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duties of a man in a relationship

Last Updated on August 3, 2022 by Joshua Isibor

Does a Man Have Duties In a Relationship?

The duties of a Man in a relationship can be hectic and stressful but I bet you, you just have to flow and enjoy what you’re doing. love cannot be overemphasized but, in a relationship, love as a feeling of affection should be backed up with noticeable actions. Women are driven by what they see first and then think about other factors.

Being in a relationship is one thing and finding the right relationship is another. The former brings two persons who share a mere feeling together while the latter joins two souls as life partners. Love is a feeling of fondness that grows but actions are steady. Many times people have found their ‘Mr right’ but for one reason or the other things could not work out as they wanted.

The question that keeps females wondering is who is my Mr right? How do I know him when I see him? Is just love enough?. Those questions with the roles to be outlined would be answered. You can be in love Yes, but do you know what it takes to keep a loved one? To sail a ship amid a storm?

Generally, ladies do not need a man that only loves them but one who cares for them undoubtedly, they do not need bare words either but actions. This would take us down the lane of times when a man should embrace his role in a relationship. For every man in a relationship, there are certain roles he should take up to keep the relationship going. This might seem strange but I have compiled a list of such roles for you to be  Mr Right.

There would be different roles because ladies are unpredictable, they have varieties of choices.

Now these roles will not shape you to be ‘perfect’, No, if you seem too perfect, there would be suspicion on pretense, instead, it would shape you to be good enough for her, good enough for her not to think of anyone else.


1.A good man reminds his woman how much he loves her constantly:

Having reached out to lots of ladies, never have I seen a lady say she is tired of being shown or told by her man that he loves her and proves it every day.

2.A good man is supportive:

If you are wondering what it means to be supportive. Being supportive is broad a broad duty. It means for every decision she takes, you have to let her know she had your full support, you would promise to. If the decision is questionable, question it but do not opt-out of it. You should stand by her no matter what.

3.You have to make her happy:

If you love your woman as you claim, it is your duty to make her happy and no one else’s. A happy woman is like a happy child, the affection increases daily. Study your woman and understand the things that makes her happy.

4.Notice the little things about her:

Every woman loves attention. In as much as they try to hide it, they seek their man’s attention. They need you to notice the tiniest thing about them, a new dress or shoe, a new hairdo, their mood swings too. The tiniest things.

5.Be inspirational:

To be inspirational towards your woman, take actions that would elevate her intellectually or bring out that creativity in her. No one wants to let their source of inspiration fade.

6.Make her feel like a Goddess

As a man, you should not go from exalting her beauty to feeling indifferent about it. Anything she does or wears should always appear attractive like the first time you spoke to her and like the first time you saw her. Her appearance should matter to You, praise it even when she does not fancy it.

7.Learn to deal with her emotions:

When a woman loves you, she can act like a child. Emotions are intending and could change very often. No matter how moody she is, adjust to that mood, and tell her everything would be fine. She needs that assurance from you to feel better.

8.In your relationship, do not cross personal boundaries:

In as much as ladies love their man to be all over them, in sad times they need a little space and during misunderstandings. They do not need you chipping problems in their personal life or reminding them of an issue they found difficult to forget. Do not take advantage of what she considers her weakness.

9.Work on yourself as a person:

You cannot be a perfect partner if you are not a better person. That man she saw at first needs to improve himself daily and be a better person. Challenge yourself to intellectually tasks and likewise to build oneself adequate. This leaves a good impact on her and would help build the relationship.

10.Appreciate her honesty and be honest yourself:

When your woman tells you something she finds difficult to open up to normally, embrace it. It should be accepted. As a man, never stop being honest, she will always smile when she remembers how pure her man’s mind is.

11.Avoid being abusive:

This is a very vital point as it scares many ladies away. No woman likes an abusive man. She might put up with it, but the relationship would be very much short-lived. She would cope but not in the long-run. No one gets used to pain. If you are the easily-angered type. Do not threaten to harm her or hurt her physically. She would live in the relationship in constant fear. Eventually, she would find someone better and leave. In times like those, walk out of the premise or try talking to someone.

12.Be well mannered:

Good manners are like refined precious stones, easily noticed and hard to crush. Women consider men with good manners as adorable and find it hard to leave them.

13.Always make out time to spend with her:

For you to be that man she needs, you can never be too busy for the woman you love. Always take out those hours off your busy day to check up on her, hang out, share a private time, and the likes.

The roles listed are the major duties. In addition to them, it would be nice to chip in the minor things men consider unimportant which are very important to ladies.

14.Say nice things to your woman anytime and anywhere. Compliments are like smiles, they always look good.

15.Do not forget important dates she always talks about. Pen it down to remember later.

16.Be a good listener and communicator. Women need good talkers and great listeners at times, someone who would pick out her words carefully and understand them

Summing these up,

there is one point that may put these together on arrival. A woman needs a man who would stay committed and faithful at all costs. Commitment is more than a feeling or idea, it is more of a ritual. When you commit to something, there’s no backing out. Withdrawing is never an option, you will steadily put in the effort to make the practice better.

Place your focus on her as any other person is not an option. If you have a man who does all these, do not forget to tell him you appreciate him, tell him out of a hundred men he is the one out of a hundred that you would pick over and over. If you are a man reading this, you are the Mr right but don’t tell her that, she would notice it herself.

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