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How to Stop Being Lazy and Start Getting Things Done




Last Updated on August 4, 2022 by Joshua Isibor

Being lazy doesn’t just happen. It’s usually cultivated and nursed over time. It’s something that has to do with the psychology of your mind.

What is laziness?
Laziness is being lazy!! Of course, it’s funny. But it is…like we read above, laziness is an art. Laziness is characterized by idleness.
Lazy, is the unwillingness to do work or make an effort to do the work.
It is usually characterized by sluggishness or being over relaxed or work-shy. Being lazy is quite different from procrastinating.
A hardworking person can procrastinate.
Procrastination is a layman’s language is to delay or put off a job you could do at this moment for another time.
To procrastinate means to delay in taking an action, to wait until later or another time. It is a bad habit. At the end of the day that work might not be done till further notice.

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Laziness can be defined as taking excessive rest over a regular activity. It is also overpampering yourself to a fault.
Laziness becomes a disease if it’s not properly handled because it can become a lifestyle and it could affect every ramification of your life.
An African adage says “no food for a lazy man”
In this article, I’ll be exploring the different ways to stop being lazy and start getting things done.

1. Find Out the Root Cause:

This is the first step you need to ask yourself a question that needs self-answer. You need to find out if it’s a particular distraction that’s making you lazy or something else.
because If the root of a problem is not discovered, no matter how you solve the problem, It would never give you a perfect solution. Once you find out the original root of laziness in your life, then you’d have a 50% chance of solving the problem.

2. Start With a Step:

A step forward always results in something positive. After you have known the root cause, the next step is to tackle that problem (laziness) and this is only done by taking a step forward. This might be hard to do.
a. You can start by jogging every morning. Several years ago when I graduated from university, I stayed home for almost a year doing nothing.

My routine was to eat, clean the house, and sleep. After some months I became so lazy to work, even to clean the house.
So what I did was that I started doing exercises every morning and this really helped me and gave me the drive to get things done. Laziness is worse than procrastinating, being lazy is the refusal to do mandatory things at the right time.

when taking a step forward always use words like

I want to do this now!!

I will do it

b. Create a to-do list with notes: this would help also. always write what you want to achieve daily. If you were doing 1 out of 6 of your daily routine. Take a step forward by increasing it to 3 before you know it, you will get there.

3. Avoid being sluggish:

If you must stop being lazy you need to get things done as fast as possible. If you used to do the dishes or wash the clothes for one hour you can start by increasing your speed when doing such an activity. Because, when you are too slow in your actions you might end up not completing the task at hand, and you might end up being unnecessarily tired.
Whatever you are doing, do it with a focused mindset and do it effectively.

4. Do a small part of what matters most first thing daily:

If you feel you want to enjoy your free period without thinking of getting anything done.
All you need to do is get the things that are more important to you, rather than starting your day by sending out emails or chatting on social media.

5. Avoid Distraction:

Distractions can come in many forms such as chatting, phone calls, children, etc. One popular distraction that makes so many persons too lazy is social media.
Some people are so addicted to social media and can stay online for more than two hours before getting things done.
When you notice any form of distraction, GET RID OF IT.
If it’s social media all you need to do is to switch off your data or put your phone on airplane mode and start doing the needful.

6. Find your passion for the WORK:

Without passion, there won’t be drive!!
When you possess a negative mindset toward the work you are doing it would eventually give birth to a lazy attitude.
Passion gives you every reason to do something, passion doesn’t give you room for a lazy attitude.

7. Look for Easy ways to get things done:

One special thing about lazy people is that when you give them a huge and difficult task, they always find a way to get the task done more quickly and ‘stress-freely.’
Always think of a creative, best, and efficient way you can get things done.

8. Ask for help or Support:

It’s not a bad idea to ask for help or support, but if you must do it, it must be from a more experienced and motivated person, it could be your co-worker, friends, or family.
It’s very bad to always ask for help!! The only best time to ask for help is when the situation is so complex and cumbersome for you, and when he/she is helping you out, WATCH!!! So that you avoid asking for other help.

9. Think about the Positive outcome when you get the Job Done:

There are works that you will do that may look so boring or stressful for you, but when you look at the positive aspect of it you’ll be motivated to do it.
For example; Think about how you will be free from germs and diseases when you clean your house properly.

10. Force yourself through self-motivation:

Just the way you’d force a child to do something for you. Try it on yourself.
There are some things you will never achieve in life if you don’t force yourself to do them. One special story about ants is that they are self-motivated.

The ants gather their food during the dry seasons and save for the rainy seasons. We are living in a world where people don’t care about you, all they care about is themselves, and you are left with only you…If you don’t have anybody to motivate you then you need to be self-motivated.
Always tell yourself. I can do it. And it will work out for you.

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