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Creative Pregnancy Announcement Ideas for your Partner



Pregnancy announcement ideas

Last Updated on May 22, 2024 by Joshua Isibor

Pregnancy is a wonderful experience, and knowing that you are expecting a baby will make you happy. You will definitely want to scream to your highest pitch.

Most women love to share this joy with their friends and family, but others want to hold on for some weeks before they blow it open.

It doesn’t really matter how and when you make the big announcement. We have you covered on this.

Being pregnant is not an easy journey. So when a pregnant woman wants to shout out about being pregnant, it’s her choice, and she should be free to do as she pleases. Moreover, it’s one of the feelings of pregnancy. The oversecretion of hormones makes her want to do things extraordinarily.

So, if you are pregnant and you are giggling and so excited to announce your pregnancy, then just roll with me, because I have amazing ideas to share with you. Are you ready?

Some Pregnancy Announcement Ideas For Your Partner

1. Daddy T-shirt


Design a T-shirt for your spouse that says “Daddy.” Then, Walk into the room with your own shirt that reads “Mommy,” and present it to your spouse as a gift.

2. Cake Topper

Get your spouse’s favourite dessert. add up a cake topper with a little write-up along the lines of We are pregnant!

3. Use a Pet

Design or buy a shirt for your pet. Place it on your pet and make your pet greet your Spouse as he walks in through the door.

4. Sparkling Fruit Juice Label

Are you excited? Design a bottle with a label for the announcement. After that pour a glass of sparkling fruit juice for the both of you.

They may be a little bit confused since it’s a non-alcoholic drink. At that moment, open it, and he will certainly want a real wine to celebrate the amazing surprise!

5. Party

You can announce your pregnancy by organizing a low-key indoor party where you can publicly announce your baby.

6. Circus Act

Perhaps you feel like you already did a circus, announce this way, and also remember to include other things.

7) Scavenger Hunt

Almost all men love scavenger hunts. Drop clues or notes for him around the house. Drop your pregnancy test strip, baby shoes or something close to the last clue with an appealing write-up which will make him speechless.

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8) Eating For Two Bowl

If you are about to eat breakfast, bring out “Eating For Two” bowls. Stylishly eat from your prepared hot coffee and oats from your reveal bowl, or give him a heads up by moving it back and forth at his face if you feel he won’t understand your clue. It will be a memorable breakfast.

9) Pregnancy Reveal Card


Welcome your spouse with a pregnancy reveal card as he walks in through the door. On the card, write “You plus me and another equal three .” This method is a simple way to announce your pregnancy.

10) Pregnancy Bookmark

If you have a book lover as a spouse then create a bookmark that says, “I am pregnant!” or “We are expecting a new baby!” and PUT it in his recent bookmarks. This will be a shocking surprise to him.

11) Under Construction

Make a closed door before he walks into the house with a sign that says, “Nursery Under Construction: about to be opened.

12. Chalk it up

This unique approach will make his jaw drop. All it requires is a positive pregnancy test strip for your partner and a floor!

13. Streaming story

This particular one may not be for everybody. However, if you share the same sense of humour with your family or friends, a Pregnancy announcement with a catchy story will hit them hard.

14. It is a goal

Does your spouse love sports? Make a pregnancy announcement with their sports choice. Take their picture and use it for the announcement. It is possible that a crazy games developer company took part in such news since it is quite difficult to believe it.

15. A laugh with a twist

Look for humour that suits pregnancy. You might spend a lot of time throwing up, or behaving like you are always feeling sleepy. Use the opportunity to announce your pregnancy, mostly if you can use the pregnancy to get him.

16. Spell it out

You could get something to spell out the news. Create a design on cardboard paper that says “I am pregnant”.

17. light it up

You can get a box with lights, while you set up a sign with an ultrasounds picture as you wait for your spouse to return home and find out the truth.

Little more piece

Pregnancy announcement ideas are a nice way to inform your spouse about your coming baby. You can surprise him with these ideas to make it memorable.


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