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18+ Proven Signs A Married Man is Unhappy in His Marriage



how to know an unhappy married man

Last Updated on August 26, 2022 by Joshua Isibor

In this article, we’ll be looking at the signs a married man is unhappy in his marriage. Living happily ever after is the first wish of every couple. An Unhappy Man is a man who’s emotionally and psychologically distressed.

Knowing the signs that your husband is unhappy in the marriage is very important because his happiness should be your concern too. Happiness in marriage is medicine itself.

At some point, a man will want to hide his feelings from you so you won’t know he’s unhappy, that’s why we’ll be exploring so many signs that show your husband is really unhappy in the marriage.

How To know a married man is unhappy in his marriage? (18 Signs)

 1. He Now Enjoys Spending Time Alone:

One of the Signs your husband might be unhappy is when he starts spending time alone. Probably your husband is the kind of person who you’ve never had a dull moment before, then he suddenly changes, This sign tells that you’re probably the one at fault.

It could be your character towards him or you’ve got a bad behavior and the best decision for him, is to give you space or probably he is having a hard time at work. Hence, spending time with himself would give him peace.

 2. He Stops Flaunting You

A happy man will always want to flaunt and brag about you wherever he goes. But if he stops that then it could be a red flag that he’s unhappy in the marriage.

3. He rarely compliments you

A Happy man will always compliment you and appreciate you even when you don’t expect it. One thing about an unhappy man is that he can never give you that full happiness you desire from him. The time you ought to hear sweet words from him, he’ll keep you silent.

To him, he’ll say, “why will I compliment her when she doesn’t make me happy?”.  Sometimes, he could show you all these so you’ll know you’ve hurt him.

 4. He No Longer Value or Respects You

You might decide to suggest a great idea that could improve the home, and his reaction will make you regret ever talking about it. He might decide to snub you, quarrel with you or turn down your offer. Once upon a time when you were not in agreement with him yet, he’ll still respect you, but now he doesn’t, this is a sure sign that there is something wrong with the marriage.

5. He worries over everything

he worries over everything

an unhappy married man will always worry about everything

He worries over anything you do, even when you prepare breakfast for him, he’ll always find a fault. He becomes a fault-finder. If hurting you would make him feel better, he’ll do it.

6. He gets irrationally angry seeing women treating men well, or seeing men who are happy in relationships

Normally, people shouldn’t get mad when they see other people happy in their relationship, but the reverse is the case. He always feels bad and upset when he sees couples having fun because he knows he cants enjoy what they enjoy.

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 7. He Feels Cold towards You

He suddenly changes towards you, you no longer feel the vibes or the energy he pulls whenever he’s around you.  you may ask questions like “baby how’re you doing today, how’s work?” he’ll just give you a cold answer like, “work’s fine”.You’ll never find him opening up to you again, hence, he’ll become so emotionally unavailable.

8. He’s rarely around

You’ll hardly find him at home. At his leisure, he’ll always find somewhere to go. He could decide to visit the gym, visit friends, grab some drinks at the pub, or come late from work.

9. Your partner starts developing relationships with singles or Unhappily married women

if you notice your husband starts associating himself with single ladies a lot, then your relationship is In serious trouble. According to psychologists, when someone is unhappy, one of the best ways to recover is by making new friends.

The reason why he’s doing this is that “he’s looking for interest, support, and ideas outside your safe circle because he’s unhappy inside it. This behavior he’s exhibiting is a symptom, so don’t treat the symptom — treat the underlying problem.”

10. The fighting stops all together

You may be wondering…. “ My husband used to be a  partner that loves fighting me always, but now everything seems so different?” You’d probably be surprised he changed not knowing that he’s just trying to avoid you.

11. Frequently Out

when a man is unhappy in his marriage, he eats with his friends outside

when a man is unhappy in his marriage, he eats with his friends outside

An Unhappy man would rather eat outside with his friends than eat at home. Why does he eat outsides? Probably your character irritates him and he doesn’t feel comfy eating with you at the same dining table.

 12. He becomes more secretive

when you notice it, it’s when you start having an intimate conversation with him and suddenly he’ll just stop, change the conversation automatically, and he starts keeping a private life.


13. Body Language

Body language is the height of it all. With or without someone telling you., When you know your husband very well it will show in his everyday behavior and even his countenance would tell you., Hey, Everything is not going well!!! Body language is a good sign that will help you to know if everything is okay or not.

 14. He Looks At Other Women

A husband might be unhappy because you’re not dressing seductively or probably he doesn’t feel anything for you anymore. Hence, the only way for him to cure this unhappiness is for him to look at other women or even make new friends with them.

 15. He Becomes a Pro At Argument

he argues

An unhappy married man will always argue with you all the time.

The way some unhappy men argue, if you’re a lawyer, I don’t think you can ever win a case with him. He brings up arguments, he finds fault in all you do.

16. No More Sex

Here, he no longers feels comfortable having sex with you. He’ll give excuses or tell you he’s tired. even when he agrees to have sex, you can never have this Joy as you do before.

Wrapping Up                                                                          

When you’ve discovered these signs, don’t just sit down and relax about it. Make sure you figure out a way to make him happy. If you don’t, there are tons of ladies out there who can help him out in whatever situation he might be passing through. You can also visit our counseling page for more info.

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