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25 Ways to Make Someone Feel Better




Last Updated on April 7, 2024 by Joshua Isibor

We’ll be talking about the ways to make someone feel better. Making someone feel better is part of our good to humanity. One can be helped through various forms, financially, morally, and spiritually, by our words of encouragement and service of love. Where exactly do you belong? You might not be able to give out everything, you might not also be good in all aspects, but learn to focus on what you can offer to make one feel better. Try never to be toxic, aim at helping others feel better and if you feel you can’t help, don’t add more pain to the already sustained injury.

However, sadness and awkward feelings are just a very natural part of life. Some people might feel it’s never proper to feel bad but it’s perfectly natural. There is nothing weird or strange about being sad over something. It’s just an emotional reaction to an unfortunate event that might take place in one’s life.

Learning to deal with sadness is one aspect we need to study ourselves. Everybody has unique ways of handling whatever life throws at them whether good or bad. However, not everybody can also help themselves out of an ugly situation, they need the help of others to make them feel better.

Also, when sadness befalls someone you really care about or love, it becomes a different ball game. Your relationship or closeness with somebody wouldn’t determine whether you’re able to tell what kind of challenges or troubles they facing from their end. You might not even know where to help the situation because not everyone is willing to share or talk about their odd moments (sadness). Invariably, it is your responsibility to make others feel better, especially those you love. There is always a proper way of helping the people you care so much about get out of their grief.

More so, you can in your capacity do whatever to make them feel better about themselves but it would be very dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. There are one million and one ways to approach someone you care about who is all down in the dumps and one needs to be oriented in the approaches.

Every one of us deals with sadness in very different ways and it works for us differently. Just because a particular method works for you doesn’t mean that it’s going to work for everyone. One has to practice his own best judgment in assessing the situation and making sure that he is employing the best and most suitable solution available. Every sadness may look the same but it’s not the same. It’s just like malaria as a sickness, the majority of people having ‘AA’ as their genotype suffer from same malaria but in the real sense, it’s not the same because not all medication will go for curing all. This is exactly how it is with the issue of sadness and awkward feelings, everyone may feel sad due to their situation but it’s different sadness everywhere, with different causes, and different solutions.

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Ways to Make Someone Feel Better

1. Simply be there for them.

Being there for your friends in good and bad times is invaluable, it’s the best thing you can do as a friend. Your presence in every friendship matters a lot. Always show concern, tell them you got their back, don’t be quick to discourage them, encourage them every day, and don’t be toxic. Your friendship is valued when your presence is felt, this presence may not be physical, it could be your words and actions as long as they represent you.

2. Encourage them to talk about it.

Your level of relationship with a person goes to tell if they are free to discuss certain things with you or not. Your attitude towards them is the attitude they return. Inspire your friends to always speak to you, and create that intimacy that will always draw them to speak even when you’ve not asked them to. You don’t encourage them to talk about it by convincing them but you do so by living it out, letting them know you care and that you’re sincere about their friendship.

3. Ask them if they need your help.

There are people out there who don’t want to involve others in their narrative. They want to deal with grief in their way. Be sensitive to those kinds of people, understand them for who they are, and do not pick offense, rather allow space and time to help them settle their grief.

4. Listen to them talk about it without interrupting.

Giving a listening ear to people without talking might seem far-fetched but it’s possible. Since you’re not the one who is suffering, you shouldn’t take it upon yourself to do most of the talking. Allow the victim to talk, some might want to cry, don’t stop them, let them express their feelings. Don’t offer any words of advice just yet, let them talk without interrupting, it helps you to understand the situation better and know how best to help.

5. Don’t sympathize, empathize.

Feeling sorry for someone is no help. Put yourself in their shoes and help accordingly. Identify intellectually the feelings, thoughts, and state of the other person.

6. Share a hug.

After listening to them, hug them tightly to show them that they’re not alone, that there’s hope somewhere. A hug is a powerful form of intimacy not just for people you’re romantically entwined with but with people who feel love the most through physical gestures like hugs.

7. Talk for a walk together outside.

Bring the person out of that zone he’s always crying in, let him leave that environment, and take in the fresh air. Let him see the beauty of nature and take pleasure in his environment thereby forgetting his problem even if it’s for the moment.

8. Go to the gym together.

Exercise removes a whole lot of bad energy from the body, it regularizes the body temperature and helps in resetting the brain. After going for exercise and meeting with new people, such a victim might be reinvigorated and freshly energized.

9. Go shopping together.

Going shopping exposes you to beautiful things that can be yours. You begin to think of how to get this and that, how this can be yours, and the feeling of having a new thing. Yes, this experience takes your sadness away for a while, it focuses your mind on new things thereby distracting you for the moment.

10. See a funny movie together.

Have you ever underestimated the power of a movie? Don’t do so when you’re sad. Movie catapults you to the sublime, it takes you to another realm where you feel better. You might sometimes watch a movie having the same scenario as yours at the moment and learn from their resolution.

11. Run errands together.

Surely, you enjoy the company of someone doing an errand with you on a good day. Yes, you’ll enjoy it better on a bad day because it doesn’t get boring at any point.

12. Cook a meal for them.

Do you know that when you prepare a meal yourself, you sometimes don’t eat it to your fullest? But when it’s being prepared by others, you seem to enjoy it. The same vibe goes on a sad day, your friend will do you a whole good by preparing a good meal for you.

13. Help your friend to eat well and get some rest.

Normally, some people enjoy being forced to eat, it gives them pleasure. To make someone feel better, help the person to eat well, do not take their excuses, turn deaf ears to their excuses, and get them to eat and rest well.

14. Compliment them.

A compliment is a booster of the spirit, it ignites whatever seems to be dead in you. Learn to compliment sad friends, you wouldn’t know what you’re doing for them until you see a smile on their cheeks.

15. Make them laugh.

Some people feel they can’t make others laugh, you do, it exists inside you and will be exhibited when you’re trying to help someone you love. Helping someone you love takes you out of your way to do something funny. Laughter is medicine.make them laugh

16.Choreograph a dance to their favorite song.

Cheer them up by dancing to the song they love. This could boost their morale and inspire them to even dance with you.

17. Plan a sleepover.

Most people feel bored alone in the house even without the feeling of sadness. However, when they’re sad, it becomes worse. You can help a friend feel better by sleeping over in the house, talking to the person all through the night, make them feel loved.

18. Give them a cute nickname.

It’s rare to see someone who doesn’t like a pet name or a nickname. Call them lovely nicknames that they like and watch it stir butterflies in their belly.

19. Go for a trip or getaway.

The joy of leaving your environment cannot be overemphasized. Traveling out to a new place comes with excitement and rejoicing, thus, making you forget your sadness.

20. Bake something together.

Do something new, eat something fresh. Baking is interesting, it keeps you too busy to worry. You wouldn’t also want to make a mistake.

21. Do some gardening or remodeling.

Arrange and rearrange your home, get a new setting. The joy of giving your house a new look cannot be overemphasized, waking up to a new and pleasant look of your house is overwhelming. During this period, do something new as this will help you get better.

22. Write a note or card

Everyone is going digital and it makes it more interesting. Drop a good and inspiring text or message, it instills confidence.

23. Play with them

Don’t act all serious when you’re with a sad friend. While giving your advice too, don’t make it sound too serious, joke along, play with them, and help them feel better at that point.

24. Share your experience with them.

Don’t be eager to only talk about the good aspect of your life, it depresses them the more. Talk about your ugly experience and how you were able to overcome it.

25. Pray with them.

Some people don’t have a prayer life whenever they’re sad, they are just occupied with their thoughts. Remind them of how hard they need to pray, pray with them and for them.



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