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Last Updated on August 3, 2022 by Joshua Isibor

There are some evil words you must not say in marriage. Note: Words are powerful, be good or evil. They can be used to build an amazing relationship or to destroy a relationship.

In Marriage, spouses may choose to soften or harden hearts, even make or break the relationship.  Here are some evil words that must not be said in marriage. They are bad seeds.

Even at your angriest, avoid these words and phrases at all costs.

  1. I will slap you!
  2. I will divorce you!
  3. Idiot
  4. You are hopeless!
  5. You are useless!
  6. You are foolish!
  7. You are Stupid
  8. You call yourself a man!
  9. Prostitute!
  10. Can’t you be like Mr. X or Madam Y?
  11. You are ugly, you are a witch!
  12. This marriage will not last!
  13. I don’t think we are meant for each other!
  14. I hate you!
  15. Bitch!
  16. I blame myself for marrying you
  17. Go to hell
  18. I will destroy you
  19. If you misbehave, I will divorce you!
  20. I don’t love you anymore!
  21. You are fat for nothing!
  22. Your breasts are too small or big for my liking!
  23. You are too short!!!
  24. Your madness has started again!!!
  25. I will be the one to kill you!!!
  26. You don’t have home training!
  27. I was forced to marry you!
  28. If you don’t give me a male child, I will marry a second wife!
  29. You are not man enough
  30. Shameless fool
  31. You are a devil
  32. You came to kill me
  33. I will kill you and bury you first
  34. Good for nothing man
  35. An illiterate like you
  36. If I had known I won’t have married you
  37. Bush woman
  38. A trash bag
  39. A pig
  40. A silly man
  41. Big for nothing
  42. Animal
  43. I will make your life miserable
  44. You must go back to your father’s house
  45. Who do you think you are?
  46. How dare you talk to me!
  47. I will show you pepper!
  48. I have not started dealing with you
  49. You will regret ever getting married to me
  50. Fatty bum bum!
  51. You disgust me!
  52. You are mad!
  53. You are crazy
  54. Something is wrong with your head!
  55. Old cargo!
  56. The only thing you know is food
  57. What do you have!
  58. Am I not the one feeding you.
  59. A loser like you!
  60. You despise me!
  61. Dirty thing!
  62. Shut up your useless mouth!
  63. You are a failure
  64. You will never succeed in life… bet me!
  65. You are going down!
  66. You better leave this house
  67. My mother warned me about you.
  68. You are so selfish!
  69. I don’t love you again
  70. You’re so ridiculous!
  71. You don’t deserve to live.
  72. You will suffer!
  73. Look at you!
  74. Is Mr. X or Mrs. Y not your mate
  75. You are childish!
  76. You talk Rubbish!
  77. You are senseless!
  78. Why did I marry you?
  79. Old thing like you!
  80. Like father like son!
  81. Leave me alone!
  82. Stay away from me!

83. Did they send you to kill me?

  1. Witch like you!
  2. Mind yourself!
  3. Don’t talk to me again!
  4. You Sting!
  5. Go wash your smelling mouth!
  6. If I get you there, I will crush you!
  7. A fool like you!
  8. You are so Dirty!!
  9. You are cant satisfy me
  10. you are A one minute man


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Abuse in its different manifestations is the most destructive tool! It leads to emotional trauma, fear, and discomfort!! It’s damaging and traumatizing!

You should never say theses abusive words to your partner be in a relationship or marriage

Choose to Speak the following now=>

  1. Always Speak good things about your spouse for example “I love you” you are special, you look so sweet, your food was so delicious, you are the most beautiful thing that ever happened to me,  you are my world, you look charming, etc
  2. Confess positive things about your marriage.
  3. Express your love to each other verbally every day.
  4. Speak about things that you do/do not like
  5. Speak to elevate.
  6. Always pray together, because a family that prays together stays together. There is power in praying and reading together!


you can add more in the comment session

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