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The Duties of a Father-All you need to know



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Elder Robert L. Beckman said “father is the noblest title a man can be given, it is more than a biological role. It signifies a leader, an exemplar, a confidant, a teacher, a hero, a friend, and ultimately a perfect being”.

A father as we all know is a male who begets a child-man who has a child. The term “father” may be used in a different context. In this context, we will center basically on a Father in a family setting and his duties. Although parenting is a two-sided duty and should not be inclined to one person(the mother), it has more to do with the father figure in the family.

As a man, there are certain roles that should be taken up in society, much less the family which is the smallest unit in a society. The duties are what strengthen the family and build up integrity.


Every man that knows his obligation to his family is being looked up to as a responsible husband and father. Your duties as a father are strictly for your Family. You are not a  responsible father to your wife but to your children. These roles should be outlined in the course of continuation.

Roles/Duties of a Father

1.To provide financial support:

A father should be able to assist his children financially until they are financially independent, and can cater for themselves. Children need financial backing for most things, especially at a tender age. Provisions should be made for the children’s education and other basic needs like food, shelter, and clothing.

A good father lays the foundation of a healthy family by being readily available to provide for the children. Once you show that you are ready to take up your financial duties, your children would look up to you wholly. They would adore you as you have become an inspiration to them. While doing this, give and support your children with certain cautions, make them know that to whom much is given, much is expected.

You work hard to earn for the family. Whatever they need must fall within your income as a worker. That way they would understand hard work and its result, they would not adopt the habit of squandering while growing up. Also, it is helpful to know that in the journey or while making preparations to be a Father you cannot be tight-fisted.

2.Spend quality time with your children:

No good father is too busy for his children. If you will be too busy for them, then why have them in the first place? Before bringing in the picture for having kids in a home, it is usual for the husband and wife who have busy schedules to create time for different activities in the home, for example, picking the kids up at school, taking the kids on private trips, involving in the school social affairs and so on.

If, as a Father, your job demands traveling regularly, inform your children. Tell your children about the nature of your job and make them understand that you will always have time for them.

Make things easier by picking out a particular time you would be available, for example, you can see them when you are on a break, on weekends, at the end of a particular month and so on. Pick dates at intervals. While staying off, it is advisable to reach out to them through the modern technical means, speak to them via calls, speak and see them on video calls, with such medium of communication, they would understand the message you are trying to pass to them. They would interpret it as “daddy is busy but regardless, he always makes out time for us”. It breeds love and improves the father-children relationship.

3.Be a disciplinarian:

Most vices in the society inarguably sprung out from personalities, personalities that were learned from an environment that points down to the household. To be a good father, you have to adapt to the habit of discipline.

You do not have to be unnecessarily strict. Discipline starts from perception, how you as a Father view things. You understanding the morals and standards of the society and feels the need to push your children to be a good book of the society. Every attitude your children put up is a reflection of your teachings.

Take for example a young boy who has been caught and has been accused of theft in a market, amongst the crowd of people that surround him are the critics. People who judge the thief to the point of tracing their steps to their family. When a child shows a sign of stubbornness, makes silly mistakes, or has done wrong repeatedly, it is legal and divine to use any rational means to call the child back to order. You do not need to condone bad habits because the outcome is usually unfavorable.

4.Emotional support:

Most fathers leave mothers to handle emotions or personal problems their children face. Most fathers absent themselves when their children are emotionally unstable. Normalize checking up on your children. Ask about their daily activities, their schoolwork, their social activities, their friends, or companies. When you open doors for conversations on topics like these, they would feel comfortable to open up on whatever it is that is bothering them.

5.Religious support:

Every father who believes in a supreme being which is his creator should welcome the idea of connecting their children to that being too. Not minding the religion, you as a Father should create a certain exposure to your children about religion. A good family prays together and stay together.

If these duties listed above could be compiled and put into action, the results would be overwhelming and fulfilling. Your children would always put your first no matter what. Be that father that always comes through for his children.

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