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Chubby Girlfriend- Top Reasons Why You Should Date Them




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Who is a Chubby Person?

A chubby person is someone who is plump, fleshing, rounded, or slightly overweight. Also, a chubby person is slightly overweight and has a moderate amount of fat in his or her body. in this article, we’ll be talking about the reasons to consider dating a chubby girlfriend.

Being fat these days seems like a curse to most ladies, because they think fat ladies are mostly rejected by men. many will say if I get fat now, no man will want to marry me”. The perfect ideal woman for most men is dating someone slim, beautiful, has great skin tone, and model-like in nature.

There are men out there who’re still crazy about chubby girls. A lot of men that married fat women do not necessarily mean that they wanted it, but along the line, they fell in love with the lady.

Ever since I was born, I hated anything called fat. I ran away from the most chubby girls who were chasing after me. I was so good at running away from them with the slightest opportunity I have Until met one, then my whole mentality changed. from my little experience then, saw that the power of love can change a whole lot of things.

Love can make you do things you never wished or planned to do. She was so irresistible that I had to break my law. I actually had the best relationship with her until we broke up.
Love has nothing to do with shape, size, background, or outward appearance. Therefore a chubby girl should not be denied respect, love, and awesome sex.

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13 Reasons Chubby Girls Make The Best Girlfriends

1. They are not afraid Of eating

chubby girls are not afraid of eating

chubby girls are not afraid of eating

When you go on a date with her, you’ll have full confidence that they won’t waste your food. They are simply more romantic when you’re out with them eating. They’ll even try eating your meal too. I’ve been on several dates with skinny girls and I ended up regretting buying stuff for us to eat. slim girls are not the food type.

Chubby girls are not so afraid of gaining weight, because they already have it, so they’ll always want to explore and try new things. dating a chubby girl will not actually dampen your foodie spirit because they love eating.
Despite all I’ve said, Some men also have this negative feeling, that when they marry a chubby girlfriend, she’ll finish the whole food at home. lol

2. Easy to talk to

Research has shown that fat girls are much easier to talk to. Their ability to talk about anything is what makes them more spectacular. They simply focus on other things rather than their looks. Instead of their physical appearance, they can engage you in tons of topics.
They are also really easy to meet on dating apps if you know where to look. Beyond Ages has our favorite rankings of the best bbw dating sites out there right now. They spent a lot of time trying out dozens of different sites to find what’s actually working for guys.
It’s really important to get some expert recommendations before you try an app because it’s so easy to waste your time. Most apps and sites are pretty bad experiences for chubby girls (they get ignored) so they don’t tend to stick around. Fortunately, there are a few really good options out there that work for both guys and girls.
Check out a few of them and see for yourself. Being able to meet new girls all day long is pretty nice once you get set up.

3. Chubby girls are strong


Apart from trying to say that chubby girls have weight, they are really strong emotionally and physically. So Living this way transforms every chubby woman into the epitome of realized confidence! when it comes to things about emotions, they are strong in absorbing them.

4. Chubby ladies are good in bed

chuuby girls are good in bed

I know you must have said things like, skinny girls are the best because they are light weighted and probably good at exploring. When it comes to having sex, fat women have a higher endorphin release, which is the neurotransmitter that makes sex feel AMAZING.
We also have science on our side. St. Andrew’s University researchers discovered that men prefer a chubbier lady in the bedroom over a slim lady.

5. They are charming

They may not be charming as you think. Their looks may not capture you as much, due to their shapeless butt. What they do is they’ll try to be charming in other areas, such as their social life. They’ll always try to leave a trademark of a good attitude that would make you want them the more.

6. She won’t be picked up by any guy.

Like I said In the beginning, guys love dating slim women. So, a guy who has a chubby girlfriend will have a lesser fear of someone trying to steal them away. When you’re dating a chubby girl, you’ll have a lesser worry about traveling away for some time and having the feeling that someone would take your girlfriend from you.

7. Most chubby girls Enjoy Laughing


There is always a joy that springs up whenever you tease a lady and she laughs. Most chubby girls laugh at the easiest jokes you make, even when it’s not so funny. This makes it more amazing to be with them.

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8. It’s soothing to lie on their bosom.

Chubby girlfriends are good at Comforting you especially when you’re stressed or having a problem. This is because your worries tend to billow away like light smoke when you lie on their bosom.

9. Always active and sporty

chubby girls are not lazy as you think. Whether you want to go on a hike, jogging, do water sports, or on a road trip, a chubby girlfriend would always want to accompany you. They may look lazy to you because of their physique or health status. The truth is that chubby girls are much more active, sporty, and energetic than other girls.

10. Chubby girls are deep.

When you make a chubby girl your GF, you’ll discover that she’s not just into your hot body, but also into your goals, dreams, and ambitions.
Chubby girls are inspirers, they are just amazing in so many ways!!

11. They Know How to Drink

Whenever you go out, she won’t just take a bottle of beer and dull your fun moments. Research has shown that women who eat a lot have a better tolerance for alcohol, hence they can absorb it very fast. so they can take a large quantity of alcohol. Chubby girls are really good at partying very long at night.

12. Not afraid to go outdoor

Dating a chubby girl differs from dating a slim woman. A slim lady may not want to follow you to some social events because of her body image. A fat girl is always proud of herself anywhere she goes. A chubby girlfriend would want to do dirty things with you anytime, anywhere…. She has no fear of her body shaming!!

13. Affectionate

Chubby girls are so romantic. Fat girls love to hug and cuddle., if you’re the type who loves cuddling a lot, then dating a chubby girl should be my recommendation to you. because their soft skin and big body make it an adventure for you. You can never be stranded of affection when you date a fat girl, she’d give you an overdose of love.

Wrapping Up

Having a chubby girlfriend isn’t a bad idea. Don’t ever be demotivated by the words of your friends. If you see a fat girl and you like herm, go for her. Always follow your heart if you feel that she’ll give you the peace of mind that you desire, then go for her,

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  1. Odogwu

    August 5, 2021 at 9:37 am

    I seriously don’t like chubby girls.

  2. thelegitreports

    November 2, 2021 at 4:13 pm

    Never in my life will I like chubby girls. I seriously don’t like this set of girls. But prefer the slim ones. My choice though

  3. Venus Detective

    January 29, 2022 at 8:03 am

    Chubby girls not for me, I don’t like, I like smart and slim girls.

  4. Anjali

    September 8, 2022 at 9:58 am

    Slim girls more attractive and smart looking

  5. Obi Emma

    September 27, 2022 at 1:19 pm

    Chubby girls are the best guy. No cap.

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