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The 6 Role of a Mother- All you need to know




Last Updated on May 18, 2024 by Joshua Isibor

In this article, I’ll be talking about the role of a mother. For every child’s development, there must be the presence of a female called “the mother”. A mother is more than a female who has given birth to a child or children. A mother is the child’s nurse, helper, teacher, provider, guardian, protector, and much more. Several good qualities have been ascribed to the word “mother”.

Duties/Roles of a Mother

1. Availability:

One of the responsibilities of a mother is the ability to avail herself. A mother’s presence is everything to a child. Just like a Father, you as a Mother should also make out time of your busy schedules.

When children feel lonely they might fall prey to bad companies and gradually inculcate the habit of distancing themselves from family affairs while growing up. A mom should be available to monitor the activities of her children until they come of age to take care of themselves.

2. Teach your children morals and self-worth

Children most times, would prefer to hear things or ideas from their mother first before accepting it. As gullible as a child is, they would not believe a stranger and would always put the words of their mother first because “mummy knows everything “. Children look up to their mothers as somewhat heroes.

As they grow, you could teach your kids the moral standards in society. This, I mean telling them what is accepted and what is being frowned at. Be direct with your teachings in every possible way.

Children do not want to hear contradictory stories or you would look like a liar to them. Set a standard of self-worth for them for both your sons and daughters. Teach them to embrace themselves before anyone else, it would boost their self-esteem and cut down on people making them feel less of themselves.

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3. Look into their academics:

Another way of getting closer to your kids is picking interest in their academic activities. This is another role some mothers take for granted. Do your best as a Mother to make sure they always perform accurately and get good grades. They would become comfortable around you and would barely keep things from you. These efforts you put in whether big or small would be admired.

4. Being supportive:

Only a few women who are mothers could boldly present themselves as being supportive of their children. Financial, emotional, and religious support should not be the duty of the father alone. It should be balanced on your side as a Mother too. Be free with your children in a way they can approach you and seek support or advice on anything bothering them. Stand out for them, speak up for them, and be their backbone.

5. Be a good example:

It is not compulsory to be a perfect mother. There are several steps to take before perfection. Start by being a food mother first. One of the attributes of a responsible mother is a Mother who sets a good example for her children.  Children may not be outspoken to point out what they need but as a Mother, you should be able to perceive their preference.

Your children would need you to lead while they follow. Setting a good example for them is the easiest way to lead. Start by, engaging in domestic activities willingly, be of great assistance to the head of the family, and prove with your actions that a home is not complete without you being there. It has been generalized that with a woman, there is a family but with a good mother, there is a home. Guiding your children this way would make you proud.

6. Love your children:

As easy as this role may seem, it is difficult to express. Love is affection but should be the duty of every mom out there. Love is a constant factor that strengthens the bond between a mother and her children.

Loving your children is different and showing them how much you love them is another thing. Love is being exceptionally caring, being patient with them as kids or adolescents. Love is being your child’s best friend. It is all about not letting your children down. Where there is love there is always peace and respect.

These duties point down to what an ideal mother is. These responsibilities summarize how important the role of a Mother is to the family and her children. You can become a responsible mother after you have done all this. If you are already doing the duties listed above, keep it up. It makes you unique, appreciated, and special. You would be irreplaceable to your children.


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