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6 Disadvantages of Sleeping With Your Ex




Last Updated on April 4, 2024 by Joshua Isibor

 A lot of people don’t think about the disadvantages of sleeping with their ex before jumping in bed with them.

You might say one night stand with him will not hurt,  but believe it or not, it will hurt, a lot.

When I was in high school, my boyfriend that I was dating for 3 years dumped me for my friend, because he thought I was cheating on him with a teacher. I pleaded with him to take me back, I even sent some people to beg him on my behalf, but he refused while saying he loves my friend a lot.

I was devastated and couldn’t move on. he was my first boyfriend as of then and I just wanted him back. After weeks and weeks of persuasion, he accepted with a condition, that I must have sex with him, because he is getting sex from his new girlfriend and that he can leave that relationship for our “no sex relationship game”, and I foolishly accepted.

After having sex with him, he didn’t call me until he wanted another sex. After having sex the second time, he refused to pick my call.  So I kept calling him, after a few days, he answered my call, I was very happy. He said something that candy crushed my heart. He said “And I thought you were a virgin * hiss* and I was wasting my time with you in no stupid sex relationship, thank God I took my friends advice, there is no harm in trying free and desperate food” I was very shocked that I couldn’t blink, I just sat there listening to him and his friends laugh at me through the phone.

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After a week the news spread like a wildfire throughout the school, and I couldn’t go to school anymore, and that’s when all our neighbors heard about it including my family. I thought about suicide, but when my family found out they wouldn’t even let me take my bath alone, I had to do everything with my sister, so that she can keep an eye on me.

Although everyone has their own stories, both beautiful and ugly, sleeping with your ex is a really bad idea.

Disadvantages of sleeping with your ex


After breaking up with your ex, and one day you guys started charting again, talking, and joking about old times. And one weekend, your ex nocks at your door, you open it and he says surprise with a wine in his hand, and with a smile, you let him in.

After two or more glasses of wine later, you started making eye contacts, well to cut the long story short, one thing leads to another and you had amazing sex. And you started thinking, “why did we even break up on the first place” You woke up the next morning and see that your house was empty, you called him and he said, that the sex meant nothing, that it was just a prank, a bet he made with his friends.

See, you just toyed with your own heart, instead of thinking about another shot with your ex, why don’t you use it and take a break and breath some fresh air. I know you might still love your ex, but he/she might not love you anymore and has moved on, so it’s better to just take the wax off at once, than one hair at a time, either way, they are all painful.  So you have to cut the line with a sharp scissors

Instead of a rusty razor blade, it’s better to end fast and cry once than to end it slowly and cry every day.

2.Getting Caught:

Having sex with your ex, when you both have moved on is total screw up. It’s like gambling, only that your relationship is the bet. Sometimes you think you’ve played your game very well, until one day you get caught by your boyfriend or even your ex’s girlfriend, by then it’s game over, you neither have a boyfriend nor a fuck buddy. It’s a really bad thing to cheat in a relationship, especially when you have a Gentle and faithful man as a boyfriend or husband.


Sleeping with your ex can take your whole life from slow and peaceful to being blackmailed and scared. If you and your ex ended things in an ugly way, you should be conscious of them when they come back all smiling.

You cheat on your faithful boyfriend, and he finds out and was very heartbroken and disappointed at you. He calls off the relationship, and you know that you love him so much was also disappointed at yourself.

After some months he calls you and said he wants you back, after having sex, and reconnecting happily, your mind tells you that you don’t connect to anyone as much as you two. And you apologized for what you did, he smiles and kissed your temple, got off bed wore his dress, and walks out of your house.

You receive a video message and you watch it, only to see your self having sex with him, and other nude pictures of you with a caption that read “it’s payback time bitch”

You thought you two were connecting, becoming intimate again, but what you did not understand is the meaning of the word ‘Intimate’.  Look,  intimacy is not all about sex, it’s not about sex at all. It’s more about the feeling, the openness, and also the closeness. The question is before you conclude that your connection and intimacy theory, did you feel the real intimacy?

4.Decreases your Self-respect:

Sleeping with your ex decreases your self-respect. Talking from experience, when he called me desperate free food, I know how small I felt. All my self-esteem went flying through the window. Before you go hooking up with your ex think about how you will feel after that 5 to 50 minutes of sex, how disrespectful you will feel about yourself.

5.Sexually Transmitted Disease/ unwanted Pregnancy:

STD/pregnancy is another reason why you should keep away from sex with your ex. In the past few months of being separated from your ex, you might not know his/her lifestyle anymore, you do not know if he has a new bae/boo or sleeps around. A one night with your ex can get you pregnant or worse STD.

6.Suicide/self-harm: Sleeping with your ex

Can equally lead to suicide/self-harm. You think you are reconnecting with your ex, rekindling the old flame until he tells you to your face that he has moved on, or worse, that it’s just pranking, a bet, or payback. By then you will realize that he has been playing with your emotions, and became really heartbroken, so you started putting blames on yourself, beating yourself up for being so easy, in my own experience ‘desperate’ and you will want to hurt yourself.

If you find yourself in this condition, just know that suicide is not the answer. Get up and get your head straight. There a lot of men out there that want you so bad. So get up, dress up, and go treat yourself to some ice cream, talking from experience ice cream do help. Always know that your Mr. Right is still out there.

Sleeping with your Ex, whether it’s just a hookup, or out of boredom or because you still have feelings for them, is a really bad idea, so it’s better to end things clearly with them, sever your ties with them and move on, meet new people, make new friends and mingle.

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