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12 Things that turn women off in a Relationship



12 Things that turn women off in a Relationship

Last Updated on March 25, 2024 by Joshua Isibor


When you start a relationship with any girl. You have to know the things that turn women off in a relationship. Turn-off simply means doing things that can disgust her or make her feel less attracted to you.

And these things can quickly become a threat to your relationship.

That’s why we always need to evaluate and re-evaluate our relationship. The things that turn women off in a relationship are as follows:

12 Things that turn women off in a Relationship

1.Not being supportive:

Every lady wants a supportive man. A friend of mine started a business in the clothing line: she sells men’s underwear, polo. Etc. she then asked her boyfriend to patronize her by buying some products in her business.

The boyfriend’s response was so annoying. He said, “I’m not going to buy it, but I’ll buy it for my friends. I get my things from Amazon!! These clothes look fake”.  After that incident, she felt unsafe in that relationship.

2.Not helping out:

Help is what everyone wishes to get always, likewise ladies. They are very special and need to be treated with care. Allowing a lady to do all the house chores in the house isn’t so nice. When it becomes a habit it could cause a turn-off. It’s just like seeing your partner caring heavy load without assisting her, it could irritate her overtime.

3.Men with a poor sense of dressing:

Every lady wants his man to stand out and make other women jealous. Some men are fond of wearing the same clothes every day. Wearing the same clothes could make the lady ashamed of you.

Women love men who have a good dress sense, not someone who wears a shirt that is torn or a stained shirt. Women always have this gift in detecting such, and when you don’t obey them by removing them. This could turn a woman off automatically and when you go for that date you would be asking yourself questions like what did I do wrong.

4.Men that pressure their partners into sex:

Eventually every woman dislikes a man who pressurizes them for sex all the time. Sex is supposed to be consensual. As a man, you need to know your woman’s sexual needs( know when she wants it and how she wants it ) Constant pressurizing your partner could make you rape her one day.

5.Men that send pictures of their dick without consent:

Anything done in a relationship be it friendship or dating without consent is very bad. It is like overstepping your boundaries. A girl I interviewed complained a lot about guys coming to her DM and sending pictures of dick. It is a very foolish idea to participate in that act. Why will a reasonable and mature young man do that?

6.Uncultured behavior:

Rudeness is the weak man’s imitation of strength. It is always wise as a man to be polite Every lady wants a mannered man, not someone who expresses his uncultured behavior publicly or privately. Uncultured behavior includes using offensive words, being dominating. Yes!! A man is always the head, yes, we know but try to behave appropriately.

7.Being ignored:

Ignoring here simply means shunning, neglect, disregard, giving less, or insufficient attention to her. No one loves being ignored. Ignoring someone can make someone hate YOU FOR REAL and can turn off a girl in a relationship.

8.Body odors:

Some men are so careless of their body, not knowing that having a good smell is one of the first impressions that you need to give that girl.

9.Boastful men:

being boastful is bad!! Some men are so proud. Always talking about their achievement such as how much they earn, how often they visit the gym, or how strong they are.

10.Men who chat on their phone when someone else is talking:

Women love attention and when they don’t get it from you, it becomes a problem. As a man, you should minimize the way you handle your phone when you are with your partner. It shows signs of disrespect.

11.Not satisfying her satisfy her sexual desires (experiencing quick ejaculating or ED):

every woman wants her man to make her feel like a woman. You have to find a way to perform better in bed. However, if you think you have a problem, kindly see a sex therapist.

12.Not driven about your career:

Women want purpose-driven men. They want men who are focused and driven. Not some lazy men who always think of the present, also for the future


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1 Comment

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