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What You Should Know Before Shooting Your Shot



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Last Updated on April 2, 2024 by Joshua Isibor

In our today’s society, the term “shooting your shot” is commonly used. This means doing away with your pride and ego to go after whom you are interested in. Some people are happily married, while some are experiencing an amazing relationship simply because they let go of their ego to chase the one their heart sought after.

Although, many people shoot their shots these days with ulterior motives. This is to say, not because their heart sought after that person genuinely but for their selfish reasons. Though there are still people with good intentions out there and if you are amongst them, this article is for you.

To start with, before making your intentions known to the opposite sex, it is very important to do some self-assessments. Ask yourself if you are ready for a relationship and the stress that comes with it. It is not about yearning to be in one; are you ready for the bad days, the discomforting days, the sad days, moments when you wished you never started it, the sacrifices, etc. Every relationship has its challenges, your ability to sail without drifting is all dependent on your willingness to work things out. Make sure you are mentally and emotionally ready to delve into one before going for who your heart beats for.

Everyone has what they want in the opposite sex, and this varies according to individual differences. Before making that bold step, is the person your spec? Not irrelevant things, but on issues that matter. Is he or she the kind of partner you want? Or are you moved by physical attraction without putting into consideration the person’s personality? Be very intentional about this bold step. Stop being carried away over things that can fade away and focus on what is more important. Eg., personality, charisma, intelligence, level of reasoning, etc. These are things that cannot be bought.

Keep an open mind! Be free-minded. Rejection is bound to happen in life. Always have it somewhere in your mind that the feelings you have for that person may not be mutual and love cannot be forced. The world wouldn’t end if he or she turns down your advances.

What matters most is that you have let the person know how you feel, life continues! Do not pressure anyone into accepting you even when they obviously don’t want you, as the end may be unfortunate. Although, there are exceptional cases where some people apply the “Persistence is the key” saying, and it ends up in their favor. It all depends on what is obtainable at your end. If the handwriting of rejection is very glaring on the wall, please avoid that quote and move on!

As controversial as this may appeal to your emotions, you need to put it into consideration. So many people have ruined sweet friendships all because they shot their shot. The wisdom; they say is profitable to direct. When an opposite-sex gets very comfortable with you, it is not always an avenue to ask them out as this can cause harm to the friendship.

Always have control over your emotions. Not everyone has the ability to continue a friendship after you let them know that you have developed feelings for them. Especially, in cases where you know that it can’t work out for very obvious reasons but because you want to “air your mind,” you end up ruining an amazing friendship. That the opposite sex appeals to your emotions doesn’t guaranty the establishment of a relationship. Always use your tongue to count your teeth.

The act of building a beautiful relationship always starts from giving it a trial by shooting your shot. Hence, there are many things to put into consideration apart from what is expressed in this article. However, there are always irregularities and exceptions in life despite how hard we try to conform to the norm. Hence, do what works for you as long as it isn’t toxic and have an amazing relationship.



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