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How to start up conversation with a girl

Last Updated on February 21, 2022 by Joshua Isibor


Starting a conversation with a girl you see for the first time can be a hard nut to crack. I will give you some examples of how to say “it works.” It can be confusing because you don’t know what to say to her, and you don’t want to look stupid. The first thing you need is


 You have to believe in yourself that you can do it (Believe is the first road to success in this case), and you have to be bold. Boldness is the reason why so many people lose the opportunity.

Being bold is needed because she won’t bite you or shoot you. You have to prepare for the worst.

Where you meet a girl determines how you’ll talk to her. The first thing you need to know is that you don’t have to be a storyteller, and you have to make it fun (or be funny) because she doesn’t know you, and anything too intense will push her away.


 Her countenance is vital; hence, you have to check if she’s moody because some ladies might be super annoying the first time. After all, you might be humiliated publicly. If she’s smiling. Wow!!!! I would like to say congratulations to you in advance. 

One of the major aims of every guy who starts a conversation with ladies is to get their contact. To be able to upgrade their conversation (i.e., talking with her from time to time)

I will be using the locations to cite an example.

It would help if you tried these………


 Thinking deep is very necessary. Thinking has to do with manipulating your way into her getting to like you or know you.

Creativity always has a way of making you get what you want. Being creative means you have to think of the perfect line that will suit that moment. The first impression matters a lot.

That’s why you need to choose your words carefully.

IN A BUS — (You can pretend you don’t know much about where you are going just to 

YOU can say HI, how are you doing?

SHE: I am fine, thank you!!

YOU: I’d like to know more about your town. I heard your town has the highest number of prettiest ladies in the country.

SHE: (laughs) you’re so funny.

With that has caught her attention. Being funny is one of the easiest ways to catch her attention; you can use your environment.

After having that cool short conversation, you can ask her, her name, what she does for a living, and all that. It’s only in that way you can have the longest conversation. You have to flow with the vibe. You can tell if she’s getting tired. Hardly will you see a girl telling a guy no to collecting her contact inside the bus.

# How to start a conversation with a girl


It’s quite easy; I will give some examples. It’ll be easier. It might be funny here. The pastor/ Rev. Might say, look your neighbor and say … that time should be the time you should put on the best smiling face you can ever think you of. From there, you ask her name and tell her you’ve never seen her in the church, that the church has been scanty of pretty girls. After one or two conversations, you could tell her that you want to know her better.

In the second instance: You guys might not be sitting together. She might be passing by or standing close to a Car, and probably you’ve known her for weeks, months, or years. 

You could use these lines:

You: Hi

HER: Hello

YOU: What sup

She: I’m Fine

You could tell her how beautiful she looks(you could use her Shoe, Bag, her make-up, clothes, she might not be beautiful, you have to scan her and bring up something. Then you tell her, “how come we’ve been in the same church for centuries and we don’t talk? “that’s a good approach, or you could say “I’ve been observing you for some time and I want to say I just like the way you carry yourself.


You can be seeing her shopping

And maybe she’s shopping so many things you could just..

Wow!!!! And say all these for you? (always put on a smiling face)

And she’ll be like- hahaha, it’s not. 

You could tell her you needed a female perfume/body spray recommendation that you would like to get it for your mum.


I could say that this is the hardest point or situation to talk to a girl. Because she might not have seen you in her life before. Here you might experience the worst nightmare.

These are the possible tips. Firstly, you could assume you’ve known the lady before. I bet you this trick works.

YOU:  Call her any name of your choice, it might be Jennifer, Nikki, or Davina. ( try to be a little bit close to her so you could get her attention real fast)

HER: (overwhelmed) am not 


YOU: you can start talking and ask for her number.

You can Stop her and demand a minute of her time ( one secret is that ladies likes bold guys she might be praying for such a moment) and tell her how captivating she took your attention, and how irresistible she is when you saw her and that you want to hear her angelic voice soonest. 

Some girls might not give you a chance to express yourself fully

Another perfect way to start a conversation is to tell her that you’d like to see her off a little to where she’s going/ if she’s carrying a heavy load, you could demand to be of hello to her, that’s another way of starting a conversation with her. The easiest way to take her contact without stress is by trying to make a little bit lengthy conversation.

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