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400+ Motivational Quotes about success and Life by Reno Omokri



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Are you seeing for motivational quotes about success and life?  here is the right junction for you!! We have lots of motivational quotes that would ginger and put you in the right direction of Life.

Reno Omokri motivational quotes


1. Stop thinking that your certificate entitles you to a job, or wealth, or even to success. Your degree is just a piece of paper. It entitles you to NOTHING! If a degree could make you rich, those who gave it to you would have been billionaires!

2. Never bite the hand that fed you. It is an absolute statement. It doesn’t matter if they are wrong and you are right. If you want your future to be bright, make sure you never bite the hand that fed you when you couldn’t feed yourself. No exception!

3. If you don’t know your purpose, let me simplify it for you. What is that thing which requires effort, but which you will still do even if you were not paid. That is your passion. Your purpose is to use your passion to make the world a better place

4. Success brings confidence and confidence brings success. They go hand in hand. Don’t wait to be successful before you are confident. Be confident now and your confidence will attract success, which itself will attract more confidence. It’s a cycle

5. Investing in a business comes with risks. Because the risk is monetized, it looks big. But wasting money on frivolity comes with a sure risk. The risk of future poverty. I prefer to invest and have a partial risk than spend it and have a sure risk

6. If you don’t know how to start a business, let me simplify it. Get 2 sheets of paper. On A, write the skills you have. On B, write those who need those very skills, but don’t have them. Next, start marketing the skills on paper A to those on paper B

7. You get rich by connecting with people, not by collecting from them. When you meet successful people, borrow wisdom from them, not money. Study their money habits. Act like them, and soon, you will be one of them. Get rich by imitating the rich!

8.I’ve seen money change people. They dance well for God when they are broke. They make money and stop dancing that way. You ask why. They say such dance no longer befits their status. If money makes you stop loving God like before, you won’t get it!

9. One sad thing about workers is that they go to work to earn a salary, rather than to learn a business. Your salary should be start-up capital. Your real pay is learning how the business you work for is run so you can start your own and employ others

  1. The reason you are poor is because you are focused on what you want. Focus, instead, on what others want. Then think of the skills you have to meet their wants. Then start meeting it. They will pay you. And just like that, you will have a business!

11.You will never see ‘Get money’ in Scripture. You only see ‘Get wisdom’ (Proverbs 4:7). God knows that you dont get money. You attract money. And how do you attract money? By getting wisdom. Money likes wisdom. Chase wisdom and money will chase you!

12.If you admire a billionaire, but you haven’t read his biography, you are a foolish admirer. You want to reap, but you don’t want to learn how to sow. Read biographies of the men and women you admire. It‘s the easiest way to replicate their success

13.It is more important to learn how to make money work for you, than to learn how to work for money. That‘s why you should learn to invest. Dont spend your life going out to look for money. Instead, learn how to send money out to look for more money!

14.Because you are 60, you want to give up your dreams? Who told you dreams have expiry dates? Go and read about Colonel Sanders who founded @KFC. He was a failure all his life, until he started KFC and became a multimillionaire at 75. You have time!

15.Stop designing websites, doing landscaping, accounting or laundry, for friends and family for free. It is not kindness. It is foolishness. They are making money from their own skills. You too should make money from yours. Turn it into a business!

16.Habit is a gradual thing that leads you to a final thing. The little habits you have are responsible for the big successes or failures you have. Watch your habits. Because they will produce your life’s experiences. Where are your habits taking you?

17.Until you sell, you can’t excel. Think of the greatest people in every field. In music you had @MichaelJackson selling his music. In writing, you had Shakespeare selling literature. In politics, you had JFK selling ideas. What you sell, excels you!

  1. Don’t try to start a perfect business. Focus on creating a profitable business. And the only way you can do this is by solving other people’s problems. See other people’s problems, not as obstacles, but as opportunities. Solutions bring finances!
  2. Gain people’s confidence and you will eventually gain their money. That is how conmen con people off their money. By gaining their confidence. But don’t be a conman. Be a correct man. Gain people’s confidence by providing a good service or product

20.If you want to be rich, stop doing what you are good at for free, even if it is your hobby. If you know how to make people laugh, charge for it. If you know how to sing, charge. That‘s why God gave you the talent. Not as a hobby. But as a businesslove what you do

21.How can you expect your income to rise when your knowledge has not risen? It is like expecting a promotion to the next class when you dont have increased knowledge. Hard work keeps you at the same level. Smart work promotes you to the next level!

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22.People who hunger for money hardly get money. But people that hunger for knowledge almost always get money. Money is the reward for solving problems and knowledge enables you solve problems. Escape poverty by chasing what will make money chase you!

23.Education help you get a job and make money. Wisdom helps you get a business and make money work for you. So, get education and get wisdom. But, if you can’t get both, then get wisdom. Solomon did not go to school. Yet he was richer than any man

24.Angry people already live in torment. The last thing they need is to see their negative emotion reflected back at them through you. Resist their provocation. They think they are in control, but it is their anger that controls them. So control yours

  1. What you should understand is that when you see the rich and famous wearing designers, they usually dont pay for it. Designers approach them to wear their products for free so the poor can see it on them and then spend their small money buying it

26.If you have enough self conviction, you will make it. That is why you should immediately identify ANYONE who attacks your self belief. If you can, expel then from your orbit. If you can’t expel them, you leave, or you will never fulfil potential

27.Don’t struggle to dress like the rich and famous. Instead, struggle to earn like them. The rich and famous even get paid to wear those designers. I know, because I was approached by a bespoke tailor. Succeed, and designers will dress you for free!

28.Don’t organise a wedding that will disorganise your marriage. The more you go into debt to organise your wedding, the more disorganised your marriage will be. The debt will agonise both of you to the point where you antagonise each other. Avoid it!

29.When calamity strikes, it expects you to lose your calm. But if you remain calm in the face of calamity, the forces behind the calamity (there‘s a power behind EVERY calamity) will lose their own calm and become confused and the calamity will fail!

  1. When you face challenges, dont panic or complain. Rather, calm yourself to the extent that your calmness affects the challenge. Next, figure out what life is trying to teach you via the challenge. When you do, you will also figure out its solution

31.If you and your wife face hard times, few, if any, of those who attended your multimillion wedding, will bail you out. The food they ate will be a memory, while your lack of food is a reality. Prevent such. Spend on your marriage, not your wedding!

32.Use your life to pursue things that are more enduring than money. Pursue:







▶️Legacythink outside the box

33.If you pursue God and these things, your life will be more successful than the lives of those who just pursue money

34.Practice this and you will never be poor. When you have a bank alert, don’t think of what you can buy. Think instead of what you can invest in. The more you invest, the more alerts you attract. The more you spend, the less bank alerts you attract

35.Dont broadcast your plans until they are accomplished. It can’t be stolen then. There are many millionaires today who became rich from stealing their ‘friends’ plans. There are music superstars who became famous from stealing their ‘friends’ songs!

  1. Mike Adenuga was a taxi driver. JeffBezos was a @McDonalds cook. Adenuga is now worth $10.8 B. Bezos is worth $200 B. Never look down on a man except to admire his shoes! “God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble”-James 4:6

36.Rice cooks before beans, but beans is more nutritious. That others succeed before you, doesn’t mean they will succeed better than you. Face your race. Leave them to their place. Because, “the race is not to the swift”-Eccl 9:11. Your time will come

37.If you boil rice, beans and potato in the same pot, each of them will get cooked at different times. Never at the same time. So, when you see your mates getting successful before you, don’t get jealous. Your time will come. Just keep on cooking!

38.One of the worst counsel anyone can give you is ‘forget about the past’. To forget about the past is to wipe away your wisdom. You get education from books, but you get wisdom from experiences. Learn from your past and move on. Don’t forget it

39.Imagine a mirror. What you see in a mirror is your reflection. Life is a mirror. The mirror of life is reflecting your thoughts. If you don’t like what you see in the mirror, don’t adjust the reflection. Adjust your thoughts. It will fix your life!

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40.Stop chasing your dream. Instead of chasing your dream, start actualising it. Make a plan. A plan to actualise your dream is called a vision. Resources to actualise the dream is called provision. God only gives provision to those who have vision!

41.The only way to get some people to like you is if you stop

* Succeeding

* Shining

* Being happy

* Achieving greatness

If you value their approval so much, then stop doing the above. If you value the above, then stop caring what they think of you!

42.We attract what we think to ourselves. Our lives are a reality of our thoughts. If you dont like your life, dont blame anyone. Blame yourself. Then change it. Stop thinking about what you are seeing. Think, instead, about what you would like to see

43.There are people of HIGH STATUS and there are people of LOW STATUS. However, there are no HIGH people or LOW people. You are NOT your STATUS. You are a HUMAN. Your STATUS ends on Earth. Your spirit lives on. Don’t get high on your high status!

44.When you start making friends in high places, dont forget your friends in low places. Remember, it was not your friends in high places that reached down and pulled you up. It was your friends in low places that lifted their hands and pushed you up


3 Donts of Life

Dont wait to be perfect before you‘re happy. Be happy now

Dont rely on only beauty in choosing your spouse. Beautiful oranges at times have no water

Dont trade time for money. Trade ideas for money and use your time to get a life

46.Water appears weak. Rocks appear strong. Yet, over time, water breaks rocks.Understand strength. Physical energy is a lowest level strength. Strength is anything that helps you enforce your will on Earth. Patience is stronger that physical strength

47.Don’t focus on making expensive improvements. Focus on making effective improvements. Dress well. Don’t dress wealth. Speak to gain access. Don’t speak in a fake accent. Look people in the eye, but don’t look up to people. Look up to God. Only God!

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  1. If not for packaging, orange juice wont be more expensive than orange. If not for improvement, corn flakes won’t be more valuable than ordinary corn. Package yourself. Improve yourself. Set yourself above the rest. Add value by adding improvements

49.Think of yourself like a stock. Always do things that makes your stock price increase. Knowledge acquisition, good manners, associating with a good crowd and planning increase your stock. Give people reason to buy into you by the way you live life

  1. One friend who is committed to you is better than 1000 friends who are interested in you. You claim you have committed friends? Okay. Can you name a friend, who you know has money, and who you know will give it to you if you have an emergency?
  2. The best investment you will ever make is an investment in yourself. When was the last time you read a self development, leadership, or investment book? If reading is hard, get an audiobook. You cant grow rich knowing only what happens on #BBNaija!
  3. Dear youths,

If you have friends whose conversations centre ONLY around, #BBnaija, dating, clubbing, romancing & spending, you may want to consider getting better friends. If you spend your youth like that, you will spend your old age regretting


53.If you dont control money, poverty will control you. It will control where you live, who you marry, who your friends are, and the type of children you have. So, start controlling money mercilessly now. Because poverty will be more merciless on you!

  1. It‘s impossible to be happy when the mouths you have to feed are increasing, but the funds you have to feed them with isn’t increasing. satan did not make you poor. You made yourself poor by marrying and having kids when you dont have steady income
  2. #Sanitise your thoughts to sanitise your life! Think good about yourself and others. Your mind can’t process good and evil simultaneously. If you think good about yourself and evil for others, evil will dominate your mind and manifest in your life!

56.Life does not happen to you. Life responds to you. Life responds to your:

* Thoughts

* Words

* Actions

What you think of affects what you say, and what you say affects what you do. It is why you must sanitise your thoughts to sanitise your life!

57.If you are not kind when you are poor, you wont be kind if you become rich. Money doesn’t add virtues you don’t have to you. It only brings out more of what you have. Money is your fuel, not your driver. You are the driver. Money fuels your drive!

#Motivational Quotes

  1. One big religious myth is the fallacy that money is evil. It is poverty that you should avoid. Poverty makes you desperate for money. Most of those who steal are poor. Why? Because they lack money. LACK of money is almost as bad as LOVE of money!

59.Don’t go to work to earn salary. Go to work to earn start up capital. Salary can be a beginning. But it should never be an end. Start your own business. Start small. Grow it big. Be willing to take a loss to be the boss, so you can fire your boss!

  1. Dont invest what is left after spending. Spend what is left after investing. As soon as salary comes, invest in your business, then your needs (shelter, food, utilities). If the first thing you spend salary on is a want, you will always be in want!
  2. The best way to make sense is by making money. Otherwise, you are making nonsense. Even Scripture says ‘money answers all things’. Money isn’t evil. It is the love of money that is evil. Money enables you to convert your good thoughts to good deeds
  3. The best way to make sense is by making money. Otherwise, you are making nonsense. Even Scripture says ‘money answers all things’. Money isn’t evil. It is the love of money that is evil. Money enables you to convert your good thoughts to good deeds
  4. There are invisible forces all around. Not all thoughts that enters your mind originates from you. Before acting on a thought, consider that it may have been placed in your consciousness by malevolent forces. Think about what you are thinking about
  5. Poverty or prosperity are a reflection of your thoughts, not your circumstances. Your mind is a computer that‘s programmed by your thoughts to manifest as reality what you constantly think of. Your thoughts change your circumstances, not vice versa                    #MOTIVATIONAL QUOTES
  6. You reap what you sow, more than you sowed and after you sowed. There is no escaping this principle. Fasting and prayer cant make you avoid it. Thus, think. Before you sow the wind, ask yourself if you can reap the whirlwind. Because, you will!
  7. Beautiful flowers grow in dirty soil. Circumstances are like dirty soil. They dont have to limit you. Use poverty as a means of developing humility, patience and perseverance and those virtues will change your state from poverty to prosperity
  8. Christ’s brother’s were part of His Earthly ministry, yet, when He was leaving earth, He chose Peter as His successor. He taught us that you must separate your business from your family. Employ quality management over family. Focus on efficiency!
  9. Never depend on a single source of income. Learn from God. He gave us the sun and He also gave us the moon. When the sun stops shining, the moon will shine. When your main source of income stops earning, your secondary sources will fill the vacuum
  10. Money is a consequence of satisfaction. Satisfy your customer and their money will find its way into your hand. Understand psychology. Don’t try to prove you are right, even if you are. Rather, prove that your customer is right for choosing you!
  11. Don’t just start a business. Start solving problems. Your business will thrive only to the extent that it solves problems. Help people exchange their problem for money and they‘ll gladly pay. The problems you solve determines the price you command.

71.It is true that you should be yourself and not be a copy of anyone. But if being yourself is not helping you succeed, and another person is succeeding, don’t be ashamed to copy their values and principles. Imitating good behaviour is never a crime!

72.Buy train tickets while the train is still at the station. Once it leaves the station, the ticket becomes useless. Buying brand new cars when you don’t have a house is buying a train ticket when the train is leaving the station. You may regret it.

73.Except you first invest in yourself, your investments in real estate, shares, companies, or commodities, won’t pay the best dividends. Why? Because you are the engine that drives your life’s success. If your car has no fuel, it can’t take you anywhere.

74. Rich people do not have a monopoly on wealth. Stop hating them. Go and make your own wealth. If you have evidence that their money came from money rituals, then expose them. If not, shut up and go make your own money any legal way you can.

75. Follow your dreams and try to achieve them or your fears will follow you and try to overcome you. There is no middle ground. Nature abhors a vacuum. If you want to stay balanced on the bicycle of life, you must keep cycling your bicycle for life.

76.Take in the big picture, not the small picture. The repeat customer will make you rich over time. But if you want to exploit money from a customer overnight, you won’t see him after that night. Learn to stoop to conquer or you will stop conquering!

77. Change your language to change your life. Some words you use without thinking are subliminally ruining your life. Stop using the word impossible. Instead, use challenging. Becoming a billionaire as an African is not impossible. It is challenging!

78.Dictionaries cant define the word impossible because it is subjective. What is impossible to one man is possible to another. Don’t be restricted by other people’ss restriction. Some people advise you from their fear. Never fear another person’s fear.

79.Stop begging for money and start begging for wisdom. Don’t go to successful people’s TL and say ‘please give me anything to feed’. Better to, say ‘I admire your success. Can you give me tips on how you made it? Learn to fish. Stop begging for fish!

80.If you have not had money dealings with anyone, never say you know them. Even if you have had money dealings and they gained money, you still don’t know them. Unless you have had money dealings with them AND THEY LOST MONEY, you don’t know a person!

81.Remember how you flaunted a new toy you got when you were a kid? You never flaunted old toys. It was only the new toy that got flaunted. What does that teach you? People don’t flaunt old money. When you see flaunters, know that their money is new.

82.Money is like fire. Fire is not good or bad in itself. In the hand of a good man, fire is light. In the hand of a bad man, fire will burn things down. Don’t easily feel sorry for some poor people. They once had money but used it to burn bridges..

83.Don’t make money your goal in business. Greed scares away customers. Make satisfying customers your goal. Genuine concern attracts customers. Satisfy a customer once, even if you have to make a loss, and you will convert him to a lifetime customer!

84.If you want a stool to support your weight, it must have at least 3 legs. If you want your income to support you, it must have at least 3 streams. Salary isn’t enough. You must have a business stream and an investment stream to support your weight!

85.You are not in your office to win friends. You are there to succeed. It is not a democracy. Focus on your boss, not your colleagues. Let them call you bootlicker. The same man who signed your employment letter will also sign your promotion letter!

86.If you want a promotion where you work, stop outworking your colleagues. Instead, outlearn them. Let them deliver quantity service. Your boss is looking for profit. Only by out learning them can you deliver quality service that commands a high price.

87.Whenever you feel occasional depression or low, maybe after hearing bad news, or you suffer misfortune, please don’t reach for pills or alcohol. Try this trick. Look for a baby and play with him or her. It is hard to stay depressed after that.


Change your vocabulary and you change your destiny:

Your difference does not make you odd. It makes you unique

You may be broke, but you are not broken

You don’t have regrets. You have experiences

Instead of ‘I can’t’, ask ‘How can I?’

90.Don’t wait to see how you feel in the morning. Tell yourself how to feel

Don’t wait for people to greet you first. It is tiresome. Be the first to greet

Don’t be tied to your past. Instead, be tied to your passion.


Wisdom To Make Your Week

Don’t Go Through The Week. Grow Through The Week

Don’t Just Watch Television. Work On Your Vision

Talk To God and He Listens. Listen and God Talks

Sow Into The Life Of Widows and Heaven Will Open Its Window Over Your Life.


Three pearls of Wisdom For Your Thursday

Avoid making promises when you are over-excited.

Avoid responding to emails, texts, or calls when you are angry

Avoid starting a new relationship when you are still broken-hearted over your previous relationship.


Dear men,

You have no duty to give any woman who is not your wife, mother, or unmarried sister any money. It does not make you stingy. It makes you wise. Any woman accusing you of stinginess to guilt you into giving her money is a low-level witch!


5 pearls of wisdom to help you succeed

Activity is not the same as productivity

Busyness is not equal to business

The motion does not always mean progress

If you don’t deliver results, you may receive insults

When you have money, people like to call you honey

95.Persistence, patience, and perseverance are the keys to success, not strength. Water is not as physically strong as a rock. Yet, water breaks through the strongest rock, through a combination of persistence, patience, and perseverance. Go and succeed!

96.The phrase ‘money cant buy happiness’ was invented by happy rich people to prevent the poor from threatening their wealth! Money is very, very, very, conducive to happiness! Are you not happy when you get bank alerts? Was it poverty that caused it?

97.When a rich man dies and leaves his wealth some people say ‘vanity upon vanity, as if wealth is a sin. It is not only wealth that is vanity. Poverty is also vanity. They are both vain because none of them can save you. But I prefer a wealth vanity.

98.Even if you can’t help the poor, still try to make money legally so there will be one less poor person to help. That way, you indirectly help the poor, by reducing the competition for charity by taking yourself out of the poverty equation forever.

99. Lazy people who say money can’t buy happiness act as if being broke can buy happiness. Get money even if it can’t buy happiness. Nothing can buy happiness. Not money or poverty. But at least money can buy comfort and comfort is conducive to happiness.


Why was I God created?

What skills do I have?

What plans do I have to achieve my purpose?

How do I know that I have achieved my purpose?

If you can answer these questions, nothing, except death, can prevent you from achieving outstanding success!

101. When you realize you are on Earth for purpose and not for popularity, you stop caring what the herd thinks and start following your principles, not trends. Don’t join the herd to condemn what you heard, otherwise the herd may one day come for your head.

102.It’s foolish to be sad because you are different from others. How can you be sad over an advantage? Different people make a difference. Odd people stand out, and because they stand out, they become outstanding. Embrace and celebrate your difference.

103.It is easier to get rich by expanding your income than by reducing your wants. Accessing many streams makes oceans full. You either invest your youth in self-development or invest your old age in self regret. The choice and consequences are yours.

104. People confuse academics for intelligence. Academics are good at counting degree certificates. Intelligent people are good at counting money. No matter how many degrees you have, how intelligent are you if you still work for a man without a degree?

105. God did not create man to love work. He created us to enjoy our passions. Make your passion a business and you won’t work. You‘ll thrive. Know yourself. Know what you love. Know where what you love meets the world’s needs. Then make it your business.

106.You are the one person whose opinion matters to your kids more than anybodys. Even when you are angry, don’t verbalize negative opinions on your kids. They will believe it and it will be their destiny. Even when angry, say ‘you this useful child’

107. Treat money like a tree. When you need firewood, you cut the branches, because branches grow back. If you cut the root, the tree won’t grow back. Your money is a tree. Don’t cut it at the root. Wait for it to have branches, then cut those branches.

108.Yes, we are the Human Race. But that does not mean we should race with each other. You don’t have to marry before your sister or friend or hit it big before your brother or neighbor. We are also human. Meaning we should be humane, not just human!

109. According to Scripture, when people die, they have no awareness of what you do for them. So, don’t borrow to give people befitting burials. Spend money on the living, not the dead. Dead parents can’t bless you for the money you spend on their burial.

110.Many people you think are angry, are not really angry. They are poor. Bring easily angered is often a symptom of poverty. That is why ghettoes tend to be violent. Don’t waste your time attacking the anger. Until you attack the cause, it won’t go.

111.It is a lie that not everyone can do business. Everyone can. But not everyone does.

Do it because you need to defeat poverty in your own life, so you can help others defeat it in theirs. A job may help you defeat poverty in you, but not in others.


You control your:



Actions, and


You cant control all these and still blame others for your failure. Man up. Take responsibility! Your life has turned out how you played it out. Make better choices to have a better future.

113.Your location won’t change who you are. A butterfly who goes to America wont become a bird, nor a lizard a crocodile. Dont focus on changing location. Rather, concentrate on changing your mindset. Only then will your location impact your vocation.

114. Don’t call your brother wicked for refusing to look after your many kids, which you had because of your ‘God will provide’ mentality. You see cold weather as time to chase women. In hot weather, you still relax with women. This is Africa’s dilemma!

115.Even birds won’t lay eggs until they first build a nest. You say you are a human being, with intellect, yet, you pop out children when you dont have a job, a business or a source of income. That is why you are poor. You reproduce before you produce.

116.The biggest fish always swim in deep waters. Wake up early, to think deeply. The ideas that will bring wealth will come to you when you are engaged in deep thought. It is called ideating. Read deeply. Think deeply. And you will be deeply wealthy!

117. Loving yourself is not narcissism. You cant you love your neighbour if you don’t love yourself. And your neighbour will find it difficult to love you if you dont love yourself. How you see yourself is the blueprint for how others will see you

NOTE: Always take motivational quotes into action

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