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benefits of being single

Last Updated on April 1, 2024 by Joshua Isibor

There are benefits of being single, Singlehood comes with lots of disadvantages and merits. People hardly look into the merits of being single, because everybody wants to be in a relationship in order to belong. Society has made relationships an ‘in-thing‘. One is usually advised to go into a relationship as soon as he is approaching 18yrs of age. Also, people begin to ask you too many questions if you’re not in a relationship at that age. This, however, has blinded so many from seeing the benefits of being single. In this article, the merits of being single will be exposed to us.

Who is a ‘single Person’?

A single person is someone unmarried, not in a serious or committed relationship. Single is used to form words that describe something that has one part or feature, rather than having two or more of them.

Being single is not a status. It is a word that best describes a person who is strong enough to live and enjoy life without depending on others. Being single is so much better than being cheated on, lied to, and disrespected.

However, some people are single due to various reasons, some are single because they are not interested in being in a relationship, others are single because of the situation surrounding their lives.

Some are single because they have dated and gotten out of the relationship and just haven’t found someone with whom they are compatible. Others remain single due to their fears; fear of intimacy, unhealthy attractions, low self-esteem, and fear of competition. The basic thing is that a lot of people choose to remain single to avoid problems, be it, fears or reasons, they only aim at being at peace with themselves and enjoying life.

A lot of people feel that a relationship comes with too many challenges, problems, fights, and other negative vibes. They might have not experienced any of these but with what they hear and how the world treats issues of relationship, they shy away from it.

More so, some people regard and appreciate solitude as an opportunity. They stay single by choice, not because of what is happening around them or in society but because they’ve chosen it and consider it good to be single. In addition to choosing singleness as an option, some people choose not to marry for religious reasons.

These religious traditions include the Christian monastic culture of Catholicism, eastern orthodoxy, and baptism. Other good reasons people choose to remain single include; pursuing educational or professional advancement, and changes in perceptions of the necessity of marriage.

There is actually no prescription for loving a single life. Just live the life you want to live as long as it benefits you. The best part of not having to share your life with someone is that you can do all the things that fulfill you.

There are benefits of being single and these include:

1. Freedom to customize your own space.

Your space refers to everything that belongs to you, the environment, and otherwise. Cohabiting with someone takes work, it isn’t easy, and you may always want to please the person. But being on your own helps you to customize and familiarize your own space.

Freedom to customize your own space.Everybody needs their space, space to breathe, think, fall and rise but when it is shared by someone, there may not be enough to do what you want to do and be who you want to be.

2. Discovering yourself.

Discovering yourself helps you to explore new hobbies, it helps you to appreciate and love yourself better. The world is your oyster when you’re single. Therefore, it’s the best time to discover yourself without distraction, it gives you more time to explore new hobbies, create new initiatives, and spend quality time trying to know yourself.

discover yourselfLoving yourself is the best thing you can do because it gives people an idea of how they are supposed to love you in return. No partner “completes” you, you need to be a whole, happy person on your own before sharing your life with someone else.

3.No quarrels or fights or argument.

Everyone knows what it feels like  to quarrel or fight, it implies that your mind will not be at rest and whenever you see the person, your mind tends to skip. This, however, isn’t a good style of living, it truncates human life, and  it makes one live in fear.

However, being single saves one this stress, you’ll experience peace, serenity of mind, no petty arguments, and little quarrels or fights except you decide to fight with yourself. Flying solo means you can get to watch anything your heart desires, and eat wherever you want without wanting to argue about what suits one best.

4. Spending your time how you want it.

Imagine dividing or allocating some portion of your time to someone, not so pleasing right? It’s called sacrifice, that is exactly what those in relationships do. But being single helps you to monopolize your time, you use it for your pleasure and at your own will. Your sleeping time becomes your sleeping time, game time becomes that and all of it belongs to you without interference. Enjoying life as a single means doing whatever makes you happy with your time. It helps you to stop procrastinating.

5.Gives one opportunity to meet new people.

Being in a relationship could confine one to a particular person and area at large. When you’re single, it helps you to expand your social circle, meet new people, create new connections, and accelerate faster in life. One can fly easily by being single but flying in pairsmay bee a little difficult.

6.Ability and freedom to focus on yourself.

Being single gives you enough time to focus on yourself. It frees up your schedule and helps your mind to grow, it creates space in you to figure out who you want to be and ways to achieve that. Once there is nobody else around you demanding your attention, you’ve got no reason to lag behind, so, get out there and become that person you want to be, nothing stops you.

7.It helps you to save money.

Did I tell you that relationships are very expensive? It is. You spend lots of money because you’re no longer alone, but double and you’re paying for two, no longer one. Being single helps you to save a whole lot, you save up your excess cash, take yourself on a sweet vacation and spend as you want. You also wouldn’t have any feeling of being indebted to someone because he paid your bills. You own up to yourself and your responsibility and can save from your excess fund.

8.You can work on yourself, learn about yourself too.

If you’d like to concentrate on improving your mind and body, then singlehood might be for you. Singlehood exposes you to things you wouldn’t easily discover about yourself. It helps you to study yourself, learn about yourself and work on what needs to be worked on.

9.You can stay in touch with your friends.

Have you noticed that being in a relationship makes you forget about your friends, even those you were close to before your partner? It does actually, this is because most partners are possessive, your attention is demanded as well as your cooperation. You end up discovering that your friends are left behind. However, singlehood helps you to stay in touch with your friends, value them more, reach out easily to them without boundaries. Always remember ‘You are first friends with somebody before relationship’. Therefore, the position of friendship shouldn’t be underrated.

10.You can avoid settling for a bad match.

If you’re not 100% sure what you expect from a partner, then singlehood might be for you. Use the period to analyze who you really want as a partner to avoid a bad match. Enjoy every bit of your singlehood, it isn’t a disease but a privilege to get cured of the disease that might come if a bad selection is made.

11.You can become more self-reliant.

You’ll learn to value your freedom, make decisions for yourself and become more accountable for your choices, actions, and goals says Russell Thackeray. He also added that “people who can make their own choices and choose when and how they connect with other people develop their strength”. You are more appreciated when you’re self-reliant and independent because your wisdom is seen in decisions and actions.

12.You’ll have fewer regrets.

The more you spend time with yourself and get clear about what your values are, the more likely you are to attract the type of partner that is the right fit for you. Spend quality time in your singlehood discovering yourself, because that is the best thing you can achieve of your singlehood. It saves you regrets at the end.

13.You can work out and maintain your shape.

A study found that single people are hitting the gym at a higher rate than married people. The study also noted that single people who identified as men exercised almost twice the amount that married men do. Also, while couples flaunt their pictures on social media, you can feel good posting that gym selfie of yours too.

14.You tend to do less menial jobs

Singles do fewer house chores than those who are in a relationship, especially girls who already identify themselves as married women. Women work harder in relationships so that they can be seen as good wife material, some would go to the extent of proving it beyond their capacity. Singles, however, do not go through that stress, they please no one else but themselves.

Singlehood can only be appreciated when the benefits and merits are well understood. It is a stage everybody must pass, enjoy the merits as you walk that phase.



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