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11 Ways to Impress Your Boyfriend and Make him Love you More



tips to impress your man

Last Updated on May 18, 2024 by Joshua Isibor

To impress your boyfriend requires skills, and because of that, we will be looking at some tips to impress and make him love you more. It might sound cheesy, but you must be deliberate about your love life.

A relationship is like work, and you must be willing to treat it as such. I remember a conversation I once had with my colleagues on our way to work. Here we were, on a bus commuting to work, and during our chit-chat, we delved into relationship matters.

Sometimes, I wonder why people cannot have a decent one-hour conversation without delving into relationship matters, anyway, back to our bus. Someone said it is difficult to find a single man today as every man is taken. And her statement was duly justified by another colleague who said that girls are becoming smarter. They now know how to nurture and maintain their relationships.

While I may not agree with those statements totally, I must acknowledge that there is an element of truth in those statements. Girls are taking their relationships more seriously. The question is, are you taking your relationship seriously? How often do you try to impress your boyfriend?

Why you need to impress your boyfriend

  1. To keep your relationship blooming: when you treat your relationship with half-hearted commitment, it becomes boring. Impressing your boyfriend will help strengthen the magic in your relationship. So if you want a great relationship, you must endeavour to impress your man daily.
  2. To keep your man focused on you: I know he has got eyes just for you. However, I want you to know that other girls have got eyes for him as well. Men cheat not because they don’t love it but because the competition is stiff. Feminists might disagree with me, but trust me, my intent is not to degrade women or make women think they have to fight for men. No! I intend to make you see that you need to own your space entirely. Also, men don’t know how to concentrate on one thing for too long. It is your job to make him focus on his eyes.
  3. Easier access to his pocket/time: I wrote an article on how to avoid sex in a relationshipYou can check it out here. In that article, I suggested ways you can subtly control a man by being submissive. If you have a stingy man, try to impress him. If you want your man to lavish his gift and time on you, try to impress him.

How to  Impress your boyfriend and make him more attracted to you

  1. Listen to him: if you want to impress your man, you must learn to listen to his views. It is okay to disagree but disagree with wisdom. Be open-minded about issues surrounding your relationship. This helps to boost your man’s ego and makes him feel his opinion matters to you.
  2. Appear the way he likes when you go out on dates: Men like their women to look good. If you look good, your man can boldly introduce you to his friends. This is not vanity; instead, it impresses your man.
  3. Give him peace: Be a peace giver. Give your man peace. Do not be that woman who nags her man else you will notice he no longer wants to spend time with you. Most married man today married their wives because of peace.
  4. Be creative and spontaneous: it is possible that at some point, your relationship could become tiresome. This is why you must be creative. Organize date nights; and game nights, among others. Take charge. It is your relationship.
  5. Spend time with him: Spending time with your man reminds him how much you value your relationship. I know you are busy but endeavor to spend time with your man. Also, he shows interest in the things he likes.
  6. Support his vision: a man’s heart is usually focused on his intuition, and as his woman, you must show him that you support his vision. Supporting his vision is making you his number-one fan. A man who has his woman’s support can achieve anything. I know you have heard of the cliché, ‘Behind every successful woman, there is a woman.’ Are you that woman who supports her man’s vision? Because a woman who supports her boyfriend is trying to impress him, thus making him love her more.
  7. Appreciate his gestures or acts of love to you no matter how small: you are, ruining your relationship if you are unappreciative. Enjoy those little gestures of love. You don’t want to appear selfish.
  8. Display acts of generosity: you shouldn’t always be at the receiving end. Show your man that you appreciate him by doing something beautiful for him. Buy him a gift. Take him out to see a movie. It is not the size but the gesture that matters.
  9. Be there when he is down or sick: show support when your man is emotionally, psychologically, or even physically disturbed. You shouldn’t be found only when things are flourishing. In good and bad times, show support to your man.
  10. Respect him: men thrive on respect. Show how much you value him through respect. Respect his views.
  11. Build yourself: this is important. Men love a woman who has got it all together. While you are not expected to pretend, you must ensure you are a woman who is deliberate about her growth. Exude confidence. Be a breath of fresh air to your man.

Finally, Remember the list is not exhaustive, instead, these are just a few tips to impress your boyfriend and make him love you more. There is so much you can do to nurture your relationship. Success and love in your relationship as you apply some or all of them.



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