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Is sex important in a Romantic Relationship?

Yes? No? Maybe? well, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this as everyone Has a different perception, principle, and other reasons. It is worth knowing that sex is good for your brain, body, and relationship.

There are however various reasons why sex might be an important factor in keeping a healthy relationship aside from the need for sexual connection.

There are tons of reasons that make a healthy relationship and boost commitment. Intimacy is one of the many ways to express love to your partner. Now we are not talking about a platonic relationship.

Let me make it clear at this point that sex doesn’t need to be a part of every relationship but for people who want to engage in sex, let’s talk about sex in a relationship

5 Reasons why sex is important in a relationship


the blissful afterglow

1. The blissful afterglow

Sex is another means of communication, it allows you to express how you feel and how you want to be touched, you tell your partner what feels good or not- through moans or groans. Sex is good but good sex is blissful, it takes you to this psychological state where you are high after the release of good hormones. It maintains sparks, relieves stress, gives you a sense of happiness, regains your appetite, effortlessly puts you in a happy mood, and strengthens the bond between partners. It removes puffy eyes, healthier hair, lips pouty, cheeks blush, and the face glows.

 2. Health and Confidence Booster

There are many emotional benefits of having sex, it keeps you both feeling desirable, is a form of exercise, and active sexuality boosts libido. It burns calories, and fat, causes people to live healthier lifestyles, and lighter periods with fewer cramps, lowers blood pressure, and increases bladder control.

Confidence increases sexual satisfaction, we have a lot of people dealing with low self-esteem and are not proud of the structure of their bodies, sex raises your sense of well-being and satisfaction with yourself. It boosts our sense of being attractive, desirable proficient, and confident. Intimacy sex makes you get physical with your partner and it’s important for you to make positive comments about your partner during sex. The fact that you arouse and satisfy your partner goes a long way in boosting their confidence and also kills insecurities by building trust.

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3. Bond extends beyond the bedroom

For those who have physical touch as their primary love language, it can sometimes feel distant even if you are always available.

Sex is a great way to bond as it’s a form of emotional intimacy and the more intimate you get in the bedroom, the more you have outside and vice versa which builds commitment

bond beyond the bed room

It is an opportunity to express love and affection, better understand yourself, and discuss some issues bothering each other. It creates an atmosphere to learn how to communicate and listen to each other in bed and outside.

4. Makeup

If you had a hard day and your partner made you, you can always end the day in bed, and making love to each other can increase the chances of softening your heart.

Most makeup sex is always enjoyable, because of the disagreement it makes you hot, and pissed, and you get to be way more aggressive than you normally are. It makes you laugh about the fight after the release of pointless tension and is a great way to end a fight you had no idea how to end.

a good night sleep

source healthline

5. A good night’s sleep

Foreplay is lots of fun and helps boost lovemaking, strengthening the bonds of lovemaking. Sex is a great way to relieve stress, bring you closer, and allow you to pleasure each other, the oxytocin released during orgasm also promotes sleep and, most importantly, the post-sex cuddle which is always great.

6. Sexual compatibility

This is very important as it allows you to understand the sexuality of your partner. It can be difficult when one partner’s libido is higher than the other and this is where communication comes in. It is normal to experience changes over time due to stress, age, arguments, insecurity, hormonal change, and others but not impossible to manage. Sex allows you to work on it as it is important to make both partners happy.

However, sex allows you to learn how to please your partner sexually, teach your partner what you like, and do something different or new that takes your partner’s breath away.

But sex isn’t the only factor in a healthy relationship

While sex can be a great form of intimacy, it’s certainly not the only way to get intimate with a partner. There are also various of showing affection that might not necessarily lead to sex such as;

  • Massages
  • Kissing
  • Cuddling
  • Holding hands
  • Handjobs
  • Watching porn together
  • Mutual masturbation

This doesn’t mean that people who abstain from sex will struggle emotionally — it just means that people who have sex may improve in some other part of their relationship. Not everybody needs to have sex to have a healthy and happy relationship — but some people do.


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