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Last Updated on May 18, 2024 by Joshua Isibor

Most people, In trying to build their relationship, make terrible mistakes. There are several relationship mistakes you are currently making, and you can prevent them if you can identify them. You can correct these relationship mistakes if you can identify them.

Also, I have always said that your relationship will be a disaster unless you treat it like your job. You have to give it your best because you value it.

Let us explore some of these mistakes.


1. Having more than one partner:

Having more than one partner

having more than one partner

if you are in a relationship, you must focus on your partner. Commitment is a basic factor in any relationship. if you have more than one partner, it can ruin you and ruin your relationship.

You should remain single rather than date different persons at the same time. Some people date more than one person because they are afraid of losing out. It could also be because of getting financial support from all the partners.

And this often applies to ladies. Dating more than one partner is simply cheating. It is either you are ready to commit to one person or you are not ready to be in a relationship.

Also, when you have more than one partner, you are laying the foundation for mistrust, lying, and backstabbing in your relationship.

2. Possessiveness:

Another type of relationship mistake is possessiveness. A possessive partner is a liability to the other person in the relationship. You cannot own a full-grown person to yourself. Many persons are guilty of this relationship mistake.

And as a result of this, their relationships rarely work. Possessiveness in a relationship happens when one of the partners is insecure. And also, the insecure partner is afraid of losing his/her lover. To identify a possessive partner, check out for the following signs:

  • .Gets upset when you need some space
  • always wants to know your schedule
  • wants to spend all his/her free time with you
  • Texts you all day long. …
  • shares too much of your life on social media
  • doesn’t want you hanging out with the opposite sex
  • dictates your looks and dressing

Although these signs can depict displays of love, they can also quickly become overbearing and unhealthy.

3. Date someone because of physical appearance:

Some people get into relationships because of the physical appearance of the other person. These persons look at height, weight, and complexion among others.

While attraction is a part of the relationship, it should not be the criteria for dating someone. Physical appearance shouldn’t be the singular reason you want to be with someone. What happens when those physical attractions become old or wrinkled?

Life has proven that when these physical appearances fade, the relationship goes south. Do not just go for a beautiful partner, also go for one whose ideals towards life is valuable to your relationship. Your partner should focus on building his/her worth.

4. Dating for material benefits:

Usually, ladies are guilty of this, but as society is changing men are also falling prey to this relationship mistake. Men now date older, richer women who can pay their bills.

And in return, they offer sexual pleasure. A relationship is not about someone to pay your bills. A relationship is about complementing each other. People who date because they need someone to pay their bills, end up as puppets.

I know of a girl who sleeps with an older man because of money, although she is not happy in that relationship. In fact, according to her, the man has other girls who satisfy his sexual cravings as well. However, this girl has refused to leave that unhealthy relationship because of the material benefits.

So if you desire to be with a partner who will love and respect you, then it shouldn’t be because of material benefits. The material benefits should be secondary. And a partner who loves you will be willing to share his/her resources with you.

5. Uncleanliness:

this is a great turn-off in a relationship. Check out this article on 10 things that turn off a woman in a relationship. Are you a dirty and unorganized person? Work on it.

A dirty partner is unbearable. Girls are probably rejecting your dating proposal because of your appearance. Your appearance often speaks volumes about your cleanliness habits.

Some guys come out looking untidy and unkempt. Some untidy habits for men include; dirty and rumpled clothes; unkempt hair; dirty fingers and toenails among others. I know ladies who assess men by looking at their teeth and toenails. A man who is careful about his appearance will be neat.

Furthermore, some ladies are terrible at keeping a house clean. So, maintain good cleanliness habits for the sake of your partner.

6. Marrying someone you don’t love or you don’t accept:

Do not marry anybody out of fear or pity. Because that will destroy your marital relationship. If you know you cannot live with a person, do not be pressured to marry that person. A marriage built on pity will make you sad.

7. Someone strong-willed and unwilling to change:

if your partner is not open-minded, then there is a need to reconsider that relationship. Your partner should seek to grow. What happens when you change and your partner is unwilling to change? It will affect your relationship.

8. Lack of purpose:

lack of purpose in life


Before you start a relationship, you must have a purpose. Most young people enter into a relationship without a specific goal of what the relationship aims to achieve.

The aim of dating is marriage. And although not every relationship will end in marriage, you must define what you want to achieve in your relationship.

A lot of relationships have left people broken and depressed because there was no purpose from the onset of the relationship.

9. Genotype compatibility:

although this is the last item on my list. It is one of the major mistakes of people in relationships. You must be aware of your partner’s genotype. You must find out your genotype compatibility.

Because a lot of people get into relationships, fall in love, and get married even when they know they are not compatible.

Usually, in a case like this, it is the children who go through pain and misery. So, before you get into a relationship, find out your genotype compatibility.

So, find out the relationship mistakes you are making, re-evaluate, and make progress. Cheers to a fulfilling relationship.

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