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10 Ways to Keep Going When The Going Gets Tough



ways to keep going when the going gets tough

Last Updated on May 25, 2024 by Joshua Isibor

In one way or the other, we all go through tough times. Tough times can come in various aspects of our lives, be it work finances or relationships.
When you find yourself in this phase, do not be discouraged. Nothing lasts forever, not even the tough times. when you are in a tough situation, hold your head high, stick your chest out and find your inner strength to move forward despite the hard times.

One thing you should keep in mind is that tough times are inevitable. We are all meant to face a tough or rough time now or in the future, so we must know how to face those hard days when they come knocking.

10 ways to keep going ahead despite the tough times.

1 Remember how far you have come:

When you get discouraged or almost give up, you must reflect on how and where we started. Most times, some of this discouragement sets in because you fail to notice the positive changes around you. you only look ahead of you. Look at where you are standing now compared to when you first started. Look at how many obstacles and challenges you have been able to overcome. Remembering how far you have come is usually the fire you need to keep burning brightly into the future.

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2. Remember it is only temporary:

Bad times don’t last forever. When we say it is temporary, it means it will come to an end. So when you are faced with a tough time, know that it is for a while, it is temporary, and it will come to an end.

3. Remember why you started:

when you choose that path, there is a reason. That same reason could also be a way of getting past that bad time. Let that be a reason to continue and not give up when life hits you hard. Whenever things are at their worst, your number one reason for following that path will be what pulls you out of that tough experience.

4. Remember you don’t have to be afraid:

Fear is the first obstacle you need to conquer if you want to overcome that toughness. Fear of the unknown has become one of the biggest barriers to facing a tough situation. Funny enough these fears don’t even get to exist. Fear has no positive purpose, it only creates negative energy and stops us from moving forward, so drop that fear.

5. Remember to surround yourself with positivity:

Everything positive should be your companion. You must surround yourself with positivity, you can get this through people, environment, books, and any form of entertainment. It is very important to remain in a positive space, especially if you want to come out of that tough time.

6. Remember to make it a habit to move forward:

Habits are some of our strongest behavioral predictors as humans. Habit can be triggered by external and internal cues. They are formed through conscious repeated behaviors. When practiced enough, they eventually take their place in the subconscious and guide your life. Moving forward is all about getting back on track as fast as possible and you can make it a habit. it will always get you closer to where you want to go.

7. Remember to pay it forward:

Certainly, you are not the only one going through a rough time. It may not be the same situation, but others are also going through tough situations. Sometimes one of the best ways to get past a rough time is to realize other people’s struggles and lend them a helping hand. Help someone and see how much smaller your problem becomes.

8. Remember to take smaller steps:

it is okay for you to stumble in life. It is very much okay to go through a tough time as well. it becomes a problem when you are trying to take everything at once. Too much ambition and unrealistic expectations. Sometimes big steps can be too much to take, they are rare, disruptive, and difficult to manage without crumbling. Those life-changing goals can be broken down into manageable steps that can take you to the same place. Try taking smaller steps and watch that obstacle become easier to navigate.

9. Remember to look for inspiration:

Inspiration goes a long way in our lives, and we need it for our daily dwellings. When faced with tough times, you need the inspiration to forge ahead. Inspiration can come from anywhere, from people, books, music, and/or other means of entertainment. Look for your inspiration to overcome that obstacle.

10. Remember to practice gratitude:

Take time to recognize, appreciate and be grateful for the good times. Be grateful for the good times because they are there to make us a better and stronger person. When you do this you worry and think less of your problems and usually solutions come faster through this means.

In conclusion, remember that there is a blessing hidden in every tough situation and you should not give up but rather move forward if you want that blessing.


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