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emotional addiction

Last Updated on April 3, 2024 by Joshua Isibor

In this article, we’ll be talking about how to make a man emotionally addicted to you. love is all about respect, admiration care, and most importantly deep emotions. We fall in love only when we have those special feelings and uncontrolled emotions for someone. Sometimes a man admires a girl physically but it’s not these physical feelings that can keep a relationship or marriage.

for a man to be in love with a girl, he must have this strong emotional attraction and if a man does feel emotionally attracted to you then there is almost nothing you can do that would keep him from wanting to be with you, he sees you as his better half and feels complete whenever he is around you. sometimes we fall deeply in love with a man but we keep seeing some signs that he does not feel the same for us.

Do you even know that most men decide if a girl is girlfriend material within the first time meeting each other?

If you do not know how to create the right impression on your first meeting then you automatically become JUST A FRIEND. and you know what that means “whatever you both do ends in she is just a friend”. But there is something you can do to get him into having a deep emotion for you even when he initially had none. to get a man to love you back, you have to win his heart, and the trick to instantly have him all to yourself is to control his emotions which is the way to his heart, you need to create a deep connection with him that would transcend all else.

But how can you achieve all this?


1. Firstly you have to give them your undivided attention:

you do not necessarily need to have an in-depth conversation with a guy to make him deeply connected to you. Being present and fully attuned to what the person you are interested in has to say can communicate genuine interest and care.

So whenever you are around him you have to give him all the necessary attention he needs. listen to him patiently even when he sounds foolish, and show him that he can confide in you.

Give him undivided attention. you can even put your phone on silent so as not to get distracted whenever he is talking to you. this can help you to listen better and make you ask him more relevant questions to keep the conversation going.   

2. Secondly, you have to give him all the necessary supports he needs and accept his flaws:

you have to show your care and support for the man you love. Every man needs someone who accepts who they are and understood them even when they say something utterly stupid. They just need someone who sees all their flaws and just loves them for whom they are, and your man needs that as well. Just love him for his flaws and quirks.

Always keep in mind that no one is perfect, Sometimes he may go through some hectic moments but always try to make him feel good to support him and encourage him in anything good he wants to do. make him see you as his best.

If this continues from time to time he will start seeing you as more than what he ranked you in his life, he will always come back to you whenever he is troubled because he feels satisfied with your words and you will become irreplaceable when he can depend on you when he needs you most.  

3. Thirdly you have to show him some respect:

You have to give your man the respect that he deserves, showing him that you respect him a lot screams love. Always listen to what he says, learn to compromise when needed, and be his best friend. With this he will cherish you so much and trust you more, it will make him want to open up more to you and he can tell you his secrets. 

He will also start noticing a strange feeling in him towards you and he starts having something different from just a friend in his heart.

4. Lastly you have to spice it up;

 Whenever you are not around him engage in a hot chat with him on text messages, Facebook, WhatsApp, or any other social media.  When he is away you can always call him and tell him how much you miss him. then call him video call tell him how much you miss his presence, just make him feel like you so much care about him.

When you are around him flirt with him, use the power of body language always look directly in his eyes make sure you both have close eye contact from time to time then you can move to start up a kiss with him and sure he won’t resist it because he is already falling for you.

Give him a peck while you want to leave and this would make him feel like not letting you go. Then he will surely decide in his mind to keep you forever with him.  In conclusion, you have to apply all these principles bit by bit and wait for him to set up deep feelings for you. Do not make him your priority immediately just live your life to the fullest but always be there for him. With all this, he will not be able to resist your love and he will feel you are the best for him. He will as well cherish you forever.

NB; when you make your man emotionally addicted, you won’t be afraid of losing him. 


Originally posted 2020-08-25 15:38:50.

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