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How To Win a Girl’s Heart Without Stress




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We’ll be talking on how to win a girl’s heart. Winning a girl’s heart is a heavy mission, but if you’ve set your eyes on a specific girl who has taken over your heart, get ready for the wild ride of making her yours!

Mutual love is something we all dream of having which we dream to keep as long as possible.

Falling in love is an overwhelming experience because when a man is in love he is capable of doing things he normally wouldn’t dream of doing.

Do You like a girl, but don’t know how to win her heart? Well then, let me help you out. I will lists out ways on how to win her heart.

The most absorbing thing to note here is that in order to win a girl’s heart, it is not mandated to go out of your way and do anything extraordinary or stupid.

To be honest with you, girls aren’t that complicated. It’s just that once we’ve had our expectations fulfilled, we refuse to lower them for guys who can’t be bothered.

We don’t need grand gestures that will prove your undying love and commitment neither do we need you to be our knight in shining armor!

Consistency and effort are two of the most simple, yet very important, components we all seek in a romantic partner.

20 ways on How to Win a girl’s Heart:

1.Claim Your girl:

Every girl wants to be taken by her guy. Yet, even the word “taken” sounds selfish and sometimes seems to be wrong with it. Some men are afraid to say “You are mine, and I’ll never let you go” because they think they’ll be seen as controlling and egocentric people.

2.Don’t mind her Resistances:

Look deeper than her defenses, complaints, weakness, and rejection. When you honor the truth of your Soul, you’ll feel the yearning of her heart and will be able to meet her deepest desires, not just jump through hoops to make her happy.

Girls don’t communicate in straight-forward ways. Subconsciously they want you to “get it.” It explains to them that you truly care, and aren’t just saying that you do. When you feel her, she knows and she opens up to Trust you.

3.Believe in Yourself:

No one can teach you what to say or do, when to say it, or what step to take and when. But your heart has all the answers, yes they do.

Believing is one of the keys to success, if you have an atom of unbeliever what you are pursuing will not work for you.

If you are attempting to prove something to yourself, others, or her, then you are driven by insecurity and she will feel it. She will punish you mercilessly for your weakness. The truth is, you need to take your girl INTO ultimate freedom which she can’t experience on her own.

4.Be Confident and Pursue Her

When you like a girl, try to make an effort to win her. Talk to her and be open about yourself, or just anything. Have confidence and lead the conversation. girls like boys who are confident of themselves, but not extremely too confident to the point where you become arrogant. Be honest and sincere, but most of all: be real.

5.Compliment Her

The Little compliment you notice about us make us really happy. For instance saying that we look good with our new hairstyle, our new accessory, or our new dress will make our hearts flutter. So be sure to compliment her, but at the same time, be genuine about it.compliment her

6.Show Your Interest

Show your interest and be honest. Always be upfront and straightforward, we don’t like boys who beat around the bush. Show her that you like her and be honest with your feelings. We like guys who are expressive the most.

7.Show That You Care

There are a many ways to show a girl that you care about her. Like giving your jacket when she’s cold, buying her food when you know that she needed to eat, or helping her out with something. Things like that. Show her that you care, because it makes us feel good to know that someone cares.

8.Make an Effort

Making an effort goes a long way. When you want to win a girl, be determined, and make an effort. Give her a ride to her home, or buy her food, you can write her a letter, or give her flowers, it’s up to you. But make an effort to show her that you really want to win her.

9.Try to Be Her Friend

Be there for her at all times. Be there for her when she talks to you about her worries or problem. Be a good listener and give good advice. It is nice to have a friend we can talk to about anything and everything.

10.Give Her Something

BE kind by giving her something, It mustn’t be a gift. Give her a letter, or a piece of art you made by yourself, or a scrapbook with pictures of you and her together; you know, little things that matter. We are happy with the little things we’re given.

11.Serenade your girl

As corny as it is, we like it when guys sing love songs to us. It feels nice when you sing for us or play an instrument for us. It makes us feel special. Sing her a song; it doesn’t matter if you have a nice voice or not, but sing your heart out. You never can tell, you are slowly winning her heart and she is eventually falling for you.

12.Take Her Out

Ask her out, let her know that you want to be with her. Girls love it when you take them to a cinema to watch a movie, or go to a restaurant and have dinner together. Take the risk and don’t be shy, because thinking that it might not work doesn’t matter. You’ll never know until you give it a try, right?

13.Have proper hygiene and make yourself smell good

Girls like it when guys are clean and have proper hygiene. If you want to smell your best, start by getting yourself clean. Put on deodorant, apply hair gel, or wear cologne or perfume. Nothing is better than a guy smelling good. Trust me, she’ll love you forever. We like it when a guy smells good.

14.Make her believe she can trust you

A girl has to trust you for her to feel safe to open up to you. If she feels you are unreliable and untrustworthy, then she is going to shut down her feelings toward you.

Most girls have had experiences where they poured all of their hearts into a relationship only to be walked all over by their man.

So, it won’t be easy for her to open up to you unless you demonstrate through your behaviors that you are someone she can rely on.

15.Surprise her

Studies show that our emotions are highly greater when someone does something for us unexpectedly.

Our brain stops responding strongly when things become stale and predictable.

When you do things the way you have always done, or when you say the same things you always say, you will become predictable in her eyes, and she is going to lose interest in you.

If you want to maintain her interest and win her heart, it is important you change things every now and then to disrupt what her brain expects from you. And this does not have to be something stupid.

For example, calling her at times she does not expect your call, or it can be surprising her with a random gift when it is not a special occasion.

This will help to bring out strong emotion in her, and she may start to fall for you.

15.Make deep eye contact

Sometimes, You don’t have to Speak a Word.

It’s good you look deep into her eyes and communicate your feelings. Eye contact speaks many mysteries.

Many men are afraid of letting that tension to build up, and they are quick to break it by looking away. Make deep eye contact

Your bae may ask you why you are looking at her without saying anything, you can simply tell her that you enjoy looking into her eyes, and she will love you for it.

To practice your eye contact, practice holding eye contact a little longer than what you are comfortable with, as you go about your day. When a girl looks at you, hold that eye contact. Don’t avoid looking away.

17.Do not pressure her

Pressure is one of your worst enemies if you want to win a girl. When a girl feels like you are pressuring her to be different from who she truly is, then she is going to resent you and shut down her heart.

If she enjoys making a silly joke, then allow her to make a silly joke (as long as she is not disrespecting you or others around her).

You do not want to be too critical and judgmental of what she does or says (unless she crosses your boundary). When she feels like she constantly has to audit her action and words around you, she is going to dread spending time with you, rather than looking forward to it.

18.Show respect to her family and friends

If you are planning to spend the rest of your life with your girl, then you need to treat her family and friends with respect. It will show that you care for her on a deep level than just on a superficial level.

You are indirectly letting her know you don’t intend to take this relationship lightly and you respect her and the people around her.

On the contrary, if a girl’s family and friends are on your side, they can make your life easier by taking your side if eventually you and your girlfriend get into a fight. Not just that but they’ll support you in every way they can.

Never, neglect people around her!

19.Touch her affectionately

Physical touch can be extremely effective when it comes to winning a girl’s heart.

No, I’m not talking about spanking her behind inside the club or grinding on a girl on the dance floor without her permission.

That is probably going to get you slapped across the face by a girl.

But, I am rather talking about using your physical touch as a way to communicate your affection toward her.

For Instance, when a girl is stressed out, by you simply resting your hand on her back and comforting her can often do a lot more than any words you say to cheer her up.

Do not forget to give her a nice, warm hug when she is feeling anxious.

There is a reason why a baby monkey becomes attached to a machine with a fur coat as opposed to a machine that dispenses food. We all crave for that warmth from another person.

Touch her intimately in a way that makes her feel like resting her soul in your arms.

When you can do that, you don’t have to wonder how you can win a girl’s heart.

20.Travel together

Traveling together to places where you guys have never visited is going to help you form a much stronger bond with your girl, Including giving you the chance of knowing her better.

travel together

Creating good memories through traveling would help you to overcome challenges and struggles.

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