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22+ Ways On How To Build Self-Belief



how to build self-belief

Last Updated on August 4, 2022 by Joshua Isibor

Growing up as a teen, I had challenges that resulted in my inability to express myself. I was taken advantage of and was intimidated by guys in my class.

I was a chronic stutterer, an introvert, and was extremely shy this, affected me till my early twenties.

Despite these challenges, I was able to build a good self-belief. It all began when I studied materials addressing low self-belief, worked on my mindset, changed my environment, and appreciated my uniqueness. Furthermore, this made me overcome stuttering and shyness to an extent. Also, I am able to balance being an introvert and an extrovert.

Let’s look at some factors that can lead to low self-belief. Before addressing how to overcome it. These includes :

Ways on How to Build Self-Belief

1) Home bringing.

If you were nurtured by parents, guardians, or teachers who are critical or perfectionists, there’s a possibility of you developing low self-belief. Reasons being that, they will make you feel you’re not giving your best and compare you with others. This will develop a negative mindset in you resulting to low self-belief.

2) Your Association.

You can easily handle negative words spoken by someone unrelated to you, But it’s difficult when such negative words are from a close friend. If you have a friend or clique of friends who talk down on you, make you feel intimidated or inferior, the possibility of you developing a low self-belief system is high.

3) Bullying from peers.

One thing bullying does to you is that it makes you feel inferior. It weakens you and causes you to doubt your abilities.

4) Poor Academic Performance.

Failing doesn’t make you a failure, however, settling there makes you one. Sometimes, you set academic goals for the semester and strive to achieve it. Nevertheless, challenges may set in, and you couldn’t meet up your expectations. At such times, you find it hard to believe in yourself especially when it occurs repeatedly. This can make you develop a low self-belief.

5) Bad Childhood experiences.

This includes sexual molestation, etc. Especially when you’re threatened not to reveal it to anyone it makes you feel depressed, unaccepted, and develop low self-belief.

6) Bad Decisions.

It is in every human to feel happy when decision made-produced positive results. But the reverse is the case when it turns out badly. That sense of confidence is reduced.
Besides that, it creates a form of guilt making you feel sad and reduces the level of trust in your decision. Automatically your self-belief is reduced.

7) Negative thought

If your thoughts are patterned in the wrong way, all you’ll ever mean to believe will be wrong.  In as much your mind has been patterned to believe that way, you’ll indirectly begin to act like that. Then you’ll be convinced it’s impossible to achieve anything.

8) Guilt from your past.

Everyone has a past, you can decide to let go or allow it to prevent you from your present happiness. Holding unto your past mistakes, sins, or listening to messages that condemns you, will often lead to low self-belief.

9) Uncontrolled situations like stuttering, physical defects, etc.

This can reduce your self-belief if you allow yourself to be defined by it. A lot of persons with physical defects or stuttering(speech disorder) suffers from low self-belief. Because they are often mocked and intimated by others.

Having understood the areas where low self-belief emanates from, let’s look at the best ways on how to build your self-belief.

10) Develop a positive attitude.

The way you position yourself before others is a reflection of your thought. Therefore, to portray a good attitude you need to develop a positive mindset towards yourself. With the mindset of I can, I am beautiful, I am the best, etc, you will always act like that.

11) Positive affirmation.

It has been proven that speaking positively is one good way to overcome low self-belief. As you speak these words, consequentially your mind registers them and propels you to act on them.

12) Set achievable goals within your abilities.

When setting goals, set small goals within your abilities and a specific period you want to achieve them. This will help you build a strong self-belief.

13) Exercises

Exercises help to build your system and cause you to be healthy. Staying fit always makes you develop a good sense of self-belief.

14) Self-development

Your level of self-belief increases when you’re able to deliver anywhere and anytime. Also, when you’re able to engage in meaningful discussion then contribute positively. This is only possible when you have given yourself to teachings, training, updating yourself with recent information.
However, the reverse is the case when you fail to improve on yourself.

15) Adequate preparation before an event.

Preparation prevents poor performance. When going for a presentation it’s best you prepare beforehand so as to perform well and not flop. In addition, ensure you’re not overly confident.

16) Know what you want.

What do you want? What do you want others to know you for? Once you can identify this, no one can convince or persuade you to do otherwise. Also, it makes you firm in your decisions and actions. And you won’t be bent on pleasing others at your own detriment.

17) Know your strength and weaknesses

Knowing what you can do and can’t do will help a lot so you won’t bite more than you can chew.
One thing that fosters low self-belief is delivering below expectations. But this can be curbed when you do things you’re sure and convinced it’s within your strength.

18) Face your fears

Nothing is too difficult to accomplish if you set your heart towards it. Although you need the right mindset, still you need to work towards it. If you have issues accomplishing a task, it’s advisable you start with the less complex ones then face that challenging one later. But don’t give up on it, face it with the mind to win.

19) Address your inner critics

Sometimes, your mind communicates fears to you. But, If you can overcome the negative thoughts in your head, then you can overcome the ones from your surrounding. Because winning begins from the mind.

20) Be prepared to win

No warrior goes to a battle with the mind of defeat, else he will fail. In this might, face every challenge or what you set your heart to achieve. Acquire all that is needed to achieve your success and go for it.

21) Encourage others

Helping others and making them smile gives you the strength to pursue yours and makes you happier and fulfilled. This will help boost your self-belief.

22) Trust your instincts

Human instincts don’t lie. When you have understood your instincts, then follow it without a doubt.
If you fail to listen to your instincts, you might end up regretting which might result in low self-belief.

23) Take care of yourself.

You develop a sense of confidence when you look smart, gorgeous, and attractive. Also, compliments from others trigger your self-esteem because words are powerful. Taking good care of yourself, eating healthy meals, resting when necessary, and looking good always makes you look healthy and smart. This fosters a good self-belief.

24) Maintain your integrity.

No matter what, your integrity should be maintained. When you always give in to other opinions you’ll find it hard to believe yourself.

25) Embrace your uniqueness

No two individual was made alike, neither were your design to function like the other. Your personality is unique in its own way. However, comparing yourself to others is a sign of low self-belief and your lack of appreciating yourself. When you begin to compliment yourself, place value on yourself, then you’ll begin to build a good self-belief.

26) Cut off negative acquaintance

Anyone that doesn’t speak good of you shouldn’t be accommodated in your life. Words are powerful and can build or destroy you. Therefore, you should filter your friends and decide who remains or not. Furthermore, When you’re surrounded by people who appreciate your uniqueness, value, and celebrates you, you will definitely possess a good self-belief.

27) Let go of your past

let go of your past
Learn to forgive yourself for the mistake you did and work at being your best. You can never correct yesterday’s mistake while holding unto it but letting it go will give you the strength to build on yourself. Also, you’ll be able to develop your self-belief as you recover from it.

28) Do things that you love most

Never be forced to do things to please others at your detriment. Do the things you love and enjoy doing for as much as you do, it will give you satisfaction and happiness.

29) Never depend on people’s appraisal

No one can celebrate you more than you do to yourself. Depending on external factors for praises is the beginning of low self-belief. Because, when those you expected it from didn’t respond to you as expected, you’ll feel depressed, and doubt your ability. Conclusively, work at being your own cheerleader.

30) Avoid procrastinating

Excuses never make a man rather reduces one’s ability to function effectively and achieve meaningful results on time. Most poor performances are as a result of postponing that which can be done now. And when you always perform poorly it’s bound to affect your belief system. To avoid this, avoid procrastinating, act on time. It’ll enable you to have enough time to access other areas and make necessary corrections.

31) Have a role model

To overcome low self-belief, a model with a good self-belief attitude will be a perfect template for you. It will be more effective if you can be physically connected. Notwithstanding, you can still model someone from a distance. However, you should understand and be yourself.

Conclusively, self-belief can be built no matter how low it is. All you need is to decide to develop it and once you have decided, you can surely do it.

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