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20 Signs a Girl Doesn’t Like You.



20 signs a girl doesnt like you

Last Updated on May 29, 2024 by Joshua Isibor

Knowing the signs that a girl doesn’t like you is very important because Friendship and relationships can be confusing. You won’t know when you both are leaving the friendship terrain and walking into the relationship space. You have to be careful and look out for signs she doesn’t like you in order not to be a hopeless romantic.

Girls are often said to be very mysterious but the truth is, we are predictable. When we are into a guy, we drop certain hints and hope he pops up the magic question. We play coy and make calculated moves and hope they will be reciprocated. However, a girl will act in some type of way if she doesn’t like you.

20 Signs a Girl Doesn’t Like You:

1. She Does’nt Return Your calls:

Women are usually enthusiastic in relationships especially when you care about them. We love attention and would always want to speak with our partner. However, if a girl consistently fails to return your calls, on grounds that she’s busy, low on airtime, had a busy day or something, then it could be a red flag that she doesn’t like you.

It’s normal to be busy, and exhausted, but if you’re interested in someone, you make efforts to return their calls. Even if you can’t, try texting them to let them know you’ll call back later or simply acknowledge their call is enough to calm them. The usual ‘brb‘, or talk to you later may suffice.

2. She Avoids You:

If a girl regularly flakes on a plan at the last minute with the excuse that something came up, then you need to have a second thought. Yeah, it is obvious and very acceptable that things happen unexpectedly causing a change of plans. That notwithstanding, if she cancels plans repeatedly and doesn’t make efforts to reschedule and keep to this new schedule, then it’s a sign she’s not interested in you.’

3. She Doesn’t Want to Hang Out With You:

Girls usually want to hang out and have a fun time with their partner or someone they like. They also want to take pictures and see beautiful places. So if a girl keeps giving you reasons why going out with you seems impossible, it’s a sign she doesn’t like you. It’s probably because they don’t wanna be seen in public with you or don’t want to have any serious relationship with you.

4. She Forgets Important Details About You:

A person who likes you keeps a record of important details about you. It doesn’t have to be written or documented, they just take note of it because you are important to them. You are one of their priorities. Girls are super smart and usually remember things, even the minuscule ones. If she forgets your birthday, favorite color or team, hobby, fun activity, and more, then it might be one of the signs she doesn’t like you.

She Forgets Important Details About You

5. There’s Little or no Response If You Tell Her about Exciting or Bad News:

We are always eager to share the good news with people we love and care about. In the same way, we want to talk to them about our low moments and challenges. They listen to us and help lift our spirits. If you tell a girl about things like a job promotion, scholarships, and disappointments and she shows no concern, it’s a sign she doesn’t like you. Likewise a slipshod reply such as OK, good, sorry, Oh!, nice.

6. Tells You All Her Bad Habits:

No one loves to talk about their bad habits. These habits are most times gently worked on so we can improve and be better.

If she doesn’t like you, she’ll downplay herself and let you know about her bad habits. She’ll tell you she smokes, cheats sleeps around, or spends recklessly so you can lose interest in her or find someone better.

7. She Avoids Being Alone With You:

This is an important sign to look out for if you think a girl doesn’t like you. A girl who likes you would want to have a special and uninterrupted moment with you. You talk about shallow and deep things and make the most of the moment.

On the contrary, if she always brings along a friend when coming to see you or prefers meeting you when you’re with your friends, it’s a sign she doesn’t wanna be alone with you. Thus, you can’t talk about deep and serious things since she has a buffer with her.

8. She Leaves When You Show Up:

Girls are usually wily. We can be shrewd at doing things. If she leaves when you show up at an event or program it may be because she doesn’t like you, thus avoiding you. She may also cancel going to events or parties if you also want to go because she doesn’t wanna be seen or spend time with you.

9. She’s Too Busy to See You:

This is an important thing to watch out for if you think a girl doesn’t like you. The truth is, we are all busy in life. We are either busy with work, assignments, projects, family, or friends. What makes all the difference is that we make out time to see and call those that mean the world to us. She may be busy climbing the corporate ladder or working tirelessly to get the long-awaited promotion but if she likes you, she makes you one of her priorities.

10. She Rarely or Never Calls:

Good communication is one of the most essential parameters in a relationship. Calls strengthen a relationship. It allows both parties to talk about their day, work experience, challenges, and obstacles, thus reinforcing mutual trust. If you do all the calling, she makes little or no effort to call you, perhaps you didn’t cut. It’s a sign she doesn’t like you or probably has no interest in you.

11. She Returns Your Texts Late:

Under normal circumstances, the usual time frame to return a text is 24 hours. If you have to wait for more than this timeframe before she replies to you, it’s probably a sign you don’t pique her interest. When a girl likes you, she can let you know if she’s busy so you don’t have to be so expectant. If she doesn’t reply to your texts and when she does, it’s usually an unwelcoming one-word text, then it’s a sign she doesn’t like you.

12. Always Leaves You on Read:

Messages can be read and not replied to for various reasons. It may be because it popped up, you read it and before you could reply, something pressing came up. It may also be because it requires a detailed response which may not be possible at that time.

Sometimes I may open a text and before I can read and reply to it, my food is burning or my mom needs my attention. Regardless of these and many other reasons, if she repeatedly leaves you on read with no convincing explanation later, it may be because you mean nothing to her.

13. She Just Doesn’t Seem to Care About You:

If a girl doesn’t like you, you can spot she’s always off and uptight. Don’t mistake a lack of interest for being coy. She offers nothing to your conversation, shares no personal details, and exudes a lackadaisical attitude. She doesn’t ask for anything from you nor does she receive when you offer one. You’re always turned down and left in the dark.

14. She Never Tells You About Anything Important in Her Life:

Someone who likes you shares important and memorable experiences they’ve had. They may also tell you about milestones they’ve achieved, new jobs, places they’ll be visiting, discoveries, and innovations.

If a girl doesn’t tell you about things important to her, if she doesn’t let you into her world and let you share her joy or sadness, it may be an indication she doesn’t like you.

15. Calls You a Friend:

If a girl repeatedly introduces you as a friend through her others and tells you how much of a great friend you are, it’s not a mistake. Don’t get confused. It doesn’t mean you have to try harder to please her or get her to like you. It means she’s just making her thoughts clear about how she feels about you.

16. Always Has Plans on Public Holidays or Her Free Time:

Public holidays and shifts are usually great times to spend with our loved ones. We get to make up for lost time, have a mini party, hang out, or go for a picnic. We may do numerous fun and memorable things on such days. However, if a girl doesn’t like you, she may not spend such days with you.

17. She Tells You She’s Not Ready:

When a girl tells you she’s not ready for a relationship or anything serious, and she’s just having fun, listen and respect her thoughts. Don’t hang on hoping to convince her or get her to see how much you care about her and step up your game. Don’t try so hard.

18. You Have No Access to Her Things:

When a girl likes you, she lets you into her world and shares her thoughts with you. On the contrary, if you have no access to a girl’s stuff and her phone, it’s a heads-up. If she doesn’t take pictures with you and even when you do, she deletes them, it’s probably a shred of evidence she doesn’t like you. You don’t have to force things, just let her go.

19. She Doesn’t Touch or Flirt With You:

You mustn’t mistake a lack of interest for shyness. There’s usually a clear disparity between a shy person and someone who firmly doesn’t want contact. While for the former, there’s tension and fear, the latter is firm, unperturbed, and distant. She’s always on guard, folds her arms, and avoids PDA. You can read her resolute body language. She may also give you a wide distance if you try coming close or slip her hand away from yours when you try to hold her.

20. You Make All The Effort to See Her:

When someone cares about you, they’re always eager to see you. Yeah, she’s got a life. She may be busy but if you’re the one always doing the work, it’s probably because you’re not her priority. She may also be less enthusiastic and sound bored when you finally see her and offer nothing to the conversation. Her responses are casual with a quick and short reply. All attention seems to be on her phone. If she doesn’t like you, she won’t reciprocate your energy.

You must have seen some signs that confirm your initial fears. No one likes to admit someone they like isn’t into them. No one accepts rejection with open arms but we can avoid it. A girl may not outrightly tell you she doesn’t like you but you can spot it and let her go.

Don’t ignore the obvious signs she doesn’t like you or stick around for a while hoping she’ll get to like you. For your self-respect and mental health, walk away. There’s always someone who’s meant for you. They’ll respect and appreciate you, match your energy, and make life worthwhile for you.

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