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Angel Numbers and Their Meanings



angel numbers

Last Updated on July 22, 2022 by Joshua Isibor

Angels are divine beings who speak to us divinely. Angel number meaning has to do with repeated numbers one sees often. They occur in sequence, telling us there’s a significant meaning.

This makes them appear more than ordinary” says celebrity aura reader, psychic medium, and spirit guide Megan Michaela Firester, who goes by Mystic Michaela. “One of the ways it occurs is through numbers.”

Angel numbers work in relation to the principles of numerology, which supports the opinion that each number is linked to a particular vibrational energy or threshold that includes meaning above its unmixed numeric worth.

They serve as a seal of approval, to continue on the same path you are already on. “If you see a particular number repeatedly it’s possible your angel is pointing to you or wants to make you feel seen and heard. They are trying to alert you about something and the numbers they reveal to you have meanings. You can see it as a symbol telling you that you are on the right track in your life, just like a road sign.”

Novalee Wilder, a certified numerologist, says angel numbers are an easy way to dip your toes into spiritual practices. And “people are realizing they are truly connected to the magic that exists all around them,” says spiritual advisor and intuitive mentor Diana Zalucky, known as The Empress Advisor. “Angel numbers are a gentle and loving invitation to build trust in your own spiritual connection.”

Some Angel Numbers And Their Meanings?


One is a very powerful number for the manifestation of your dreams, this is one part of the reason why alot of people make a wish when they see it repeatedly in series, like 11:11 on a clock. “When you see 111, imagine it as the universe taking a picture of your frame of mind,” Michaela says. “Whatever is occurring on all your thoughts, visualizations, goals, and dreams they are going to be replicated.”

So when you see this sequence, ensuring your thoughts and energy are focused on what you want can help you usher that energy into existence, according to numerology.

Angel numbers normally show up in groups of three and might display on a license plate, on a bill, phone number, or a billboard. They could also show as “split” numbers, like 3303.

As a psychic means, I believe everyone has a guardian angel who guides us throughout our earthly affairs by sending us signs in form of numbers in a repeated sequence.

Acton to take:

Do not be scared if you see 111, or any other angel number sequence, repeatedly in the course of your daily activities.

At times, the energy around us is more suitable, and 111 is a sign that the strength around you currently is matured for taking safe risks, moving patterns, or postponing projects or relationships forward. Be focused on opportunities and take serious steps that are based on your goals.


222 message is about figurative or symbolic farming. The first time my friend saw the number 222 everywhere, It was almost silly because she was seeing the number often on an electricity bill, on the price tag of her clothes, and on a mailbox number. Although this happened because she was working hard to change her life and develop her skills, the angels displaying this number in her front often made real sense.

Actions to take:

When you come across this angel number, just continue to do what you are doing. It could be at work, in a relationship, and with life generally.

You may not see your effort immediately but you are gradually building yourself into what you want to become.

If you are thinking you are not progressing seeing 222 is a confirmation sign from your angel that you are on the right track and you shouldn’t give up.


This number stands for prayer that has been answered, it notifies you that the universe knows your desire and what you are pursuing and that the opportunities that come your way are brought to you by God.

Actions to take:

333 is a sign of encouragement to go after what you want without a reservation, and you should take action steps towards achieving your dreams. It also indicates the universe has your back.


This number 444 is a sign that the angels support you, So when you see this number mostly when you are down it awakens your spirit.

You might see this number after you got a promotion or you were awarded a contract. You might also see this when you are going through a hard time.
Actions to take:

If you receive a message from a company you are expecting a deal at exactly 4:44, or you just ended the call from an old-time friend or someone you are attracted to and you observe the clock is exactly 4:44, take it as a good omen.

This series is a notification that the angels are with you and that they are likely involved in assisting the universe to bring you these blessings!


There are seasons when it appears as if everything is going in the other direction and we have external support. That’s what 555 means..

Actions to take:

Seeing 555 when everything seems tough or difficult, is a strong, calming reminder from the angels that transitions can be deep, even when we experience changes we have been waiting for or we worked for.

Whatever transition you are experiencing, even if it appears bad in reality it’s a sign of transformation. If you are fired, divorced, having a health challenge, moving away from loved ones, etc. transitions are always a period of changing and reorganizing your life. Apparently, you will become stronger after this experience..


The sequence 777 is an angel number about spirituality, and you might encounter it during a phase in life when you’re focusing on or prioritizing your spirituality. It involves learning how to include new spiritual practices in your daily life.


This number is a sign of abundance in any area of your life.

If you see this number consistently it means you are expecting something huge, no more lack for you and that your angels are working towards creating more opportunities for you.


Life is in circles and the number 999 indicates that everything in life will definitely come to an end.

This could mean a phase in your life is about to end. Perhaps you are going through a tough time or you have been working on something, this number tells you your problems are about to end and the project you are working on is about to yield something great.


These angel numbers are signs that occur in sequence and if seen often it should be taken seriously. Also, understand the meaning and know what to do when you see them. So instead of being paranoid when you see an angel number observe and watch what happens next.
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