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17 Signs You are Dating Your Soulmate



How to Identify Your Soulmate

Last Updated on May 22, 2024 by Joshua Isibor

A Soulmate is someone who is divinely made for you, a soulmate’s connection. It’s a connection of the minds; soulmates have mutual respect, unconditional love, and total understanding. You are always yourself when you are with your Soulmate. Not only does the person connect with you, but they understand your thoughts and are right there with you, side by side.

Love chemistry is a unique, special, and peculiar connection between soulmates. It’s something you feel not just for anyone but for your soulmate.

Just like a chemistry reaction. Love chemistry can be felt and observed. It creates a strong bond between you two, an unrepeatable bond, even when you want to fight it, it’s just there waiting for you to notice it and accept it. It’s a feeling only you can ascertain.

A soulmate is your better half. You feel complete, confident, and safe with that special someone. With your soulmate, you are sure and sincere about what you feel. There is a deep feeling and assurance that you are with the right person; you just know it’s true.

There is a unique chemistry that exists between soulmates. It’s called the “LOVE CHEMISTRY.” This love chemistry can only be for your soulmate. It’s a genuine feeling irrespective of status, looks, or personality. It’s a true love feeling and is real.

Signs you are dating your soulmate

1. You just know it

You just know this is the one. You have a deep feeling that you are with the right person when you meet them. You know this is the perfect one for you. It’s as if there’s a spiritual force leading you to give up everything you initially expected and be completely taken.

2. You have crossed paths

Soulmates are divinely connected people, you must have crossed paths before but at the right time, you meet. You might have met in a bar or petrol station, or you might even live in the same area but haven’t noticed each other, but when the time is right, you meet.

3. Your soul connects at the right time

.Your soul connects at the right time

At the right time, your soul connects. Soulmates are unique people, and everything is about timing when it comes to soulmates.It might have to take you to be involved in failed relationships, but at the said time, your soul connects (Divinely connected).


4. Your quiet space is your peaceful Place.

Whether you are reading in the same room, driving in the car, or not in the same place, you have an internal connection. That moment of silence gives you two a peaceful place and an inner peace to bond.

5. You can hear the other person’s silent thought

With a soulmate, it’s easy to read each other’s thoughts even if they’re not verbally expressed. You understand each other perfectly, put yourself in each other’s shoes, and understand each other’s stress, pains, and hardships together. The moment they walk in through that door, you know how their day went.

 6. You can feel each other’s pain.

You know when your partner is hurt, you feel their pain and help them get over it. You both help each other overcome your pains, stress, and worries. You make each other comfortable and peaceful without any selfish reasons.

7. You know each other’s flaws and the benefits in them.

Yes, it’s true that we all have flaws and benefits. We have our bad and good sides. You look out for the good even when it doesn’t seem good. The good always complements the bad, and even the bad has its benefits.

Example: Stubborn people are good at handling issues properly, are difficult to manipulate, and are good decision-makers, while overly organized people are good at coordinating and keeping things in check.

8. You share the same life goals

two sweet couples

You guys have the same ideas and mindset and share similar goals. You may have a different way of accomplishing your goals, but you both have the same end result. That’s the unique thing about a soulmate: Your same goals make you both plan together always, which gives you a better understanding of each other and makes you value each other’s opinions and ideas.

9. You are not afraid of having a conversation.

Initiating a conversation can be very challenging, but in this case, you find it easier to communicate, share your ideas or feelings, and engage in a conversation. You don’t feel belittled or scared to speak your mind. No matter how demeaning it sounds, you let it out knowing that your partner accepts you for who you are.

10. You are not threatened by the need for alone time.

Your alone time is never a threat to your relationship. Whether he is hanging out with the guys or she is with the girls or at a beach party, or you decide to be alone, you are not perturbed because you know when you guys come together, you have a special moment.

11. You don’t experience jealousy.

Pretty girls at work or handsome guys at the gym or training centre don’t make you feel jealous because you know you are the only special one.

12. You respect each other’s opinions and differences.

You both have different opinions, ideas, and thoughts because soulmates are polar opposites. Instead of agreeing to disagree with each other, allow the other person to complete you. Though it might seem difficult, you respect each other’s differences and opinions, knowing you are both from different backgrounds.


13. You don’t scream, curse or threaten each other with a breakup or divorce.

You respect each other and hold each other in high esteem. You don’t abuse, criticize, underestimate, or threaten each other with a divorce. When you have issues, you settle them amicably.

14. You give in because you want to make your partner happy.

Giving in when you feel you are right can be very difficult most of the time, but you would rather give in to make your partner happy than make your partner sad because when your soulmate is happy, you are also happy.

 15. You know how to apologize.

Saying sorry when you are at fault or accepting you hurt someone is one of the most difficult things to say or do. You admit you are wrong immediately you discover your partner is hurt, it’s never difficult for you to say sorry.

Soulmates are not punitive, obnoxious, or revengeful. They always find a way to apologize and make up for their mistakes. It doesn’t matter if you feel justified, but immediately after discovering your partner is hurt, you apologize because when your partner is hurt, you are hurt, too.

 16. You would marry each other again.

Yes, it’s true. With soulmates, you would marry each other again because you know this is the one and only person for you. No other people can fit into your life.

Even in crisis, stress, challenges, and misunderstanding, you choose your soulmate again, because you guys understand each other and make up for your differences.

17. You complete each other

Soulmates complete each other, they are polar opposite people attracted to each other. One might be social or simple, extrovert or introvert, but they both complete each other. Their polar opposite differences complement their character which enables them to fit into each other properly.


Soulmates are like locks. Without the right key, you can’t open it. You are the lock, Your soulmate is the key that can fit into your life and make it a better place to dwell. Soulmates are divinely connected people made to spend their lives eternally together. Two souls attracted and connected to each other to complete each other.

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