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8 Clear Signs of a Disrespectful Friend



Signs of a Disrespectful Friend

Last Updated on May 18, 2024 by Joshua Isibor

 In this article, we’ll be talking about the signs of a disrespectful friend. We understand that friendship is one of the various forms of relationships. It involves two persons sharing an affection of fondness and nothing more. It is not gender-based as anyone can be a friend to anyone. This is the primary idea of what friendship is about. It could mean different things to different people who hold separate views.

For a person to be tagged ‘A friend’, there are certain levels of closeness they would have attained. Most people often confuse “acquaintance” for “friendship” because you know who someone is, does not mean you both are friends and that is why when such communication dies out people get hurt.

Some steps make an acquaintance move to that stage where he or she can then be called a friend. This writing would focus on friendship strictly.

Now, not every person in your life needs to become your friend for your good. Not all persons you get acquainted with would stay for a long time to be known as your friend that is why the term ‘mate’ is needed. You can have your schoolmate, workmate, hostelmate, coursemate, partners too, and so on. Those are under other relationships. To some people, time plays a big role in friendships but this is not so true, understanding plays a better role as one of the factors that breed friendship.

Several attributes of a friend include; similarities in likes and dislikes. Then, we will go down to the characteristics of a good friend, which include: honesty, dependability, and loyalty, these are the vital focus in a friendly relationship.

Not all friendships can stand the test of time, whilst some would be stronger, others may turn out to be sour on rainy days. We will focus on the latter here. There are quite several factors that ruin friendships situations and circumstances aside, possessing a bad trait is a big hole in friendship. That is why it is easy for a nine-year friendship to crumble in a day or minutes. It does not happen as a result of what transpired at that time but as a result of compiled actions. Bad traits are very easy to cultivate and difficult to drop. It eats deep into someone and ends up hurting the other person. Items that make huge contributions to ruining friendships include:

  1. Jealousy
  2. Lack of time and communication
  3. Selfishness
  4. Betrayal of trust and,
  5. Disrespect

The above items have been highlighted to be key factors that ruin friendships. But one out of them kills it speedily and cannot be tackled for a long time, ‘disrespect’. When someone constantly disrespects you, there is every tendency that they do not value their friendships.

8 Signs on how to identify a disrespectful friend:

1. They discredit you:

A friend who steadily picks out the negative is not being judgmental but disrespectful. That friend constantly harms your good deeds and reputation. A good friend will not paint you black.

2. They do not value your opinion:

These persons tend to never pay attention to your comments whether good or bad. They do not acknowledge your opinion. It simply means they do not care about your thoughts which is absolutely what a Disrespectful person would do.

3. They lack empathy:

They do not know what it is like to be in your emotional state. They are usually hostile when it comes to consoling you.

4. They are gossipers:

Gossipers never have anything nice to say. Spreading false news about someone they call a friend is one wrong thing to do and it is disrespectful.

5. They criticize more often:

A friend that has never been found in times of celebration but is quick to pick holes and faults when things go wrong, they never believe in you and would see nothing good in your actions and any step you take. They constantly talk you down.

6. Humiliation:

Friends who make jokes out of your weakness or fears and find nothing wrong in it are being disrespectful. Cutting ties with a person like this is advisable.

7. Prying in your personal affair:

When you hate nosy people and your friends pry into your personal affairs continuously, they are being disrespectful.

8. Lack of appreciation:

A good friend would always put your relationship first. When you have a friend who does not appreciate you enough like you do to them and makes demeaning comments about it May not be the friend you are looking out for.

These are signs that that person you consider as a friend may not be the rightful friend for you. Disrespectful friends are equal to bad friends and it breeds bad companionship. They may show you these signs directly or unintentionally. Do well to Correct them over time if you appreciate the friendship. If you get tired of correcting them or telling them about it does not change anything but their actions, there are two options, walk out of the friendship or embrace them for who they are. It is advisable to let go of such persons in most cases especially if the friendship is at its early stage.


Disrespectful friends are no different from toxic or bad people. Their behaviours are not attractive but are contagious. Little by little, having been identified with them, unknowingly you might be that same way to another person who sees you as a friend. Friendship is mutual, there is an exchange of one thing for another thing.

Do not allow a disrespectful friend to make you feel like they are right when what they do is constantly downplay you. It would affect you mentally and would make it difficult for you to accept people. One who is with it friends is likely to suffer from mental illnesses, they become stiff and find it hard to express themselves. No matter how little your friends are, learn to appreciate them. Go through these points and check yourself to see if you are a disrespectful person to your friend.

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