambitious means Possessing, or controlled by ambition; greatly or inordinately desirous of power, honor, office and superiority. ambitious people are successful people,no ambition no success.Been ambitious doesn’t mean you should be desperate or be dubious in your actions.Ambition is your aim or desire to obtain something great. That you are ambitious doesn’t make you gluttonous,it shows how focused and willing you are to make things work out for you and your craving for success.

9.Fight for what you believe in and what you desire
Have you ever tried to start something and along the line, you get discouraged and doubtful of the possibility to get a good result. Probably because you have not done anything like that before or no one has,that kind of feeling you experience could make you despair. It’s natural but that should not make you back out. Believe in yourself and your goals, even if it seems to be impossible, believe, and fight to make it work, you might be surprised at the outcome.

10.Be optimistic
Optimism is expecting the best in all possible ways, above all, always expect the best, be positive.It boost your courage and energizes your inner strength.even when it becomes tough or demanding,assure yourself that you will get there. Expect an amazing and outstanding result, that way you see yourself trying by all means and making possible plans to attain success.
Note: “Optimism is a compelling inner strength or forces only you can develop or create,which keeps you determined and focused to accomplish your goal”.

Success is only attainable when you set things right, have a scale of preference of what you want to achieve. Make a reasonable plan that will direct and guide you in your journey to success. Optimism, persistence, and consistency aid you on the road to success, always stay focused and your success story will sure be what you have always wished for and a lesson and guide to others.
Always remember this “Success is not a destination,Sucess is a continuous journey to always achieve,impact and create a lifetime record”.

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