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5 Special Benefits That You Can Get From Five Star Processing



Last Updated on January 20, 2022 by Joshua Isibor

To guarantee that their payment system works appropriately, giant high-risk firms use organizations that provide safe and effective payment processing. These organizations work with reputable banks to promptly and effectively resolve any payment issues. Firms that provide merchant account services like Five Star Processing, want you to maintain your image and develop a solid reputation. Customers will be more satisfied if you have a good product and if you have a well-functioning high-risk payment method. When talking about merchant accounts, you must check the unique benefits of five-star processing to provide..

What is five-star processing?

5-Star Processing is a merchant processing company established in the United States. They provide a variety of payroll administration, transaction processing, and loan support services. Credit repair assistance, merchant accounts, credit score computation, automated wage, web development services, and human resource administration, and, yes, business credit cards are among these services.

Accepting payments using a merchant account is a modern e-commerce option. It is required for a structured B2C operation, including those conducted through non-resident businesses in other countries. This isn’t only for internet sales; offline commerce will also necessitate the creation of a merchant account. For example, merchant accounts are typically required for online retailers, casinos, and gaming providers.

It is no longer conceivable to conceive an online business or marketplace without first having a merchant account. This is the key to reaching the worldwide consumer market for your goods or services. It enables you to take payments from all over the world at any time, independent of the banking institution’s operating hours. Customers can pay late at night or on holiday, and the money will still be received promptly and on schedule.

Special benefits of Five Star Processing Merchant Account

Without obtaining a merchant account, any online business or marketplace can no longer exist. This is crucial for your products or services to reach a global audience. It allows you to accept payments from anywhere in the globe at any time, regardless of the bank’s operational hours. Customers can pay at any time of day or night, and the money will be received promptly and on time.

1.     Flexibility in payment processing

High-risk merchant accounts have additional payment options compared to regular merchant accounts. Low-risk merchant accounts won’t provide such a wide range of payment options. High-risk businesses may simultaneously process recurring payments and a more comprehensive range of goods and services. To put it another way, a high-risk merchant may handle more payments and have a greater monthly payment volume.

2.     Reduce Chargebacks Effects

Contrary to common assumption, having a low-risk merchant account comes with its own set of risks: a large number of chargebacks can lead to account termination, which is a severe problem for any company. Because the merchant account is high-risk, the supplying company will be alerted to any possible threats ahead of time.

The loss of an account will not affect the business if someone uses a fake card or if a chargeback occurs. Instead, the account provider will have the firm take preventative measures to protect itself from any type of fraud. Providers of high-risk merchant accounts may frequently demand a firm to have reserve money to cover chargebacks and avoid the industry’s overall development from being harmed. The proportion of typical monthly sales might vary between 5% and 10%. Do you know between 2019 and 2020, the overall amount of money lost to chargebacks was reduced by 13.41 percent, for a total reduction of 49.8 percent over four years. This decline corresponds to a lower chargeback-to-transaction ratio.

When the account is established, the amount of reserve required by the provider is solely determined by numerous defining parameters. It’s also necessary that the account has a certain amount of money in it for a certain period. Even though many people think these procedures are inconvenient for most firms, they are required for high-risk merchant accounts.

3.     Enter the Bigger Market

When you get the high-risk merchant account, you’ll also be able to set up and manage an online sales website. Your website will act as a digital catalog, allowing you to offer and promote items to any possible customer with an internet connection. Without a website, a company will be limited to a local market, prohibiting expansion and income needlessly. It makes no difference whether a product is sold or a service is obtained. In addition, obtaining credit card processing will attract more clients who wish to store their credit/debit cards securely and straightforwardly.

A high-risk account allows most credit card types to be processed, which is a huge benefit for an online business, especially one that caters to a worldwide audience. Although you will pay higher fees, you will benefit from one of the essential features of a high-risk merchant account: credit card processing.

4.     Higher Transaction limits

When you set up numerous merchant accounts, the amount of sales you may process in a month is essentially limitless. Because some acquiring banks set monthly transaction restrictions on businesses, this is critical. If you go above your limit, you may be subject to hefty fees or transactions being refused. However, if you execute high transaction volumes or seek to expand your firm, staying inside your limit might be challenging.

In 2020, global e-commerce sales were predicted to reach about £3 trillion, and small companies benefit as more people purchase online. Setting up many accounts with different suppliers means always keeping up with the increasing sales figures.

5.     Fraud protection and security at a higher level

All merchant account providers have a certain amount of fraud protection and security in their place. Furthermore, high-risk payment processors assume a higher probability of fraud in the transactions they handle and need more stringent security measures as a result. This higher degree of surveillance protects the payment processor, the cardholder, and the merchant, allowing customers to buy with more confidence.

Wrapping up

Business credit cards can help you get off to a good start in the business sector, as far as that is feasible. Applying for one can provide you with the money injection you need to develop and execute the diversification project you’ve always desired, thanks to its near-instantaneous transaction flow capacity, the convenience of usage, and various bonuses. Many of 5-Star Processing’s services come with a robust benefits program, particularly their credit card. The program allows you to earn points that can be used to unlock a variety of bonuses and gifts that the firm offers to its loyal consumers.

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