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How To Promote A Wedding Hashtag?



How To Promote A Wedding Hashtag?

Last Updated on May 10, 2024 by Joshua Isibor

Wedding hashtags are the perfect way to collect all those amusing pictures shared on social
media platforms from the big day into one unified, easily clickable place.
In this age of social media, everything seems to be coming from the trends. They have become
an integral part of planning and execution processes. And when it is the most awaited day of
your life, you surely want the social media paparazzi to capture all those candids, don’t you?
However, to be able to collect all the posts shared by the attendees, you need to create an
exclusive hashtag, which should also be communicated.
The guests make use of it while posting any wedding-related content on social media. So, here
are some ways in which you can well-promote your wedding hashtag.

1. Put The Wedding Hashtag On Your Wedding Invites

The invitation cards sent out to the guests are read by them not just with excitement but also
with attention. Therefore, imprinting them on your wedding invite will bring it into every guest’s

knowledge, and they will be mindful of using it while posting content related to the wedding on
social media.

2. Use The Hashtag In Pre-wedding Parties

Using the hashtag more often than not will help the guests remember it better. Posting content
on social media platforms containing the hashtag of your pre-wedding functions is an amazing
way to bring it to more and more notice.

Use The Hashtag In Pre-wedding Parties

Use alluring virtual posts to excite people to also post something related to the wedding on their
social media handles to further promote the hashtag.

3. Include It In Your Wedding Decor

All of the wedding decor fetches attention, so if your wedding hashtag becomes a part of your
decor in creative ways, it will most-definitely catch some attention.


You can include or solely display them on quirky cards, directional boards, wall arts, etc. This
will help in making the hashtag easily recognizable, and the guests will be able to easily use it.

4. Showcase Live Hashtag Feed

Nothing can inspire your guests more than a social media wall to use the wedding hashtag. A
wedding Hashtag wall helps in displaying all the fun and beautiful pictures shared by the guests
on social platforms using the specially created hashtag.

Showcase Live Hashtag Feed

You can collect all the posts by using a social media aggregator tool, like Taggbox, and display
the same on the wedding wall installed at your location.
Digital signage displays help in prompting the guests to capture and share more fascinating
pictures from the big day, as it gets displayed on the screens. This also helps other guests catch
all the fun live through the hashtag feed.

5. Keep It Easy To Remember

Creating a hashtag that is easy to remember, simple yet quirky is the best promotional tactic.
More people will be inspired to share posts so that they can use the hashtag. If on the contrary,
the hashtag is complicated, long, or difficult: chances are that people will not remember it and
might not also use it.
Hence, the first thing that you need to do to promote your wedding hashtag is to create an
authentic and easy hashtag, as people will automatically want to use it.

6. Ask Your Friends And Family To Use It Too

Let your friends and family communicate your wedding hashtag to their followers to make more
people aware of what’s happening. It will help ease out making announcements too. As
anybody who follows the hashtag can directly get all the updates of what’s happening.

Moreover, through hashtags people who are not connected to the wedding can also keep
themselves informed about the happenings and draw inspiration from the decor, outfits,
catering, gifts, venue, etc.

7. Imprint Them On Return Gifts

Imprint Them On Return Gifts

Return gifts are a token of appreciation for guests that attend the wedding. You can customize
gift boxes with the hashtag imprinted on them to not just promote the hashtag but also to give
the guests something to recall about the wedding.
Guests can also post about the gift on their social media handles by using the wedding hashtag.

Over To You

Getting wedded is the most exciting part of life. Taking efforts to make it special is obvious, but,
going a little way farther to make it intriguing and exciting for it to get imprinted in the minds of
the attendees has become the trend.

Moreover, social media platforms have become a place where people communicate the most.
Hence, incorporating all the posts shared by the guests on their handles and showcasing the
same via an aggregated feed on the digital signage screen, generates more engagement and
motivates the attendees to click and share more.
Create an exclusive hashtag, promote it and make your wedding look like a once-in-a-lifetime
event, literally.

Originally posted 2021-05-29 00:04:36.

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