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How To Save Your Marriage when it seems impossible



how to save your marriage

Last Updated on July 14, 2022 by Joshua Isibor

Marriage is a sacred union instituted by God for companionship and procreation. It is divinely made for two people in love who are ready to be committed to each other. The success of every marriage depends on the level of commitment and understanding existing between the couple.

Marriage is beautiful and adorable when the couple involved are willing to make sacrifices, accept each other wholeheartedly, appreciate one another and make adjustments where and when necessary.

So many couples are experiencing Marital crises as a result of a bridge in communication, personality clash, and lack of commitment. Most people go into marriage with a wrong mindset which results in marriage crises. Some are ready to salvage their marriage while some are not. They care less about the state of their relationship, to most people if they can’t make their marriage work they go for an annulment.

In this article, I will give you noteful tips that will help you save your marriage if it’s on the verge of breaking.

How To Save Your Marriage When It Seems Impossible

1. Make the first move.

Don’t wait for your partner to call for settlement. You can make the first move irrespective of your gender. If you guys have a misunderstanding that could lead to a breakup, try and resolve it before it escalates.

2. Take a look at yourself.

Have a good look at yourself, access yourself, and see where you are going wrong. Make adjustments where necessary. You mustn’t do things to favor you alone.

In marriage, there is room to compromise especially if it will help your marriage.

3. Talk less and listen more.

It shouldn’t be about you always. listen to what your partner has to say. Even if it will hurt you. Learn to listen first before you air your view, have good listening skills. The problem with most couples is that they fail to listen so they eventually fall to conclusions.

4. Check your tone.

Respect is very important in marriage. What kind of tone do you address your partner with? Do you use harsh tones or words on your partner? Be mindful of your words, weigh your words and tone before you talk.

The way you address your partner determines how close you guys are and will be.

If you are always rude, quarrelsome, nagging, and highly disrespectful, you are chasing your partner away. Your partner deserves respect too, so know the kind of tone and language you use on them.

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5. Stop the negative self-talk.

Do you always say negative things about yourself? If the answer is yes then you have to stop. Be positive, your attitude and how you uphold yourself will make your partner want to be closer to you.

We all love to be around positive thinkers and speakers, don’t be the type of spouse that always looks down on his/her strength or potential.

Be confident and bold let your partner see the strength in you. Don’t push him away with your self-negative talks by talking down on yourself.

6. Be kind at all times.

Kindness is a virtue. For your marriage to grow you must be a virtuous wife/husband.

kindness is simply being nice notwithstanding the situation surrounding it, there’s no limit to kindness. Even if you don’t feel like it or your partner doesn’t deserve your kindness,still show him/her that you care and love them.

The little kindness you demonstrate towards your spouse might even make him come around and restore the peace and love you once had.

7. Seek neutral feedback.

If you want to save your marriage, seek neutral feedback. Don’t expect too much and do not take sides. Just be straightforward, it is good to be expectant but that should not make you wear out.If it’s good fine but if it doesn’t come out as expected then let it go. Stay plain and move on with your life if things don’t turn out as you wish.

8. Be patient.

Another impediment of virtue in marriage is patience. There is an adage that says patience is the bridge. If you really want your marriage to be saved, then you have to be patient and also tolerant.

Your partner might be proving difficult, it’s your patience that will help you work things out. Don’t let your anger ruin what you want, be patient enough to fight for your marriage, it might not come at the time you want it, but your patience will indeed help you achieve your aim in the long run.

9. Touch yourself often

This is not all about having sex. You must not be uptight all the time. Touch yourselves while in bed, kiss each other often, play together, stare at each other romantically before you sleep. While walking on the street hold your hands and hug each other too. These little practices help to rekindle the love and help you stay in love.

10. Set weekly dates.

Go out for dates. It is not meant for couples in courtship alone. Also, plan for dates even as a married couple. The more you go out for dates the closer and more intimate you become.

Dates have a way of making you feel happy and free to access each other. This gives you time to bond and frees yourselves from work and kids.

11.Build and maintain trust.

Any relationship without trust is bound to scatter. Most marriages are suffering because of lack of trust. If your partner doesn’t trust you, they won’t feel safe around you.

Build trust and maintain it.If Your partner trust, you don’t do anything to break that trust.Keep it and remain honest.The moment you show any red flags the trust begins to go down.

12. Show appreciation.

One other factor that causes marriage crises is ingratitude. Your partner goes out of his/her way to do something for you but you don’t value it. Perhaps you were expecting more from your spouse.No matter how small it is show appreciation. If you are thankful for the little they do they will do more.

It is actually draining to be with someone that complains often and never sees anything good in what you do or appreciates it. Don’t be the reason your partner is leaving.

13. Communicate often.

When there is a communication gap your marriage will lack proper intimacy. Once you notice any sign of distance from each other, make sure you create a room for you and your partner to discuss.

The more you communicate the easier for you guys to talk about your problems and Marital challenge and also the way forward to stay married.

A little more piece

It’s one thing to be married, it’s another thing to stay married and also stay happily married. Most couples don’t achieve the last stage of staying happily married. So in the quest of seeking happiness, they file for divorce.

A lot of couples struggle to stay in love in marriage. Practice those things you did while dating, don’t push them away because you are finally married. Those are what will help your marriage blossom. The little things you feel are not relevant, are actually the building blocks of a solid and long-lasting relationship in marriage.

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