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The Secret To Sticking To Your Goals No Matter What



The Secret To Sticking To Your Goals No Matter What

Last Updated on August 4, 2022 by Joshua Isibor

Sticking to your goals can be a big deal, especially in trying times like this. A lot of bad things are happening in the world presently. A lot of countries are in deep chaos. Families are grieving over the unexpected and painful loss of their loved ones. Businesses are trying to recover their capital and a few other assets that have been lost to the happening crisis.

Everyone is trying to offset one liability or the other; financial, emotional, and material.
One way or the other, we all seem broken or affected by the struggles and troubles humanity happens to be passing through at the moment.

I can go on and on talking about loss, pain, liability, troubles, struggles, chaos, crisis and many other negativities that we might be struggling with as individuals. But the truth somehow is that we are lost in these things. We are lost in the flood of emotions resulting from the pain we have incurred in this while, that reaching our goals is now a stretched fairytale. You wonder if indeed there is a secret you can borrow to help you stick to your goals no matter what.

Most importantly now that the thought of chasing or sticking to a goal is far impossible. The earth seems to have taken a different shift and your goals have been thrown to the back seat by forces bigger than you. Or so you think.
This sounds more practical to virtually everyone than fictional. You might be feeling it is totally unfair to still be talking about sticking to goals with the way things are at the moment. Or you might decide to sacrifice your goal until another season so that you can fully pay attention to the situation at hand… sounds logical but what sense does it make to pause your life to deal with something that is already seemingly bigger than you and life.

Something overwhelming that you can’t possibly tackle, all by yourself. Is laying down your goals worth the sacrifice? Is it really unfair that you choose to move on with your life despite what is happening?

There are so many questions I will like to ask you to help you think through because I am not just trying to expose a secret to you, but a mindset that can trap your progress and hinder you from pursuing that life goal that will change your life.
Well, we have to admit that it is not only the bad stuff that can distract us from sticking to our goals. Some persons get more distracted when all things seem smooth, clean and rosy. Maybe even perfect.

Then, unconsciously you begin to ask yourself if putting that step forward is necessary. Being extremely comfortable can actually cause you to take a rethink on your goals or even choose to slip by it.
It is just like you were journeying to a green land on foot and half the way, you find yourself in a place with green grasses or beautiful flowers. At that point, the closest thought is that of relishing the place, having a little fun, taking some break, or a final stop.

A more practical example is when you win an award, a prize, or international recognition in the process of climbing the ladder of your career success. Mini achievements can also contribute to slowing you down on your journey of progress and the pursuit of your goal.
Indeed, having small wins is very encouraging, a good incentive to keep moving towards the bigger one. But you will have to decide that for yourself. You will have to decide to take it as an incentive and not the end.

Small wins and achievements have the ability to make you feel relaxed and unduly uncomfortable. I used the phrase unduly comfortable here because, as much as comfortability is good, you need a little pressure or discomfort to move forward.
The achievements can come as a cold water of refreshment after long periods of intense labor. It should be treated as such. It is a total error to sit down after taking a refreshment and refuse to take any further move.

A bigger error is to fold your hands below your chest and say, there will always be a next time or try to slow down yourself. Part achievement of your goals can also be a stopper. You get lost when you are thrilled in the moment or extremely delighted.
Well, before you celebrate that you are not in the category of people who are in any of the above positions. You also need to confirm that you are not one of the cold-shouldered types.
I am talking about the category of people that get cold all of a sudden, probably got bored in the pursuit of goals, or just lost the vibes to continue chasing your goals.

Don’t feel sad if you are in this category. This is something that is bound to happen, to just anyone. Especially if you don’t watch it. It is possible to lose the passion backing the pursuit of your goal. Like, you just lose it. No bad thing occurred, no good thing occurred, but you are not just tuned in.
This can be the most frustrating of all situations. Let us assume for illustration sake that Mr. A intended to finish twenty books before the end of the year. He read ten books from January to July and lost interest all of a sudden. He doesn’t feel like reading anymore no matter how much he pushes himself.

He picks up his books and drops them the next minute for no particular reason than lack of interest. Obviously, he is now confused and worried as to what could have led him into such passionless pit and how to move away from it. We have so many people like Mr. A today, you might even be one.
Successfully, we have been able to identify THREE scenarios that can make you stop striving for your goals.
First is, negative/tragic occurrences.
Second is extremely positive/ mini achievements.
The third is lack of passion.
None is easier to deal with than the other, but below are a few tips in relation to each scenario to help you get back on track.

The Secret To Sticking To Your Goals No Matter What

1. Educate your mind:

this is a key point for all three scenarios. Many times our minds tend to give up before we actually do. Before we get overwhelmed or burdened or passionless, our minds first gave in the ball.

A great man once said, winning or losing starts from the mind. If you can educate your mind to be a fighter through whatever season, it will take extra pressure before any situation pauses your strive. Teach your mind to continually pursue and get stayed on one thing.

2. Obsess yourself with your goals:

if you can make a paper note of your goals and paste them in a very visible place, a place where you are sure to pass and take a glance or two more often, that will be magical. Or if it is possible you make a soft note on your desktop or mobile phone and place it on your screensaver, you will surely be serving the same purpose.

What is important is that you are in a position where you are constantly reminded of your goals and the why. The more you see it, the more your head gets occupied with thoughts of achieving it, the more passion your spirit feels, the more you strive.

3. Get an accountability partner:

this has been a secret for ages that many persons ignore. Having someone who is informed on what you are pursuing, why or how, can get you to sit up in many ways than you can imagine. You need someone who can share progress reports with you, push you when you are falling cold, motivate you when you are down, and add just the right pressure to your pursuit.

4. Add pressure:

I bet you can see how the lines are joining, seems interesting to me. Now, what do I mean by add pressure? Being too comfortable, as we have said can hinder your progress. You need an amount of pressure to be able to run well. to get this pressure, you might need to engage in challenges. Using our previous example of Mr. A, if he could join himself to a book challenge somewhere, he is sure to reach his goal. Almost sure. adding more pressure is one secret To Sticking To Your Goals…

5. Get a team:

getting a team

wondering what is the need of a team when you have an accountability partner? You need to know that an accountability partner could be just anybody you trust and resonate well with, he/she serves a totally different purpose from a team.

A team must be based on the area of your goal. If you have the goal to become a badass writer, you should join a team of writers, whether they are intimate or distant. They kind of render you some sort of challenge and encouragement when you see people pursuing what you are pursuing.

6. Work on your emotions:

steadiness is an emotional state most great people occupy. You have to be in charge of your emotions no matter what is happening. You can start training yourself right away. You don’t have to wait until something happens. Get a grip on your emotions such that coldness, negatives or achievement won’t distract you off the goal track.

Train yourself to accept what you cannot change and move on
Striving to achieve a goal is like being on a track and racing towards an end or an obvious prize. You can’t just lose focus. You need all the strength you can get to arrive at the right timing.

Distraction, discouragement, relaxation is in no way allowed. You have to keep pushing until you are at the very end.
With the above tips I have provided you, I am very sure that you will have a beautiful and near perfect push to the end.
Ps: it is already the end of the year. You might want to start working on the tips listed above before you set your goal for next year.
It is not enough to set the goal, you need to have what it takes to chase it no matter what.

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