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free spirit

Is it really rare to see a free spirit? Of course no, they’re living around us. They’re human beings just like you, you may be one or your friend, siblings, your parents, your boss, or even your colleague at work.

Being a free spirit doesn’t mean they’re are extraordinary, of course, we all have qualities that make us special, (so you shouldn’t be jealous of them). People normally say that a free spirit person does have ‘ego’, but no, it’s very far from it. There’s just a simple natural phenomenon about them, ‘ They reason and do things on their own’, that’s their nature or the way they’re brought up.

One great thing about free spirit being is that they don’t like gossip or meddling with someone’s secrets. They can keep your secret safe because they think it’s none of their business and won’t add any value to them if eventually, they tell it to another person.
Most times, they don’t have any personal secret, they’re free and open, this may sound funny but it’s the truth.

A free spirit person has broad unique characteristics that help him or her in running this space (earth). Most times, we see these characteristics as annoying ones but that’s what makes them who they are. And here, I’ll be dropping 7 signs that shows that one is a free spirit.

1. They’re PROUD of themselves.
When you see a free spirit that has this character, you’ll know. They are always proud of what they are made of, hey! It’s not pride.
She doesn’t want to be like the other person, she likes everything about herself, her stature, achievements, performances, etc. The same goes for a guy that loves his body even without six-packs, he likes and sustains with the little he has.
These people are proud of who they are, where they’re coming from, and what they’ve been through, so they keep on being themselves without shame.

2: They have no fear.
These sets of persons have no fear of anything or what the outcome will be. They face challenges fearlessly. If you behave badly towards them, they’ll confront you without minding your position or what your reaction might be.
They have no fear to take risks in life, no fear of failure, because they know if they fail, they’ll pick up again.

3: People’s opinion about them doesn’t count.
Such persons don’t care about what you say about them, what you think about them, or how you viewed them as. What concerns them is what they say about themselves, they’re their ‘OWN KING’. People’s opinions about them can’t keep them down.
For instance, she heard a bad rumor about herself, the rumor won’t make her feel bad, rather she will just wave it aside and focus on other things.

4: They don’t bear grudges.
A free spirit person can never hate or bear grudges against someone, if you’re like this, then you’re a free spirit being. If someone eventually annoys her, she is likely to get angry but for a limited time, then if she sees that same person tomorrow, she will still greet him/her like she normally does, as if nothing happened.
There are people that claim to forgive, but still bear grudges at heart, but a free spirit forgives and never keep malice or grudges.

5: General Interest.
A free spirit loves to do what will interest him and as well as interest the people around him. He always thinks of himself and others too. (He doesn’t put himself out of the budget). A free spirit doesn’t accept opinions that don’t favor him. He caters for himself and other people.
When a man always thinks of what will benefit himself and the society, he’s said to be a free spirit.

6: They help without considering.
These people would want to offer some help without considering who you are, or without expecting anything in return. They’re sometimes tagged as ‘GOD’S SENT”.
If they’re in a position to help out on something, they do it with a clean or harmless heart in exchange for nothing.

7: They’re rigid.
This simply means that you can’t control or conform them to do anything. They have their own value or view, and can’t be easily convinced about a particular thing. They won’t like to confirm you or convince you to their own belief, and they don’t like you to convince them too. They have their stand and live on their own terms.
These people, you don’t force them to do something or to believe in something. They don’t correspond or act similar to what others do.

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How To be Pretty: 21 Natural ways to be More attractive



how to be pretty

How To Be Pretty: Naturally ways to be more attractive

Being pretty these days is like a “do or die affair” for most people out there. They spend a lot of money buying creams, makeups, clothes, and many more just trying to look good.

Looking good have lots of advantages attached to it such as:

  • Boosting self-confidence
  • Improving self-esteem

Everyone on earth is beautiful, although everyone has their spec and categories of people that they are attracted to. Beauty is vain because one day you’ll definitely grown old.

Physical appearance doesn’t make you beautiful, but what actually makes us beautiful is the way we treat people around us.

We live in a world where everyone is so obsessed with beauty, but learning how to be pretty naturally isn’t all about trying to buy toning creams or getting the latest makeup kit. But it’s about trying to be authentic and feel good about your appearance.

In this article, we’ll be talking about how to be pretty without spending much.


This write-up is here to give you the right knowledge.  being pretty is not always about spending much money. If you follow these tips, you’d still be very attractive even at your old age.

1.Smile More

when you smile more, you look prettier

when you smile more, you look prettier

They say, “laughter is the best medicine,” this is actually very true. But I’d say that laughter makes you look younger. Have you ever seen a movie and you see a guy telling a girl that you’d be prettier if you smile? Some ladies will say he’s actually saying that just to pull my legs and win my heart.

Whenever you smile or blush, there is always a glow radiating from your face making you look more charming. When I was a little boy, if my parents got me angry, they’d tell me to smile or else, I will grow old quickly.

Smiling helps your face not to get wrinkle.Whenever you’re sad, think of  something that can make you smile, it could be a tv show or a family member. The goal here is to always be smiling. If you’re finding it difficult to smile you can use the ‘fake it’ till ‘you make it’ technique till you get better at doing it.

2. Schedule regular haircuts or trims

regular hair cut

Taking good care of your hair goes a long in making your appearance glorious. Have you ever left your hair for 7months without visiting the salon, how do you think you’d look? Probably like an ex-convict.

To look prettier, you should schedule regular haircuts or trims probably every month (depending on how fast your hair grows).

3. Drink at least 8 cups (1,900 ml) of water a day

Hydrating/saturating your body with water is one of the best ways to keep our body healthy. Drinking lots of water helps the body system to function very well. for we to maintain our body, we should avoid things like alcohol, smoking and hard drugs.


4. Bathe every day:

bath everyday

bathing every day would make your skin glow

Looking more prettier may also be scaled with the way we smell. Bathing at least, twice daily should be adopted. Bath with clean water and soap.

When you fail to bathe important parts of your body, you’ll have body odor.

5. Get Plenty of Sleep;

Anytime you feel tired, do well to take a quick rest. Stressing yourself always would make you look drained when people see you.

According to CDC,  an adult needs at least 7hrs to sleep daily.

picture of someone sleeping

Tips to get you more sleep:

  • Avoid taking caffeine at night
  • limit the way you watch television at night, watching a movie from 10 pm will not give you a good sleep.
  • keep your devices far from you, so you won’t be tempted to look at them
  • Read a book, it may help you sleep quickly.
  • Try a bedtime meditation
  1. Build confidence.
Build confidence

Build confidence

If you are not confident with yourself, you might find it hard to feel attractive to yourself and others.

Inner beauty breeds external happiness. If you can’t accept yourself, then there is no need to look for ways to stay pretty.

Self-confidence should be the first thing to achieve, then, you will see how pretty you will look and free, you will feel both in and out.

7.Make eye contact.

You could say in your heart, ‘will making eye contact make me prettier’? How does it concern beauty? The truth is that people will gradually start seeing how attractive you are to them when you start paying close attention to them while talking. Making eye contact helps you build confidence, trustworthiness, and more likable from people.

8. Keep your nails clean and trimmed.

pic of  well trimmed nails

Keep your nails clean and trimmed.

Being neat matters especially when it comes to the areas of Nails, always keep them cleaned and trimmed. It won’t be nice after wearing good clothes and you’ll still go about with your dirty nails. It doesn’t tell well of you.

If you do polish your nails, you can always re-polish them so that you’ll look pretty. Biting fingers is one of the fastest ways to trim them. If you don’t feel like biting them, you can dip your fingers in orange or rub orange to them so that you’ll feel the urge to bit them when tasting orange…

9. Wear clothes that are comfortable and fit well.

wear clothes that fits well

You don’t have to buy the latest trending clothes that celebrities wear to look pretty. If you don’t have money to buy them, it’s fine! Just buy a few pair of jeans or gown that whenever you wear it, you’ll always feel on top of the world.

There are clothes that you wear and you’ll feel so important! Wearing oversized cloth will make you look very old. Simply wear clothes that are comfortable, not when you go out, you’d start adjusting the clothes.

When you dress in comfortable and properly fit clothes, people will respect you and want to draw close to you.

10. Wear deodorant or perfume.

use deodorants on your body

using deodorants on your body will help you look pretty

Smelling nice should be one thing we should look out for first before going out.  Smelling nice can make people respect and want to stay close to you. It makes you look comfortable sitting around people or in any group of people.

Tips when using deodorants

  • Don’t overuse it unless- strong scent will chase people.
  • it shouldn’t be used as a substitute for bathing
  1. Brush at least twice daily

brushing your teeth regularly

Brushing your teeth twice daily is a characteristic of pretty people. Brushing your teeth always should be a habit to cultivate. Even a man who has a mouth odor will not want to have a conversation with a man who also has a mouth odor also.

12.Improve your posture: A nice person slouching is hard to picture! Sit straight against a chair with your back and walk parallel to the floor with your chin. if you’ve formed a bad habit of walking, then you need to learn how to improve your posture

You will look more desirable and optimistic.

  1. Wear light makeup:

Wearing makeup can make you look stunning if you aren’t happy with your looks. Everything should be moderate ranging from your face, eyes, and lips. Wearing heavy makeup would make you practically like a masquerade.

If you aren’t that good with makeup, you can watch tutorial videos on youtube, keep practicing until your makeup looks natural.

  1. Follow friends who good with fashion sense: One way to look pretty is to make friends with those who are good at fashion. When I gained admission into the university, people usually address me as an old man, because of the way I dress.

Immediately, I got a new friend who’s pretty good with fashion, my mentality changed. I started dressing well.

Your cycle of friends can also affect the way you dress too.

  1. Keep your clothes clean and pressed.

keep your clothes ironed

Have you ever tried taking a photo with rumpled or dirty clothes? You’d look so unattractive and messy!! No one will want to mingle with you. Even when you come close to them, they’ll distance themselves from you.

Before going out make sure you press your clothes and make sure they’re very neat. If you feel you’re so lazy to iron your clothes, you can try hanging them immediately after wearing them.

16. Exercise regularly.

Exercise has been one of the fastest ways to keep the body fit and look pretty. Exercise has lots of benefits ranging from health to boosting happy hormones.  A lot of people (male and female) face some challenges such as big tummy, being too fat, shapeless, etc.

Also,  Maddy Zollo Rusbosin a writer at  Women’s Health Magazine, says exercise also improves circulation (which can give you a healthier glow and a better skin tone overall).

The sweat you get from exercise also helps to clear pores and lowers cortisol levels which help to reduce stress.

17.  Keep your teeth white

We’re not talking about spending all your money just to make your teeth white or look pretty. Having a white tooth helps to give you a brighter smile. You can use Whitening strips, it works well.

Also, for you to achieve a white tooth you need to avoid drinks like coffee, red wine, and black tea. I’m not placing a restriction on that. If you must take that endeavor to always brush your teeth and observe the natural general hygiene to whiten your teeth.

  1. Eat more fruits and Veggies.

Eating fruits and adding enough veggies( which contain organic pigments called carotenoids) to your daily meal, help your body not only stay healthy but glows well than tanning.

Tips to achieve this:

  • After your breakfast, eat at least one fruit like grapes, apple, melon, or anyone you can afford. This aids digestion very well.
  • Add Veggies to your food while cooking to add to more taste and look attractive too.
  • Drink a glass of juice after you are done or when relaxing.
  • Always remember to eat them daily for more skin glows and staying healthy.
  1. Be positive and friendly.

Always stay positive and stay around friends that have these positive vibes.

Negative vibes can destroy your self-esteem and makes you feel like you are not good enough. Stay away from anything that brings them and don’t fake it, it comes out naturally when you feel it internally.

  1. Compliment

Always compliment yourself each day before and after doing your activities. You can stare in the mirror and say sweet or good words to yourself.

Pet yourself, you deserve it! This will not only makes you look prettier but build love within you.

  1. Always take a walk around your environment.

Feel free to step outside for more fresh air. You can do that in the evening while taking a walk around your environment. I love this art so much, and it has become part of me.

Put on something comfy, select your favorite song, and stroll around your vicinity. You can visit some friends or drop at coffee shops to embrace the rest of the day.

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Life can be defined as a status given to any entity including animals, fungi, bacteria, etc, and sometimes viruses having the properties of replication and metabolism. In a holistic medical frame of interpretation, it can be organized under some abstract Key concepts: existence, creation of the world, state of being, daily living, talents, relations, sex, health
, and personal development.

“The ultimate aim of the human mind in all its efforts is to become acquainted with the truth”(Eliza Farnham). We believe that we have to try to understand life and get a grip on the many faces of life because it can be of great value for us to learn to recognize the fundamental principles of how life is lived to the fullest and it’s constituents.

Life constitutes different things, but is majorly made up of the soul, Food, shelter, and clothes. one might ask why? But from the Creation of the world, when God created Adam and Eve. Man has always sought these four things, after the sin of Adam and Eve God cursed man and chased them from the garden of Eden. Man’s suffering began and they had to fend for themselves, which led to seeking the comfort of their soul, food, shelter, and clothes. They sought God for their soul, food to feed their mortal flesh, clothes to cover their nakedness, and shelter for protective covering from rain, sun and wild animals which were their major needs and desires.

The struggle continued and the quest to get more to live a more comfortable life, made man to toil more and “Chase shadows”(things that do not exist or something that one can’t hold on to). Man now decides to go beyond seeking these initial needs, which was basically their desire and needs to search for and acquire more Knowledge to create things and develop the world. Which no doubt has a positive and negative influence in our world today, making man lose the sense of the actual meaning, purpose, and quality of life.

Man’s insatiable needs unleashed greed, wickedness, and chaos in the world today.
Whenever we Chase after something, we take ourselves out of the present moment where life actually happens. The future doesn’t exist yet and the past is gone. The only really meaningful place to live is in the now and that’s generally where you will find what you are
looking for. There are some things, man can Chase aside from the major constituents of life
earlier discussed, they include dreams, fulfillment, health, wisdom, and happiness. these things are also Paramount.

1.Dream: Dreams are the craving of your soul, if you don’t move towards fulfilling your rightful dream you live just an empty life.Before you start chasing the dream make sure that it’s your dream you are chasing! Most people don’t get what they want in life because they are playing out someone else’s idea of who they should be.

2.Fulfilment: Just like there is an external world there is also an internal world, which constantly seeks fulfillment. One may Love reading, listening to music, meeting friends, traveling to new places to achieve fulfillment, one may also have the resources to fulfill these aspirations. However, we simply neglect them as they don’t give us any sense of achievement. You must fulfill yourself internally before you Chase your dreams outside.

3.Health: Most people are so busy chasing other things in life that they find no time to take care of their health. This is the greatest blunder we can do. Dalai Lama said, “it so beautiful”.
If you lose health once, you can perhaps never get it back with all the wealth
and power at your disposal.

4.Wisdom: We have lots of knowledge nowadays but we are hardly wise enough to use the knowledge to achieve our goals in life. Knowledge is a great power. However,it can become harmful rather than useful,if we don’t know how to use it. We must try to become wise by learning to use the right knowledge at the right time in the right way.

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5.Happiness:”Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life,the whole aim and end of human existence”(Aristotle). However, most of us fail to be happy
in our life.Our failure to be happy is due to the fact that there is no single
thing that can make you happy.In order to understand the mystery of happiness, please
observe the picture of a musical keyboard.

If you press only one node of this keyboard, it can never give you joy for long time.
it is only when the nodes of the music changes with time with a great rhythm,
we create a beautiful piece of music. We have to create a beautiful life by experimenting
with life and move to different things to fulfil our soul and realize the dreams of the world.
These things also makes our life complete and add meaning to our life and world.
There are things man should not Chase no matter what others say,even the Bible says
in Luke 12:15 “Take heed and beware of covetousness,for one’s life does not consist in
the abundance of the things he possess”.

1.Chasing security:“In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes”.(Benjamin Franklin). The problem with chasing security is that there
is no such thing and if you trade your soul for it, you pay a big price.Each of us
has a unique purpose in life,most of us don’t realize it.Stretch yourself and
take a risk if you want to find out what makes your heart sing.

2.Chasing money:“Chase your passions and moneywill come.Chase money and you may never  find your passions”(Colin Wright). We all need to make ends meet, but
beyond that chasing after the green stuff doesn’t make us happier.Research by the
Nobel laureate pschologist and economist, Daniel Kehneman and Princeton economist, Angus Deaton, found that happiness maxes out around $75000 in the United States.Additional studies reveal that people are happier when they spend their money on
other people than only themselves.
We all need money to live,but chasing money for money sake can take you off
track from your true passions and leave you feeling hollow.Simplify your life,do what you
love and the money will follow.

3.Chasing material things:“Stop chasing what your mind wants and you will get what your soul needs (Kushandwizdom). Many of us think we will be happy
if we live in a big house, wear brand named clothes, drive a new car and stuff
our closets full of shoes.But that’s simply chasing things to fill the hole in your sole.

4: Chasing beauty: “For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others, for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness and for poise,walk with the knowledge that you are never alone”(Andrey Hepburn).
Many women and men feel pressure to look good,we hit the gym,dye our hair and even
get surgery.The problem is that outer beauty naturally fades with time,what we should be
chasing after is the beauty that resides within.

5.Chasing latest trend:“Ask yourself,what makes you come alive and then go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive”(Howard Thurman).
Be a free thinker and go for what really lights your fire. It can be listening to music,
watching old star movies, writing etc. The consumer-based society depend on us to buy stuff, so we are forever lured into getting the lattest items. Trouble is,if we are always chasing the new rage,we can lose track of who we really are and what truly turns us on.

6.Chasing love:When you Chase love it often attracts people who don’t value you.It’s exhausting to constantly fight for someone’s attention you just end up getting hurt.True love comes knocking at your door, when you stop looking for it outside of yourself and focus on accepting yourself for who you are.
Chasing these things leads to chasing of shadows which increases our desire for irrelevant
and invaluable things.The bitter truth is, everything in life is vanity, “vanity of vanity, all is vanity”.
Ecclesiastes 12:8.We should Live in the present because we can only determine the present not the future. Life is a struggle from birth to death, life itself is a risk,but the question is
are we going to live our lives struggling,risking and chasing shadows?

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Helping A Loved One Going Through Addiction



addiction pic

Addiction is a complex brain condition that is characterized by compulsive and excessive use of substances or exhibition of a behavior despite the known consequences. People who suffer from addiction have an intense focus on using substances or exhibition of behavior and habits much to the point where it takes over their lives.

Addiction most often leaves physical consequences on its victims. This however does not matter to them as long as the yearning for the substance they are addicted to is satisfied.
People who are addicted to substances or habits take it as a normal part of their everyday lives, which makes convincing them to drop the attitude a very difficult task to achieve.

Addiction does not just happen overnight and its victims are not born with it. The habit is picked up due to certain circumstances like the pursuit of pleasure, loneliness, peer pressure, domestic abuse, to enhance performance, and the need to relieve stress. The more these circumstances are satisfied (which is in all cases a temporary satisfaction), the more the magnitude of the addiction.

Substances that cause addiction have negative effects on how the brain functions and these last long after the immediate effects of the substance and these long-lasting effects are called intoxication. Intoxication is the condition of having physical or mental control diminished by the effects of substance abuse or addiction. It can also be a feeling of over-excitement and symptoms of intoxication are different for each substance.


It might sound like a lot or too selfish but it is very crucial when trying to help someone suffering from addiction. It is important for you to be in the best mental or physical shape to be able to help someone else deal with addiction. This allows you to give the best advice and also serve as the best example of how you want your loved one to be. You have to make sure you are not having your own addiction problem too because this if known to your loved one will be the greatest barrier to helping your loved one with the addiction problem.

This involves gathering information about the type of addiction your loved one is going through and making sure you understand the ways you could help solve it and reduce whatever effect it has on your loved one. If you have no information about the addiction, you will miss important signs that could be helpful in helping with the addiction. This knowledge is beneficial to both you and your loved one. You can educate yourself by visiting public libraries or asking for help from counselors

In most cases, the first step in solving a problem is finding its source. Knowing the causes of the addiction is a big step towards solving the addiction problem as this will help you give advice to your loved one. Most addiction cases, result from emotional and mental breakdown or misconception of life situations.

The best form of conversation with someone you want to help deal with addiction is a one-on-one conversation. Having a one-on-one conversation may be less intimidating than staging an intervention with several people. Find a time when you can be alone together and free of distractions or interruptions. Tell them that you’re concerned about their behavior and ask if they’re open to hearing your thoughts. Try to use non-blaming language and avoid raising your voice or getting angry. It may also help to talk about specific behaviors or incidents related to their addiction that has directly affected you.

Helping your loved one overcome addiction is never easy or straightforward, you should therefore expect obstacles that could discourage the victim. It takes a lot of determination and willpower to overcome addiction and convincing someone to change their behavior is very unlikely.

People who suffer from addiction mainly feel ashamed or angry when they are being advised about their condition. It is necessary to not judge them based on their habit and the reason for the addiction; judgment based on these factors only discourages them. Research conducted shows that this demoralizes them and they could still revert to their addictive habits to relieve the stress your judgment might have caused.

An efficient strategy while helping your loved one overcome addiction is keeping their personal confessions to yourself. It’s easier to convince a person to quit addiction when you can easily be trusted. This trust creates a bond your loved one will try not to break.

The effects of addiction could ruin a person’s health, mentally or physically. While some are treatable, some have no cure. It is important to encourage a victim of addiction while they go through the stage where the effects begin to take their toll. Making them happy would improve their mental health and help in the recovery process.

Dealing with addiction is far more efficient when problems are tackled one at a time. This takes patience and perseverance and you should not be over-demanding when helping your loved ones dealing with addiction.

Treatment methods for various types of addiction differ, it is therefore important to identify the suitable method of treatment and provide the right atmosphere that helps in recovery from addiction.

It is important to keep in touch with someone you’re helping to deal with addiction. This is important because they could easily go back to their bad habits if there is no ‘supervisor’. Communication also involves giving them encouragement and making them know how their lifestyle and behavior have been positively impacted by the changes they have made.

A person suffering from an addiction would suffer a decline in mental and physical health due to poor hygiene. During their recovery process, it is important for them to regain their old habits like eating and exercising well.

The recovery process of someone dealing with addiction could benefit any other person. A good example is yoga which helps relieve stress and clear the mind.

Severe cases you can’t handle could require a professional therapist whose wealth of experience would address the shortcomings of your approach. Therapists are trained to counsel people and make recommendations that are very important in dealing with addiction and other issues. This could cost a considerable amount of money but it’s worth sacrificing for your loved one.

The most encouraging sign of freedom from addiction is being able to help others suffering from addiction. The experience gained while dealing with addiction will be valuable and also endure your loved one lives a life totally free from addiction.

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